Super Gene - Chapter 1447 - Because I’m the Master of this Shelter

Chapter 1447 - Because I’m the Master of this Shelter

Chapter 1447: Because I’m the Master of this Shelter


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen brought Snow Ape to Shadow Shelter, feeling exuberantly happy.

Along the way, Han Sen asked the creature many questions. Snow Ape was the heir of a super creature known as Daymoon Ape. After he was born, though, for reasons he never learned, he was unable to see his parents. Not long after that, Nan Litian captured him and brought him back to the shelter to conducts tests and experiments on him.

Nan Litian did not expect to get so lucky and capture the baby of a super creature. But still, Snow Ape was actually a sacred-blood creature. Snow Ape claimed it was Sacred Blood because its blood may have been impure. Su Mianhua had taken much of his blood to run many tests.

He had been fortunate to escape captivity one day, while Nan Litian was away from the shelter.

And then, he got even luckier. He leveled up and his geno core became a super geno core. With such might and confidence, he planned to return one day to slay Nan Litian.

Unfortunately, that was a long time ago. He was young when those atrocities were committed. He didn’t actually remember Nan Litian’s name, and neither did he remember what he looked like. He only remembered a vow he made long ago, and that was to kill the master of Shadow Shelter.

Han Sen felt relieved he had narrowly avoided being the ape’s target, and he thought to himself, “It’s lucky Qing Le came when he did. If he hadn’t, this big ape would be out for my blood instead.”

Snow Ape didn’t sound like a bad person, though. He was very grumpy, but he wanted to keep his rampage focused on the person he vowed to kill. He didn’t want to kill anyone else.

They traveled back to Shadow Shelter, and when Snow Ape’s eyes saw it, they turned red. The ape cried aloud, “This is the shelter!”

After that, Snow Ape attempted to run right for the shelter. But Han Sen stopped him first and said, “Mister, don’t go yet.”

“Why not? Are you going to try and stop me?” Snow Ape stared at Han Sen with anger, as if he—rightfully—knew the human would be unable to stop him.

“No, not at all. But you don’t know what his face looks like. If you go in with such bl.u.s.ter, you’ll frighten everyone. And the master is sly, so he will probably blend in with the terrified crowds and not admit to being the one you’re looking for,” Han Sen quickly explained.

“That makes sense.” Snow Ape groaned.

“How about you hide your strength, like you did earlier, and come back there with me? I’ll help you find the master, and once he admits his ident.i.ty, you can go right on ahead and kill him.”

On the inside, Han Sen thought to himself, “I killed Nan Litian and already got you your vengeance. Now you can return the favor and help me get rid of Qing Le.”

When Snow Ape heard what Han Sen told him, he replied, “Good thinking. Take me to the *sshole so I can kill him.”

Han Sen nodded and brought the Snow Ape straight to the spirit hall.

Qing Le was having a meeting in the spirit hall at the time. He was sitting upon the throne, gobbling up all the geno fruit Cheap Sheep and Green Cow had been delivering him.

Shadow Shelter was better developed that he believed it to be. He thought he could rake in quite a lot of profits with this place under his control; it was a concept that perked up his mood quite a bit.

All of a sudden, someone unwelcome entered the hall. Qing Le thought it might have been a Metal Eater, but it wasn’t. It was Han Sen, and at his side was a white ape.

“Han Sen? What are you doing here?” Han Sen was useless to Qing Le now, so he was going to spare all his courtesies and niceties.

“You’re asking me why I’m here? Why are you sitting there?” Han Sen asked, angrily.

“Why? Because I am the master of this shelter.” Qing Le spoke very c.o.c.kily, gesturing with his arms that the entire place belonged to him.

Those words were perfect. Han Sen was delighted to hear him say that, as he expected he’d have to say a lot more to get the spirit to admit it. Qing Le was so arrogant, he jumped right into the admittance. It rendered Han Sen’s prepared speech useless.

“You really are the master of this shelter?” Snow Ape did not make a move yet, and just tried to suppress his anger.

“If I’m not, who else is? You?” Qing Le did not have Dongxuan Aura, so he couldn’t tell how incredibly strong the Snow Ape really was. Thinking him average, and knowing no other creature there could stop him, he was fearless.

When Han Sen heard this, he again felt relief. And he thought to himself, “Qing Le, you just played yourself.”

After this answer, Snow Ape kicked up a display of wrath before Qing Le. His gold claws immediately came down on the spirit’s head.

Qing Le was shocked, and he quickly shouted, “Gah! Who are you?!”

The ape snorted and answered, “I am the little ape you once captured and drained the blood of. I am here to exact my revenge!”

Qing Le was confused, but before he could plead his innocence, the Snow Ape tore the spirit in half. His blood coated the spirit hall red. He had no chance of fighting back.

Qing Le was a spirit that obeyed Outer Sky Shelter. His spirit stone was a part of his body, just like Moment Queen’s. He could put his spirit stone in the spirit statue, but he’d still be unable to revive.

Now that Snow Ape had ripped him apart, he was gone for good.

Snow Ape was still extremely angry. He repeatedly pounded the ground and smashed the guts and limbs of the lifeless spirit into mush, over and over.

“Poor guy. How dare you pretend to be Cheap Sheep’s boss.” Han Sen looked at what remained of Qing Le and sighed.

Cheap Sheep and Green Cow were frozen. Qing Le was a powerful royal spirit, and he had just been torn to pieces in a flash. He didn’t even stand a chance of fighting back.

The creatures and spirits that had arrived there for the meeting saw the messy leftovers of what had transpired, and they were brought to shock.

After killing Qing Le, the ape turned around and left. He did not fancy staying there a second longer.

Han Sen reminded him, “Be careful. He obeyed Outer Sky Shelter, and if they find out he was killed by your hands, they will come after you.”

“I’ll kill whatever comes my way.” Snow Ape spoke with anger as he slowly walked off.