Super Gene - Chapter 1473 - Geno Core Light

Chapter 1473 - Geno Core Light

Chapter 1473: Geno Core Light


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen’s fitness was no worse than that of the minotaurs. He used his Dongxuan Aura to keep track of each minotaur’s movement in his mind.

Every possible way they could move, and every subsequent calculation, was in his brain. And after his mind worked its way through the hundreds of tracks and ways he could follow, he found one that would get him through safely.

Behind Han Sen, the monster ended up running into the crowd of minotaurs. It wasn’t gentle like he had been, though, and it rushed and stomped its way through.

A few of the minotaurs were sent flying. It was immediately apparent that the creature’s sh.e.l.l and strength exceeded that of the minotaurs.

The legion of heavy-armor minotaurs was thrown into chaos, after that. They instantly recognized the beast to be a greater threat to them than Han Sen, and so they all turned their attention towards it.

The monster was cruel, and it began stomping around the crowd, crus.h.i.+ng and beating on the minotaurs.

Han Sen escaped the legion as the mess turned ugly, swooping through the woods, free from pursuers once more.

Han Sen did not know if any place would be truly safe to rest, but he selected a spot that seemed to be free from significant lifeforces.

The Geno Core Battleground did not have a day or night cycle. The red moon hung in the sky where it always had been. It hadn’t moved at all since he got there.

The place they were in now was a bamboo forest. The forest was dark green, but under the ominous red moon, it looked dark red. The color made the place look rather miserable.

“There’s no danger here, so let’s rest.” Han Sen put Elysian Moon down and sat down on the ground.

Han Sen had exhausted much of his strength in the escape. His body was uninjured, but he was quite tired. Since there didn’t seem to be any nearby danger, Han Sen used his Dongxuan Sutra to rest and ready himself for the next fight.

Elysian Moon watched him rest. The expression on her face was complicated, and it wasn’t entirely clear what she was thinking.

As the wind blew, it rustled through the swaying bamboo. She stood up, looked around, and tried to think about where she was.

After a while, Elysian Moon suddenly looked happy. “I know where we are!”

“You’ve been here before?” Han Sen asked her, in shock.

She shook her head. “No, this is the first time I’ve been in the Geno Battleground, too. I’ve never been here before, but I’ve heard others from Elysium talk about this place. If I am not mistaken, this is the Firetail Bamboo Forest.”

“Firetail Bamboo Forest? Is this place dangerous?” Han Sen had no clue what this place was, but he was mostly concerned with learning whether or not it was safe.

“It’s hard to tell. Scary creatures can enter the Geno Battleground from anywhere, but there aren’t any powerful Geno Battle Souls around. I do know this bamboo forest has a geno tablet somewhere. If it hasn’t been taken, we might use it to return.” Elysian Moon sounded quite excited.

“You want to go back?” Han Sen asked, looking at her strangely.

Han Sen thought she wouldn’t leave before getting her geno core up to super cla.s.s.

Elysian Moon sighed. “You think I wanted to come here? Someone forced me here, not wanting me to live. I’d much prefer to level up slowly by myself.”

“You were inside the rock. No one was able to force you out,” Han Sen wondered.

Elysian Moon shook her head. “The Avoid Worldstone is probably impossible to destroy, but it is just an object. They would have found a way to deal with me eventually. They’d keep on going until I got out of it.”

“Who is your enemy? Is it Gu Qingcheng?” Han Sen asked.

Elysian Moon shook her head, but she seemed keen to change the subject. She looked around and said, “From what I can tell, we need to head through the bamboo forest to find the Geno Core Tablet.”

“Your body is weak. Why don’t you take a load off and rest up here for a few days?” Han Sen said.

“It’s fine. Firetail Bamboo Forest is a big place, and it’ll probably take us ten days to get out of here, anyway. My wounds will be more than fine by then. If we are lucky, we can find Firetail Bamboo Forest’s Firetail Geno Battle Souls. They’re gold battle souls, so even you should be easily able to hunt them.” It seemed as if Elysian Moon had caught on to the extent of Han Sen’s power.

“Okay. I just hope we don’t meet creatures that enter via here.” Han Sen summoned his unicorn, and together, they both rode it deeper into the forest.

The Geno Battleground was indeed different. There were plants, but aside from Geno Battle Souls and beings that entered, there was nothing else to hunt. There were no native creatures.

The silence was unsettling. The world felt dead.

Han Sen was quite glad he had saved her. If he had stayed there alone, he would have ended up running around like a headless chicken. With her accompanying him, there was at least someone else to talk to. Things wouldn’t be too miserable and depressing, at least.

“Firetail Geno Battle Beast Soul!” Elysian Moon blurted out after half a day.

Han Sen looked at where she had pointed, and in the woods, there was a b.u.t.terfly perched against some bamboo. It was on fire.

The fire burned blue, and beneath the red light that bathed the environment, it really stood out.

“Firetails have fire powers, and they can shoot really hot flames. With your umbrella’s defense, though, the fire shouldn’t be of too much worry,” Elysian Moon explained.

Han Sen nodded. He lifted his Bulwark Umbrella and approached the Firetail b.u.t.terfly.

When it saw Han Sen coming, it blew a flurry of flames towards him.

Han Sen opened the umbrella and blocked the blue flames headed his way. Then, he closed the umbrella and swung it down against the creature like a sword.

The blue flames were extinguished and the Firetail b.u.t.terfly was killed. A gold light flew out, and with his Cruel Bottle, Han Sen captured it inside.

Elysian Moon told Han Sen it was called a Core Light. That light was gold, which meant it was a gold cla.s.s creature. If you absorbed a hundred of them, you could make a silver geno core become gold.

If it was a gold geno core, the gold Core Lights would be useless. In that circ.u.mstance, you would require gemstone Core Lights to level up.

Han Sen hadn’t decided if he wanted to level up his Bulwark Umbrella just yet, so he held onto the Core Light so he could make the decision later.