Super Gene - Chapter 1462 - Number One Again

Chapter 1462 - Number One Again

Chapter 1462: Number One Again


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Qiuming hadn’t expected Han Sen’s fitness to have developed far faster than his geno core had. His body far exceeded what his geno core was capable of, and if he had used his geno cores, the attack wouldn’t have been half as devastating.

“Discovering the sanctuaries has allowed humans to acquire superpowers. While that is most certainly good, there are downsides to this. It has given humanity a freedom of possibilities, and this unlimited wealth of possibilities has resulted in many believing they are above the law.” Ji Yanran was discussing this with Han Sen as she flew the airs.h.i.+p home.

“Demi-G.o.ds aren’t G.o.ds. If they want to properly be above everyone, they’ll need to upgrade to G.o.d status first,” Han Sen said calmly.

Speaking of G.o.ds, Han Sen’s mind returned to the G.o.d that was said to have tricked Dawn. Han Sen wondered if it really was simply a creature from the Fifth Sanctuary.

Han Sen went to relax, and although there had been trouble, it was behind him. Getting comfy again didn’t take long.

Back in the sanctuary, he was still bound to the garden and his duty in it.

“Let’s see if this sword skill is right.” Upon arriving in the garden, the woman displayed on the stone immediately began speaking to Han Sen. This was the first time she had instigated a discussion.

Han Sen was surprised to hear her speak so soon. He looked at the rock and watched the women close her green umbrella and begin casting a new technique.

She cast Heart Sword, but it was different. It wasn’t a copy of his like last time. It looked very sad, and it tugged at the heartstrings of those who saw it. Fortunately, Han Sen had the fort.i.tude and resolve to keep himself from shedding tears, but if it was a woman who was watching, he wagered they’d be crying their eyes out at the sight.

“You have sorrow in your heart. Tell me what ails it and perhaps I can help you.” When the green-clothed woman finished, Han Sen let out a long sigh.

The green-haired woman did not respond. She opened her umbrella and stood on a bridge. Rain was falling in the scene depicted, and she stood facing away from Han Sen.

Over the next few days, she did not talk. So, Han Sen used this time to finish rebuilding his Crystal Core and Bulwark Umbrella.

Perhaps he was mistaken, but Han Sen felt that the new Crystal Core and Bulwark Umbrella were stronger than they had been before.

After a while, the woman he hadn’t seen for a while finally returned. She appeared in the garden, looking the same as she always did. Almost nothing could tarnish her starched image.

Sometimes, Han Sen took to wondering how old she might have been. He theorized she might have made a wish like Dawn did, to that G.o.d, in the hopes of becoming immortal.

But Uncle Bug told him the woman and the elder from the Ning family hadn’t made a wish. They were the only two of the Seventh Team that didn’t.

There was something Han Sen still didn’t understand. If Han Jinzhi had entered the sanctuaries after joining Blood Legion, that meant he already knew about the sanctuaries when he encountered that G.o.d. He should have known it wasn’t real. Furthermore, why did he make a wish?

“Ghost Moon came looking for me. She wants to replace you. You have two months left. If you cannot wake her up, you will be relieved of this task and she will be made the new priest,” the woman said.

“If she can be the priest, why not let her?” Han Sen said.

The woman laughed. “I did tell you I’d cut your head off if you failed, didn’t I? If you’re still not producing results in the next two months, watch your neck.”

Han Sen felt depressed. He was hoping Ghost Moon would replace him so he could get off scot-free. It seemed the woman was very reluctant to let him go.

“To grow a better holy child, I have a request,” Han Sen told the woman.

“Go on, tell me.” The woman sounded fairly interested.

“I was hoping I might use the geno core storage of this shelter,” Han Sen said, after spending a moment deliberating whether or not he should ask.

The woman was not keen on letting him go, but he did want some form of liberty and freedom. If he was allowed to enter the geno core storage, he could leave the garden. And that meant he could escape for a time.

“What does the geno core storage have to do with you being able to look after the holy child?” the woman asked.

“If I am too weak, how can I effectively teach her? There is nowhere else I can grow my talents right now, but I can do that in geno core storage,” Han Sen explained.

The woman nodded. “Okay, but remember: you have two months left. If the holy child has yet to awaken, your head belongs to me.”

“I’ll try my best.” Han Sen was happy.

The woman seemed to not know the green-clothed woman had spoken to Han Sen on a number of occasions, and since his task was effectively complete, he had nothing to worry about.

After she was gone, Han Sen walked out of the garden. The guards did not prohibit his pa.s.sage, and he was able to go straight to the geno core storage.

In the Elysium Shelter’s spirit hall, the woman was lounging on the throne. There was a mirror in front of it, and the image of Han Sen was there.

“Interesting. He made the holy child speak. He really is that old liar Han Jinzhi’s heir. He is a very good liar himself, especially to women.” The woman was talking to herself, having watched Han Sen’s every movement with the device.

Han Sen prepared to enter the geno core storage with his Bulwark Umbrella. He wanted to get first place with that now, so he could reinforce it nine times.

When he practiced his Dongxuan Sutra, he felt as if he had achieved some sort of breakthrough. It might have suggested the Bulwark Umbrella would be silver soon, so he couldn’t miss out on the opportunity of reinforcing it before that occurred.

The woman watched Han Sen use the Bulwark Umbrella in the geno core storage. She looked at him strangely. “An umbrella geno core? It looks so similar to the holy child’s geno core. Is that just a coincidence?”

Han Sen entered the geno core storage and began testing the umbrella before the Rockman.

The woman turned the mirror off, as it could only keep an eye on Han Sen while he was in the sanctuary. With him in the geno core storage, she was unable to see him.

“Master, the ranking on the bronze geno core storage leaderboards have changed. Another bronze geno core leapfrogged to first place,” an Elysium spirit informed her.