Super Gene - Chapter 146: Phantom Ant Beast Soul

Chapter 146: Phantom Ant Beast Soul

Chapter 146: Phantom Ant Beast Soul

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Type of beast soul of mutant phantom ant: armor.

Han Sen summoned the mutant beast soul armor and was suddenly covered in blue crystal. It had thorough protection like his black beetle armor and was even prettier.

Lin Beifeng was amazed. What a gorgeous suit of armor!

"If a woman wears it, it would be…" Lin was very eager to ask for the phantom ant armor, but did not know what to say.

He had just got a mutant beast soul mount from Han Sen and did not have the nerve to ask for something else.

"Ahem, Sen, would you use this beast soul? If not, I can double… no… triple the price of an ordinary mutant beast soul armor to buy it," asked Lin, obsessed with the look of this suit of armor.

"I don’t need money now, but I would trade it for an S-Cla.s.s license." Han Sen pondered and said. He did not really need this suit of armor, but could save it for later. He could sell it as well, but not just for money.

"My brother, I really do not have any S-Cla.s.s license. The military control is strict. A-Cla.s.s is fine but S-Cla.s.s is really hard to get," Lin said bitterly.

"Isn’t this beast soul hard to get?" Han Sen grinned and asked.

"Of course." Lin Beifeng frowned and thought for a moment, then said to Han, "Sen, I don’t have S-Cla.s.s licenses, but do have one thing that you might like. When we are back, I will show you and if you are interested, we could trade. If not, then forget it."

"What is it?" Han Sen asked curiously.

"A super biological warframe," Lin replied.

"I know about biological warframes, but why super?" Han Sen asked.

Lin Beifeng said, "The ones we usually see are semi-biological semi-mechanical. Although their appearance is almost like a creature, and they can complete many difficult actions like human bodies, after all, there are manny limitations to them."

"Super biological warframe is the product of the latest technology in the warframe industry. And it has not been sold in the Alliance yet. Now, only a few military labs have several prototypes. Because the military needs the rare metal our company produce, we have established a connection with the military. And this super biological warframe was a prototype I managed to get from them. It is super cool."

"What is the difference?" Han Sen was very interested in the warframe.

"This super biological warframe is perfect except that it could not be used in G.o.d’s Sanctuary. An ordinary warframe must be at least 12 to 18 feet tall, not to mention the heavy warframes. Hence you could not bring them with you."

"A super biological warframe is different. It has adopted a particle restructure technology. I don’t know for sure. But it can fit in a suitcase and once it’s open, countless small particles of intelligence will wrap your body up to form a super biological warframe. Mine is a prototype and does not have a weapon system. It is a little more than 12 feet tall and very powerful, much better than the King series of Starry Group..." Lin Beifeng said pa.s.sionately.

"It can fit into a suitcase?" Han Sen gestured the size and was very tempted.

"You can have a look later. I am sure you will like it," said Lin.

"OK, we will see," said Han Sen.

Lin Beifeng was filled with joy. He could always have another warframe, but had never seen a beast soul like this ever since he entered G.o.d’s Sanctuary. It was so gorgeous that even sacred-blood armor was not its match in appearance.

While talking to Lin, Han Sen was seeking opportunities to shoot the phantom ants at the same time. There were less and less phantom ants left in the crevice. However, the golden rock worm king was eating very fast.

Han Sen had hunted hundreds of phantom ants, and most of them fell into the stomach of the golden rock worm king. It was never full and was constantly growing.

When the phantom ants were almost all gone, the body of the worm king had become the size of a pillow and its sh.e.l.l grew as hard as solid gold.

"Will it become as big as the original golden rock worm king?" Han Sen was full of hope.

Because he had been feeding Meowth, he had read a lot about beast soul pets, which might the only type of beast soul that could fight on their own.

Beast soul mounts needed to be controlled by riders and could not attack creatures themselves, so their main function was still transportation.

However, beast soul pets were different. Once they transformed, they would have the ability to hunt and fight, which was what made them important and unique.

That was the reason why Han Sen was willing to pay such a big effort to feed Meowth and golden rock worm king, although it had seemed a difficult task so far--not even Meowth had transformed.

Han Sen felt something wrong when he was thinking about his pets. With a glance, he saw a phantom ant the size of a pony climbing out of the crevice.

But the crevice was a bit narrow, and its body was stuck there. Using its sharp claws to break the rocks and gnawing at the rocks as if they were tofu, the ant was about to be able to come out.

Han Sen suddenly understood why the mutant phantom ants had been eating the rocks. It was not because they enjoyed the taste, but because they were trying to widen the crevice to allow this giant ant to pa.s.s.

"S*#t! It can’t be a sacred-blood phantom ant, can it?" Lin Beifeng also saw it and exclaimed with his eyes wide.