Super Gene - Chapter 1472 - Rushing Into Something

Chapter 1472 - Rushing Into Something

Chapter 1472: Rus.h.i.+ng Into Something


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen retreated a bit, trying to get a better look at what it was. It wasn’t a big fish like he initially presumed it to be.

Its body did look like that of a fish, but it had legs. It didn’t have any scales, and its body was made up of a keratinous sh.e.l.l. The color of the beast was black like ink.

It was no wonder why the shadow in the water was so dark, with its color.

And when it emerged from the river, it was far bigger than it had appeared beneath the water. Its mouth was fitted with razor-sharp teeth that could shred anything it sought to chew.

It emerged with stunning speed. Before they could get any good distance away, its mouth was directly in front of them.

Elysian Moon brought out her umbrella like she was drawing a sword, and with it, she struck the monster’s head.

The creature’s head then glowed with a dark light. It summoned a black, triangle-shaped blade to deflect the incoming umbrella.

The umbrella was already badly damaged, and when the triangle blade hit it, the umbrella broke completely. Blood spilled from Elysian Moon’s mouth after the blow, and she stumbled back directly into Han Sen’s arms.

Han Sen frowned. He stabilized Elysian Moon and started to run with her in tow. Her gemstone geno core wasn’t very st.u.r.dy, but the fact that the monster had instantly destroyed the umbrella spoke volumes about how wretchedly powerful its own core must have been. Its level could not have possibly been below Elysian Moon’s.

As Han Sen ran, the monster quickly followed. The creature’s legs were short, but they were fleet and fast.

Han Sen grabbed Elysian Moon and fired up his phoenix techniques. With his agility being fueled by those, he was able to dodge every attack that came his way and maintain his speed. He was able to avoid getting bitten and beaten by the teeth and blade, respectively.

Elysian Moon found herself under Han Sen’s armpit once again. This time, she was quiet. Her pride had been stomped on. She had repeatedly called him a wimp, but Han Sen had excused all her transgressions and nastiness, and he was taking good care of her.

Han Sen flew up into the air, and the monster followed. It was just as fast as his phoenix techniques when airborne. The monster’s triangle blade was even faster. As it rushed up towards Han Sen, nothing slowed it down. It sped towards Han Sen like a supercar.

So, Han Sen flew back down into the woodlands. He could use the environment there to his advantage and dodge the monster more easily. Han Sen couldn’t shake it no matter what he tried, though. He kept on running until he saw shadows up head. They belonged to the minotaurs.

A group of them were resting in the woods, and when they saw Han Sen heading their way, they quickly jumped back onto their hooves and looked at him like a crowd of angry bulls.

“Oh, no! They’re coming!” Elysian Moon screamed, seeing the minotaurs.

Han Sen was still headed their way, though. He did not change his direction or turn.

“Are you crazy?!” Elysian Moon’s eyes opened wide. She thought Han Sen was nuts, rus.h.i.+ng into the minotaurs the way he was.

But Han Sen just ignored her and pushed to go even faster. He didn’t have the time to answer her.

Han Sen’s Dongxuan Aura had reached its zenith, and he set it to track each and every movement that the minotaurs made. He had to deal with them, one way or another, and if he turned to flee another way, the minotaurs and the monster would both be chasing him.

So, Han Sen had decided to flee right into the minotaurs, thinking it was the best way to shake off both.

“You are crazy!” Elysian Moon paled when she saw Han Sen speed up as they approached the minotaurs.

She didn’t think she was going to survive. Earlier, she had been given some hope, but now death was staring her in the face once more. She was incredibly worried.

She was powerless to choose what to do next, and Han Sen tightened his grip on her as he ran straight into the group of minotaurs.

Han Sen was like an angry bird as he swooped through them.

The minotaurs still wanted his blood, and they all summoned their spears when he came into their midst. Their spears were so quick that their prey almost never reacted in time.

Elysian Moon did not believe Han Sen could avoid getting impaled, and her heart seemed ready to jump out of her chest. A moment later, Elysian Moon watched as Han Sen continued forward without fear or hesitation.

The ruby spears went right past Han Sen’s cheek. And with his fearless, unchanging eyes fixed forward, he rushed through the crowd of minotaurs.

Two minotaurs, one on each side, threw spears to prohibit Han Sen’s pa.s.sage.

Elysian Moon was stunned, and just before Han Sen took another step forward, he pulled back. Like magic, he zapped back to the first minotaur.

The two minotaurs that had attempted to block him did not hit anything. And the minotaur in the front did not expect Han Sen to return. He didn’t have his spear ready.

Before any of them could react again, Han Sen was already gone. He had blown right past the minotaurs, right through the crowd of them.

Elysian Moon felt as if she was riding a rollercoaster. She thought she might be thrown away any second. And all the while, spears were being chucked at her from each and every angle. She felt as if she’d get stabbed any second now.

She was a spirit, but she felt as if her heart was going to break.

But whenever she thought she was going to die, Han Sen changed direction. And in that hedge-maze of spears, he cleaved a clean path right through the group, and avoided coming into contact with a single pointed weapon.

It was like a magic show: one that juggled with the meaning of life and death. It was a show that tugged and toyed with the heartbeat of its audience.

At that moment, Elysian Moon looked at Han Sen. He looked emotionless, and so serious. It was as if he had everything under control.

When she saw Han Sen like that, a complicated feeling washed over her. She felt safe in her heart. It was a foreign feeling.

“Can we really make it out of here?” Elysian Moon looked at Han Sen’s face and receded into thought.