Super Gene - Chapter 145: Olympic-size Appetite

Chapter 145: Olympic-size Appetite

Chapter 145: Olympic-size Appet.i.te

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When Lin Beifeng arrived at a crevice of the mountain, Han Sen was shocked.

A crevice was cracked into the mountain for either an earthquake or other reasons. Many giant blue ants the size of mice were going in and out of the crevice. From afar, they could only see an ocean of blue lights, so there should be at least one or two hundred of them.

"Sen, these are the creatures. Their bodies are very hard, and there are too many of them. When I just found them, I tried to wield my mutant beast soul knife at one of them and was only able to leave a white mark on its sh.e.l.l."

Lin paused and then said, "Although they are small in size, they are very fast. In shorter distances, their speed was about the same as our mutant beast soul mounts. They couldn’t keep that speed up though. After running for 100 feet, they will become slow. And each of them can lift a stone of 300 pounds easily."

When Lin Beifeng was explaining, Han Sen examined the giant ants that looked like they were made of blue crystal, and found that they were biting at the rocks and making the crevice wider and wider.

The rocks were like chocolate in their mouth, and it was hard to tell the rocks were hard just by watching.

"There are so many of them that the two of us would die there if we went inside," Han Sen said quietly.

"How should we hunt then?" Lin sounded anxious.

"It does not matter. I am an archer and we do not need to approach them." Han Sen looked around to find a suitable location, and summoned his horn bow and mutant black stinger arrow.

He then tied a high-tech load-bearing thread on the nock of his arrow. Although the thread was as thin as a hair, it could withstand the weight of 100 pounds. A big ant would be easy.

"Sen, is it too far from here? These creatures’ are very hard and even mutant beast soul weapons could hardly hurt them." Lin Beifeng estimated that they were at least half a mile from those ants, and even if the arrow was a mutant beast soul, it probably still could not pierce their

"If an archer could only shoot at the enemy’s armor, then he would not be considered a competent archer," Han Sen said and aimed his arrow at the crevice.

"Not the armor? But these things are covered in sh.e.l.l and there is only a very narrow gap in their joints..." Lin Beifeng said and saw the arrow had left the string.


Half a mile away, the arrow flew as fast as electricity and went deep into the gap of a giant ant’s sh.e.l.l.

That blue ant was killed almost instantly, which amazed Lin.

"Mutant phantom ant killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain zero to ten mutant geno points randomly."

With the voice in Han Sen’s mind, he saw the phantom ants nearby were all alarmed and looking around for traces of their enemy.

But after they covered the ground nearby, they found nothing and went back to the crevice and started to consume the rocks.

Han Sen used the thread to pull back the arrow and the dead phantom ant. Soon he made another shot and killed another ant.

Lin Beifeng admired Han Sen very much. From such a distance, Lin could not even tell what the ants looked like, and yet Han Sen could hit the small gaps in their each time. It was almost magical.

When Han Sen was hunting the ants, Lin Beifeng was treating their bodies. The ants looked big but the edible part was only a piece of jelly-like meat the size of an egg.

Lin Beifeng ate several and enjoyed the fun of mutant geno point growth.

But like any other creature, only the first few of the same kind worked. Lin Beifeng had stopped after eating five ants. According to people’s general experience, five was the limit. If one continued to eat the same type of meat after the fifth creature, it might take a dozen creatures for one to gain another geno point.

The phantom ants killed by Han Sen afterwards were treated with salt by Lin. They would then bake the meat dry so that it would be easier to carry and store.

Han Sen also ate five ants himself and heard the voice telling him about the growth in his mutant geno points.

Han Sen's mutant geno points also rose from 52 points to 64 points. He had a relatively high number of mutant geno points, so in the future, even when he ate new meat, the effect would not be as good.

Han Sen summoned the golden rock worm king. The small worm almost devoured a phantom ant instantaneously. And even the sh.e.l.l of the ant was crunched down by the worm.

The worm king was not even as big as the ant, so Han Sen had no idea how it ate the ant up. Having consumed a dozen phantom ants, the worm king’s body swelled up and became as big as a fist.

Han Sen told Lin not to treat the meat anymore and threw the ants’ bodies directly at the worm king, which was still able to continue eating. After eating three dozen ants, the worm king grew as big as the phantom ant and had no other change.

"A sacred-blood pet is indeed impressive. It at least has an Olympic-size appet.i.te." Lin Beifeng was already stunned. The worm king was basically eating gold.

Han Sen was not distressed at all. He could not put large quant.i.ty of mutant meat on the market anyway. So, he might as well feed it to his pet.

But Han Sen was not about to give it all the meat, as he needed to save some for Meowth.

In front of Lin Beifeng, Han Sen could not summon Meowth. It was a beast soul pet that Qin Xuan gave Dollar, so if he were to summon it, the secret might get out.

"Had I known that an archer could do so much, I should have learned archery." Lin cast an envious look toward Han Sen, who was hunting casually.

"It’s not like every archer can do this," Han Sen said with a smile. If he had not practiced Jadeskin, without his sacred geno points, sacred-blood bow and mutant arrow, there was no way he could hunt phantom ants like this. An average person could not see the gaps in the ants’ bodies from such a distance at all.

Han Sen suddenly heard a different voice when he killed another phantom ant.

"Mutant phantom ant killed. Beast soul of mutant phantom ant gained. Eat its meat to gain zero to ten mutant geno points randomly."