Super Gene - Chapter 1448 - A Mushroom You Cannot Touch

Chapter 1448 - A Mushroom You Cannot Touch

Chapter 1448: A Mushroom You Cannot Touch


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Boss, you are really smart and really strong. Qing Le was such trouble, and you found someone to get rid of him.” Inside the spirit hall, Cheap Sheep praised him proudly.

Green Cow also chimed in to say, “Boss, you are blessed. You are so young and so handsome; all the woman cows are sure to fall for you, head over heels.”

“You can keep them,” Han Sen thought to himself. He then turned to look at them and said, “If an envoy from Outer Sky Shelter comes, do you all know what to say?”

“Yes. A creature named Snow Ape came and killed Qing Le. He was a spirit with many enemies, so it didn’t come as a total surprise,” Cheap Sheep quickly answered.

“Good. Honesty is the best policy.” Han Sen smiled.

“Thank you for the compliment. From now and into the future, I swear to serve you as best as I may.” Cheap Sheep had a renewed vigor and a spring in his step. He used the phrase Han Sen had taught to both Bao’er and Galaxy Beast.

Han Sen handed matters of the shelter back to Cheap Sheep and Green Cow once more. They were a strange duo, but they got things done. He didn’t expect them to be loyal forever, but as long as they kept the income flowing, they were fine to handle things however they chose to.

Most spirits and creatures were unable to speak the way they did, as well. It did not matter how strong others were; none matched their eloquence for diplomacy.

Han Sen left Moment Queen in the shelter, and even Little Silver. He activated his super king spirit and re-donned his Dollar ident.i.ty, and then, he took off to the Underworld shelter.

Bao’er did not want to stay in Shadow Shelter, and Han Sen needed to take her to the Holy Vine, anyway. Thus, he brought her with him.

As they left, Bao’er sat on Han Sen’s shoulder. She gave Little Silver a smile, as if she had a.s.serted victory.

Little Silver ignored her and continued to rest on the bed. His att.i.tude and lack of caring just made Bao’er angry.

Back in Mask Shelter, nothing ill had befallen the place during Han Sen’s absence. Spirit Thirteen hadn’t tried anything else.

“Dollar, I located an area with high-tier geno plants. Snake King refuses to take me there, so can you?” Ling Mei’er asked Han Sen.

“What is it?” Han Sen was not interested in any average geno plant.

“It’s a cave with an abundance of mushrooms. They look high-cla.s.s, but I don’t know their names,” Ling Mei’er said.

Han Sen did not know how to deal with Spirit Thirteen yet, and with nothing else to do, he decided to accompany her and check out those mushrooms.

There were millions of smaller caves and tunnels in that place. If Ling Mei’er was unable to lead the way to them, it was highly unlikely Han Sen would find them himself.

The tunnel was only one-person wide. After a few hundred meters, it opened up enough to allow three people of average build to walk side-by-side.

After a while, Ling Mei’er pointed ahead of them. “Those are the mushrooms.”

Han Sen looked at where her fingers pointed, and there were mushrooms skirting a number of rocks. Their caps were white in color and around the same size as a clenched fist.

“Nothing seems to be guarding them. Why don’t you just go grab them?” Han Sen’s Dongxuan Aura did not detect anything hostile in the immediate environment.

“I tried, but I was unable to,” Ling Mei’er said, with an apathetic att.i.tude.

“Why not?” Han Sen couldn’t see why.

Ling Mei’er did not know why, either. “I was just unable to. You should go try to pick them up.”

Han Sen didn’t sense any danger, so he walked right up to one of the mushrooms and tried picking it up.

His hand went right through it. The mushroom was giving off a fragrance, and it was plain to see, but he was simply unable to make physical contact with it.

“Weird. It’s a shadow,” Han Sen said, as he looked at the mushroom.

It was white, with a slight smidgen of pinkishness. It smelled good, and the Dongxuan Aura was telling him it was a sacred-blood plant. Han Sen used his hand to touch it again, but just like before, it slipped right through.

“See? You can’t touch it,” Ling Mei’er said.

“So very weird; why can I not pick it up?” Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura to scan it again. It was alive, and it most certainly did exist.

But no matter what he tried to do, his fingers could not grip the ‘shroom.

“There’s a lot more ahead,” Ling Mei’er said, as she went deeper into the cave.

Han Sen followed. The cavern was filled with the mushrooms, all of varying sizes. Some were as big as footb.a.l.l.s, whereas some were only fist-sized.

Han Sen tried touching them, but again, he failed to make contact. He couldn’t touch any of them.

Bao’er was curious about this phenomenon, so she jumped down off of Han Sen’s shoulder. She successfully grabbed a mushroom and picked it up.

“Bao’er is good,” Han Sen thought.

Ling Mei’er saw Bao’er grab one with success, and so she tried doing the same. Just like Han Sen couldn’t, she was unable to pick one up.

“Dad; this is for you.” Bao’er put the mushroom in Han Sen’s hand. Perhaps it was because it had been picked up, or it had been touched by Bao’er, but the mushroom was now a physical item he could hold onto.

Han Sen gently squeezed the cap of the mushroom, keen to see what it did.

But when he squeezed it, the entire mushroom blew up in his hands. A white light hit Han Sen’s forehead, prompting an announcement to play.

“Ordinary Cla.s.s Beast Soul Grenade Mushroom obtained.”

“This is a beast soul?” Han Sen was rather surprised.

Han Sen had a look inside his Sea of Soul, and there he saw a white Grenade Mushroom. He checked out its information.

Mushroom: Ordinary Cla.s.s Plant Beast Soul

“What is a plant beast soul?” Han Sen did not understand.

Clearly, plant beast souls did not come from plants. Han Sen used to have many beast souls, but he’d never seen this type before.

As Han Sen mulled this over, Bao’er picked up another mushroom. She had seen Han Sen break the mushroom, and she decided to squeeze one herself.

“Dad, I got a sacred-blood beast soul,” Bao’er said to Han Sen.

“Why is there such a big difference? Why did I get an ordinary beast soul?” Han Sen’s eyes were opened wide.