Super Gene - Chapter 1444 - God Wood

Chapter 1444 - God Wood

Chapter 1444: G.o.d Wood


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Is this something good?” When Han Sen saw Moment Queen’s face, his heart jumped.

“Of course it is! Where did you get it from? But I wonder why it has become a wooden sword. What a waste.” The way Moment Queen looked at Han Sen was like a spoiled woman.

“Where I got it from is none of your business. Tell me what it is.” Han Sen was really happy, and the way in which Moment Queen spoke suggested he was holding onto something pretty special.

Moment Queen paused. “If I am not mistaken, it is a branch of the G.o.dspeak Tree.”

“What is the G.o.dspeak Tree? It sounds powerful.” Han Sen had never heard of it before.

Moment Queen rolled her eyes. “You’ve been in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary for a while now. How come you’ve never heard of it?”

“Just tell me. If I knew what it was, would I have to ask?” Han Sen sounded annoyed. Every time Moment Queen opened her mouth, her speech was crooked and not to-the-point.

Moment Queen said, “G.o.dspeak Trees grow in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary. Legend has it, they connect to the Fifth Sanctuary. If you scale the entire tree, you are made a G.o.d and you can go there.”

“That sounds a bit too easy. If all you had to do was climb a tree to become a G.o.d, we’d all be one by now.” Han Sen smirked.

“Actually, no one has ever made it to the top. No one has become a G.o.d,” Moment Queen clarified.

“No one? No way. Is that tree thousands of meters tall or something? That shouldn’t be a difficult challenge for the elites.” Han Sen did not believe her.

Moment Queen stroked the wooden sword and said, “No one knows how tall these trees are because no one has yet reached their tops. Not even emperors have managed to scale such trees completely.”

“If the tree was that big, then this branch should be worthless.” Han Sen was disappointed. He didn’t care about reaching the top, but hearing of how big the tree was really did devalue the rarity of such wood.

Han Sen thought Moment Queen’s surprised reaction indicated he was holding something very special, but it turned out to be something rather common and unspectacular.

Moment Queen rolled her eyes and said, “Who do you think has what it takes to cut down a tree called G.o.dspeak? Not even emperors can its bark. You cannot fathom how hardy such trees are.”

“Interesting.” Han Sen stroked his jaw.

“It’s not just interesting. Some people believe the G.o.dspeak Trees are seeds of the Fifth Sanctuary. It makes sense, since emperors are unable to damage them,” Moment Queen said.

“If emperors are unable to damage them, where did this hunk of it come from? Maybe it’s not even G.o.dspeak Wood at all.” Han Sen eyed the wood suspiciously.

Moment Queen shook her head. “This is G.o.dspeak Wood. Although emperors are unable to break such trees, every ten thousand years, branches are known to drop.”

Moment Queen gave Han Sen a few more details about this. Every ten thousand years, thunder rained down across the trees. The thunder could incinerate everything it touched. If an emperor came into contact with it, they’d be instantly rendered charcoal.

But the G.o.dspeak Tree couldn’t be damaged, for the most part. There was simply the occasional chance a small branch would be struck, and it’d fall from the tree. These rare fallings were called Thunder G.o.dwoods.

Thunder G.o.dwood was incredibly st.u.r.dy, but they weren’t as strong as they had been before being sundered. If an emperor was strong enough, they could actually pull them down.

It was considered a lot, even if only three cropped up every ten thousand years.

Thunder G.o.dwood had some special attributes, however. If you carried it with you, it could moisturize your body and your geno cores. It could even influence geno cores to evolve at a faster rate.

Some emperors carried Thunder G.o.dwood around with them as a trophy of sorts. It acknowledged or underlined their reputation.

Moment Queen looked at the wooden sword in her hand and she said, “Thunder G.o.dwood; the bigger the better. Seeing just one foot of this is rare. The emperors are so proud of theirs, but this one is three feet long. Furthermore, it has been carved. The handle is thicker than your arm. It must have been very big before, and I must confess I think it was a bit of a waste to have it carved into a sword.”

Han Sen almost had tears running from his eyes. It was a treasure that could make geno cores evolve, and yet, it had almost been ruined.

Han Sen took back his Thunder G.o.dwood and stroked it like a lover. He told it, “I am so sorry you were unfortunate enough to end up in Six Paths’ care. Come with me and I will treat you well. I’ll take care of you as if you were my baby.”

Before Moment Queen entered the Geno Core Storage, she turned around. With a serious look on her face, she said, “It would be best not to let others see it. If emperors see it, they will undoubtedly want to take it from you. You cannot fight emperors yet, isn’t that right?”

Han Sen nodded. “I didn’t know it was a treasure, at first. Now I’ll be sure not to let anyone else see it.”

Moment Queen departed, and then Han Sen brainstormed a few ways in which he could mask the sword and prevent others from recognizing it.

He had to carry it with him, too, because Han Sen could not put it inside the Cruel Bottle. Six Paths was able to carry it, but it would be easily noticed if Han Sen was carting it around.

As he mulled this over, he thought of a question. If it was called Thunder G.o.dwood, and it had been thunderstruck, then shouldn’t it be a thunder-element treasure?

“Perhaps it will come in handy for the Silver Fox. It is a shame he has not evolved yet. If he had, I’d definitely want him to see this.” Han Sen, now thinking about Silver Fox, decided to look at the egg he now resided in.

Han Sen did not put Silver Fox inside the Cruel Bottle, due to it being a separate dimension. Han Sen was afraid he would not evolve inside there.

Han Sen took the egg Silver Fox had become and then, all of a sudden, the lifeless black Thunder G.o.dwood suddenly erupted with lightning. It was going directly towards Silver Fox’s egg.