Super Gene - Chapter 1461 - One Punch Breaks the Armor

Chapter 1461 - One Punch Breaks the Armor

Chapter 1461: One Punch Breaks the Armor


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Pat! The old man slapped Zhou Changlong across the face. His face immediately started to swell up, and his men froze in place.

“Brother-in-law, why did you hit me?” Zhou Changlong stared at the old man, one hand pressed against his sore face.

The old man said darkly, “Yes, I only hit you this time. Next time, I’ll kill you. It’s better than being killed by the others, ruining my reputation, and embarra.s.sing your sister! You can be a bad man all you please, but don’t be a stupid one. Do you not know the daughter of President Ji and the super aristocrat when they’re standing before you?”

“That is Han Sen and Ji Yanran?” Zhou Changlong’s face changed to one of disbelief.

“How many times have I told you? You can be bad, yes, but you need to know the faces of those you insult. I asked you to remember all the important people in the Alliance, and you don’t even know these two prominent figures? D*mn you!” After saying this, the old man slapped Zhou Changlong’s other cheek until it was swollen.

“Brother-in-law…” Zhou Changlong had once looked cruel and important to the a.s.sembly there, but before that old man, he was terrified.

The old man simply ignored him, and then walked towards Han Sen. He eyed the young man up and down, and with each step, he looked as if he was carrying a mountain on his shoulders.

Ji Yanran herself felt there was a monumental power approaching them. Han Sen stepped in front of Ji Yanran, and then that power was gone. She frowned. “Qiuming, your brother-in-law did something wrong. Are you going to take it out on us?”

Qiuming, as he approached, responded coldly, “I will correct him when he does bad deeds. But I can’t allow him to be bullied by others, either.”

“It’s no wonder you two are from Angel Gene. You’re both rotten,” Ji Yanran said angrily.

Qiuming still held himself in a manner that suggested he was superior by default. “Because of President Ji, I won’t kill him. But I need him to know, like any dog should, that he should respect the whip of a master.”

“Dear, be careful! Qiuming has been a demi-G.o.d for a long time. He might have a gemstone geno core,” Ji Yanran warned Han Sen in a hushed voice.

Han Sen nodded. He had heard about Qiuming when he was researching demi-G.o.ds. He was not from the Zhou family, but for some reason, he was allowed to join Angel Gene. He was as mean a person as one could be.

Zhou Changlong, who had just been slapped, now looked happy again. “Brother-in-law, teach that *sshole a lesson! Who cares if they are the daughter and son-in-law of the President?”

Han Sen watched Qiuming quietly approach, initially believing him to be bluffing.

As he walked, an armor of sorts appeared on his body. It looked st.u.r.dier than a mountain, and this mountain was coming close.

“An earth-element geno core? Interesting,” Han Sen said as he watched the old man approach.

Qiuming didn’t respond. He just quickened his pace and came towards Han Sen like an armored train.

The power he wielded looked as if it could sunder mountains.

Han Sen didn’t plan to dodge the attack, though. He simply threw his fist forward to meet with Qiuming’s.

“Kill him!” Zhou Changlong yelled to the sky, seeing Han Sen raise his fist towards his brother-in-law.

He knew the power Qiuming possessed, and he knew his geno core was gemstone cla.s.s. It was called Heavy Earth Armor. When he battled the shura, his armor was strong enough to block blasts from their sun-cla.s.s battles.h.i.+ps without breaking.

Qiuming had the highest defense in all the Alliance, and yet, Han Sen hadn’t been a demi-G.o.d for very long. Taking a bash from the Heavy Earth Armor should have been enough to crush every bone in his body.

Qiuming frowned. He only wanted to teach the punk a lesson, not kill him.

Angel Gene and Han Sen had long been enemies. And while things might have been different in the sanctuaries, he wasn’t allowed to kill Han Sen in the Alliance.

With Han Sen not dodging his bash, Qiuming was set-up to do serious damage. It also reinforced his belief in Han Sen’s arrogance.

“You think I won’t dare hurt you? I’m going to cripple you! The Ji family won’t be able to save you now.” Qiuming’s eyes flashed with murder, and he came at Han Sen’s fist with greater force.


The fist collided with the armor, and Qiuming’s train-like body came to a full-stop as if he had rammed head-first into an impenetrable wall.

As the people surrounding the conflict watched, everything came to a standstill. Their ears rang with the simple sound of silence, as their eyes told them something most stunning.

It hadn’t ended yet, though. The armor Han Sen had thrown his fist at began to web with countless cracks.


The Heavy Earth Armor that could protect its wearer from sun-cla.s.s battles.h.i.+p blasts shattered, crumbling to the ground in pieces.

Zhou Changlong watched in shock as Qiuming’s body went flying far away. He broke through eight Rainflower Trees on his descent, then began heaving blood.

“In my eyes, dogs are dogs. The only difference is their sizes. Big or small, there are no masters,” Han Sen said coldly. Then, he left with Littleflower and Ji Yanran.

Zhou Changlong and all the workers were in shock. Qiuming had a G.o.dlike strength in their eyes, and they couldn’t believe what Han Sen had done to him in a single punch.

The young couple were in shock, too, and they swiftly followed after Han Sen.

“Han Sen, we knew you were the first super aristocrat in the Alliance, but I didn’t suspect you could destroy a demi-G.o.d like that with such ease. You were able to take him down in a single punch. You are so strong!” The young couple spoke to Han Sen with fervent excitement, as the first-hand viewing of that punch instantly brightened their mood.

“Why is he so strong? Is it because I don’t have a super geno core? But he didn’t even use one to break my Heavy Earth Armor!” Qiuming gritted his teeth as he lifted himself off the ground. His face looked pale as he watched Han Sen quietly walking away.