Super Gene - Chapter 1445 - Little Silver is Born

Chapter 1445 - Little Silver is Born

Chapter 1445: Little Silver is Born


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The wooden sword was black, but the lightning was white. It struck the egg and was absorbed by the sh.e.l.l. As this occurred, the egg began to s.h.i.+ne.

Han Sen looked at the wooden sword and the egg in shock. The lightning from the wooden sword did not look aggressive, but it was radiant and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy. It looked as if it wished to bestow life upon its target.

Han Sen felt as if the egg Little Silver had become was desiring flesh.

Han Sen then placed the sword on top of the egg, to see if Little Silver would have some sort of reaction. Thunder G.o.dwood was rare, but if it could speed up Little Silver’s evolution, Han Sen wouldn’t mind spending it on him.

After all, Little Silver had been with Han Sen for a very long time. He had saved Han Sen’s life many times, as well. As far as Han Sen was concerned, Little Silver was a part of the family.

When the sword came into contact with the egg, the lightning flowed into the egg like silk. The egg glowed brighter and brighter.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that the Thunder G.o.dwood had been shaped into a sword, it began to look lively. Its charcoal body looked as if it had been moisturized, and it was undergoing a change.

Not long after, Han Sen saw a sprout on the wood. More and more began to pop up across the sword, making it look like some dry fallen log that had submitted to overgrowth.

“Does this represent the turn of seasons; the coming of spring replacing the winter?” Han Sen sighed.

Lightning continued to pour out of the wood, and the egg’s glow made it look like a silver sun. The wooden sword had become a little tree, flouris.h.i.+ng with green leaves.

This did not last long, though. When the wooden sword was decked in green leaves, the lifeforce it had exhibited began to fade. Slowly, those leaves began to die. And as this occurred, the lightning it generated diminished.

Eventually, all the leaves had died and there was no more lightning. After a momentary stillness, pat! The sword crumbled into dust.

Han Sen felt hurt. It was a treasure one could earn only once every ten thousand years, and it had been procured from an emperor. Now that it had been destroyed, Han Sen was unsure if he’d ever get another one.

Inside the silver light that still burned before him, Han Sen could detect Little Silver’s lifeforce becoming stronger.


Inside the silver sun, there was some noise, then a thunderbolt burst out to beam through the entire hall. But the silver light did not hurt Han Sen. It made him feel good, as if he was being energized.

Inside the silver light, something elegant, decked in silver fur, had appeared.

“Little Silver!” Han Sen was so happy that he picked the furry thing up and stroked its head. Little Silver squinted its eyes and looked proud. But above all, it looked happy.

The lightning slowly began to fade, and when it did, Little Silver jumped away from Han Sen. It shook itself, showcasing its extremely smooth hair.

“Don’t randomly hold a girl.” Little Silver said in a mockingly feminine voice.

Han Sen was shocked, hearing this. He went over to pick up Little Silver again and said, “You speak the human language now?”

“I said you shouldn’t grab me. Look, you’ve messed up my hair again.” Little Silver leaped away from Han Sen again and shook down his hair to reset it. With a proud tone of voice, he turned to tell Han Sen, “The human language is easy to learn. It’s nothing to be proud of.”

“I knew you were the best.” Han Sen bent down to rub his head.

Little Silver looked all, but did not tell Han Sen not to touch him this time.

Now that Little Silver had been reborn, Han Sen was exuberantly happy. Unfortunately, this upset Bao’er. She used to be the sole recipient of Han Sen’s love, and he took her everywhere. Now, she felt she’d have to compete for Han Sen’s attention.

Bao’er and Little Silver looked at each other. A spark of rivalry jolted between them, and they both turned around to look away.

Little Silver was like the heir of a super creature, and so was his fitness level. Little Silver had received a geno core, but it was only a bronze one. He’d have to spend much time leveling it up.

Han Sen planned to take Bao’er and Little Silver down into the Underworld. He worried if he was gone from there for too long, Ling Mei’er would fall prey to another one of Spirit Thirteen’s machinations.

It would be a shame if such a cute girl was tricked into making babies for Spirit Thirteen, of all people.

But before Han Sen left Shadow Shelter, he felt something very powerful approaching. It immediately made him frown.

Han Sen knew who it was. It had visited the shelter twice before, after all. It was Qing Le from Outer Sky Shelter.

Han Sen quickly went to hide in the spirit hall, while Cheap Sheep and Green Cow went over to welcome him in and see what he wanted.

Cheap Sheep and Green Cow commanded a few creatures to open the gates. The sheep smiled as the gates opened and said, “Mister Qing Le, welcome! I wonder what business brings you here. Whatever it is, I a.s.sure you we will strive for co-operation.”

Qing Le looked dim and replied, “From now on, I own this shelter. You are all to follow my command.”

Qing Le was in a bad mood. Han Sen was the only member of their search party to escape the mystic shelter. Qing Le and Yu Xuan had been responsible for recruiting Han Sen, so Qing Le expected a reward of his own.

But Han Sen did not provide them with useful intel, and they couldn’t claim the shelter. The rewards Qing Le wished to receive did not come.

The reward aside, despite the fact that Qing Le was close with Yu Xuan, Yu Miao hated him. He had been forced to patrol this region, but there was nothing at all around. Shadow Shelter was one of the only decent shelters in the vicinity. Plus, he believed Han Sen’s mind had been damaged. Now, he wanted to occupy the shelter.

Hearing him say this, Cheap Sheep and Green Cow’s faces changed.

“Mister, there is no need for you to control this entire shelter. Just tell us what it is you need, and we will go and fetch it for you,” Cheap Sheep said.

“Cut the c.r.a.p! Take me to the spirit hall. I’m your boss now.” Qing Le was very upset, and he had no interest in discussing matters with the sheep. He barged inside the shelter.

“Fine! Fine! Fine! This way.” Cheap Sheep rolled his eyes and lowered his head as he spoke.