Super Gene - Chapter 1530 - The Elites That Are Fighting

Chapter 1530 - The Elites That Are Fighting

Chapter 1530: The Elites That Are Fighting


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

When the Black Seahorses looked at Bao’er, they did not do anything. They simply resumed pulling the chimenea and kept on moving. They moved at a faster pace this time, though, and within a few seconds, they had crossed a great distance.

When the big chimenea left the area, the freezing force reduced. The acc.u.mulated frost began to fade, and the ice that trapped Han Sen’s companions began to thaw.

“That was way too scary. What was that?” When Little Fairy had recovered, she spoke with a look of fear.

They both had mastery of the cold. Little Fairy had reached gemstone cla.s.s, so she should have still had some resistance against super cla.s.s foes. But even with her strength, her body was frozen stiff by that chilling instrument.

“It’s none of our business. Come on, let’s keep going.” Han Sen put away his G.o.d geno core and headed deeper into the Frozen Forest.

Little Fairy looked at Han Sen strangely. She had ice powers, yet she could not resist the frosty air. The fact that Han Sen could move amidst it without restraint surprised her a lot.

Han Sen, as they went, still felt as if something or someone was watching him. But when they exited the Frozen Forest, no trouble occurred. They were able to safely enter G.o.d’s Ruin proper.

The ruins were choc-full of glaciers. It was as if they had entered an ice world. The surroundings were so clean and so virgin, it almost made them feel uncomfortable.

The reflective surface of the snow was so intense that it made the group dizzy, and their eyes struggled to cope with the glare. Although Han Sen and the others had a strong fitness and wouldn’t be permanently affected by this, he still pulled out three pairs of One for him, one for Bao’er, and one for Little Silver.

Sta.r.s.ea Beast’s eyes were too big, and try as he might, he hadn’t been able to find a pair suitable for that companion.

“Didn’t you say there is a tunnel inside the ruin? Where is it?” Han Sen asked Little Fairy.

The G.o.dlight Tunnel was formed by the relic they sought, and they would only truly notice the relic’s special power once they entered the G.o.dlight Tunnel. And when their bodies went against that power, their bodies would become stronger.

The reinforcement would not appear in your data, but it would help your body, nonetheless.

Han Sen thought Yu Miao and G.o.ddess would make for the G.o.dlight Tunnel. So, that was his next targeted destination. Even if he was unable to find the pair, Han Sen could at least make use of the tunnel for practice.

“I think it’s on the left. Perhaps we’ll reach the G.o.dlight Tunnel in a thousand miles that way,” Little Fairy said, while looking around.

“What do you mean by perhaps?” Han Sen frowned.

Little Fairy opened her arms and said, “I’ve never been here. I’ve only heard of this place, and if the intel I obtained was correct, it’s a thousand miles to the left.”

Han Sen just nodded and did not say anything. Sta.r.s.ea Beast lowered his body and let Han Sen, Little Silver, and Bao’er mount his back. Then he took them in the direction Little Fairy had told them to go.

While Sta.r.s.ea Beast ran, stars appeared all around them like a s.h.i.+ning sea. He was very fast. And while Sta.r.s.ea Beast was huge, he wasn’t clumsy. He gave the illusion that he was dumb, but his agility was high.

“Slow down! This is G.o.d’s Ruin, and there are sure to be many dangers lurking here.” Little Fairy flew up beside Han Sen and warned Sta.r.s.ea Beast.

Han Sen didn’t let Sta.r.s.ea Beast adhere to the warning, though, and it trotted on at the same speedy pace.

He was no longer afraid of the potential dangers of the ruin. More than anything, Han Sen wanted to see if traveling quickly would make the feeling of being watched go away.

But it turned out not to help. Despite Sta.r.s.ea Beast’s incredible quickness, that constant feeling of being watched remained.

Han Sen had thought that they might leave the watcher behind in the Frozen Forest, but that didn’t seem to have happened. He was being watched with every step he made inside G.o.d’s Ruin, as well.

“Does this mean the relic itself has a mind of its own, and it can keep tabs on all occupants of the ruin?” Han Sen thought this might have been the only possibility.

Han Sen didn’t think the super elites in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary could possess the power the relic seemed to have, should his theory prove true.

Han Sen’s G.o.d geno core put him in super cla.s.s, but this did not change things for him in the ruin, at all.

“If the relic is watching us, then there is no need to worry. Many creatures have been to this place before. Sure, a bunch of them may have gotten unlucky, but most were able to make it back out. I don’t think the relic’s intent is to kill people.” Han Sen was deep in thought. “But still, why is it watching us? Is it simply curious? Or is it looking for a particular type of person?”

“If it wants to find someone in particular, shouldn’t it search for a super elite? But if that were so, why doesn’t it allow supers to enter G.o.d’s Ruin?” Han Sen did not understand, so he stopped thinking. He let Sta.r.s.ea Beast slow down a bit, and the creature continued on its way towards the G.o.dlight Tunnel.

Not long after, they heard the sounds of a battle. It sounded fairly vicious.

When Han Sen heard it, his face changed and he said, “Six Paths is here? Who is he up against that’s making him fight like that?”

Han Sen was familiar with Six Paths’ sword skills, and just from hearing the sound of the clanging, he knew who it was. Strangely, Six Paths was exhausting all the energy he had for this fight.

Six Paths’ geno core hadn’t yet gotten back to super cla.s.s, but his body was up there. To be able to fight Six Paths with such vigor, his opponent must have had a super body.

“I thought those above gemstone level can’t get in? Why is there such a strong elite in G.o.d’s Ruin? Is it another elite that destroyed himself to start all over again?” Han Sen hesitated a little, but he still allowed Sta.r.s.ea Beast to proceed. He wanted to see who Six Paths was fighting.

The fighting was fierce, and the glaciers began to break. They were special glaciers, too, and they’d be difficult even for a gemstone elite to break. Through this metric, you could tell how powerful the fighters must have been.

When Han Sen neared the site of the battle, he saw two beings engaged in combat. One of them was indeed Six Paths Emperor, who was gemstone cla.s.s. His sword was more frightening than ever.

Six Paths was fighting a human, and when Han Sen saw the person, his eyes opened wide in shock. He knew who it was.