Super Gene - Chapter 1425 - Genetic

Chapter 1425 - Genetic

Chapter 1425: Genetic


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

There were no human surgeons in the delivery room, just robots that performed their tasks with perfect precision and strict adherence to hygiene. Delivery this way was much safer than if it were done by hand.

"Han Sen, get in here!" The speaker in the waiting room groaned with Ji Yanran's voice, who was obviously in pain.

Husbands were able to go into the delivery room, but Han Sen had not yet entered due to the b.u.t.terflies in his stomach. He was far more nervous than he ever thought he'd be, so he hadn't gone in yet.

Hearing Ji Yanran call for him, he raced to the st.u.r.dy door and pushed it open. There he saw Ji Yanran lying on the bed, nearly drowning in her own sweat. She looked to be in ma.s.sive pain.

Swiftly, he moved over to her and grabbed her hands to bring her comfort.

Ji Yanran did not stop yelling at him with vulgar language. She was never one to swear, but today, she couldn't seem to form a sentence without a curse word included.

When the baby was finally born, what they didn't hear was what scared them the most. The baby was silent, and there was no crying.

Usually, the day they're born, babies cried like mad.

When the delivery robot brought the baby over to Ji Yanran, however, it looked remarkably healthy.

The technological advancements of their time made giving birth a far swifter process.

The nutrition they received, also allowed for the baby and mother to recover faster.

Ji Yanran was taken to the recovery room after the baby's delivery, as Ji Ruozhen and Luo Lan were giddy with excitement to see their long-awaited grandson.

"Why was there no noise from the baby? Did something happen?" Ji Ruozhen asked, with a look of worry marring his face.

But seeing Ji Yanran being wheeled calmly in with the baby, their worry didn't last long. It was merely strange, not a sign something had gone wrong.

"The computers confirmed the baby was perfectly healthy, and there was no sign of any disabilities. There's no need to worry he might be a mute or anything." Han Sen explained.

Ji Ruozhen finally had the chance to hold the baby, and after picking it up, he said to Han Sen, "Perhaps we should rattle him and get him to cry? What if he's actually suffocating? It's customary for the elders to make babies cry."

After that, Ji Ruozhen crudely swung the baby around and smacked its b.u.t.tocks.

When the tears of the baby came, he proudly exclaimed, "Aha! See? It has started to cry. This is an ancient technique I once learned from this old medicine man. It is very effective."

After getting slapped, the baby's crying was louder than expected.

But Han Sen suddenly felt something amiss, as Ji Ruozhen reveled in his success at doing this. He felt a power begin to gather inside his baby boy, one that was rather frightening.

"Wahh! Wahh!"

The baby's crying was growing in volume, and then, to the disbelief of all who looked, the little creature began to glow with a bright white light. Its previously bald head suddenly experienced ma.s.sive, luscious hair growth. Then, the baby exploded like a ruptured volcano.


The entire recovery room was blown up. Ji Ruozhen's body was standing where he had been, but he had been frozen stiff. His skin was black, his clothes in tatters, and his hair stood up. Fortunately, Han Sen had taken quick action to prevent any further damages by suppressing his baby's power. If he hadn't, the entire hospital would have blown up.

Ji Ruozhen and the others all just stared at the baby, and didn't say a word for a while.

"What is this baby you have given birth to?" Ji Ruozhen snapped out of his daze. He looked to be in shock, and looked at the baby with a look of disbelief.

Han Sen was shocked, too, and he was unable to explain how the baby had his super body.

So, Han Sen quickly took the baby in his arms and rocked it gently. Quite quickly, the baby calmed down and reverted to its former self—silence and all.

Bao'er was currently sitting atop Han Sen's shoulder and looking at the newborn with her head tilted out of curiosity for the thing.

Ji Ruozhen asked the computer to scan the baby, and he was surprised to learn that its fitness was over one hundred already. That was better than a super creature in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

If they had scanned the baby while it was in its super king spirit mode, that figure would have undoubtedly been much higher.

"The hardy genes of the Ji family must have composed most of this baby. I shouldn't be surprised to hear it is that good," Ji Ruozhen smiled.

"President Ji, how could you say such a thing?!" Luo Lan balked in disapproval.

And Ji Ruozhen replied, "Oh, forgive me. It is a combination of the Han family and the Ji family. Congratulations on the sp.a.w.ning of a decent grandchild."

Luo Lan said, "Yes, congratulations to you, too..."


What happened in the hospital was kept a secret, known only to those who were present. There was no point in reporting the incident and letting others know the baby had such high fitness.

When the time came to name the baby, however, Han Sen had much trouble.

Naming things was never his forte.

So, lacking the creative fort.i.tude, Han Sen consulted his mother for ideas.

Luo Lan suggested the names Han Sweet, Han Steel Bowl, and Han Richboy. It seemed his mother was as hopeless as he was when it came to naming things. He quickly disregarded all of her suggestions.

He then went to ask Ji Ruozhen for naming advice. He believed Han Sen and Luo

Lan were giving him the honor of coming up with a name.

He had no idea it was because they were totally unable to come up with a fitting name themselves.

"I will come up with the greatest name this universe has ever seen or heard," Ji Ruozhen patted his chest and staunchly proclaimed.

Ji Ruozhen went straight to the library to dig out a trove of ancient books, and he even visited a number of fortune tellers to come up with the right name. When he was done, after exhausting much time and effort, he settled on the name Han Littleflower.

Han Sen realized "those bullsh*t books" weren't going to help him, either. And it seemed no matter what he or anyone else tried, they could not come up with a decent name for Han Sen's successor.