Super Gene - Chapter 1424 - Killing

Chapter 1424 - Killing

Chapter 1424: Killing


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“D*mn you all!” Han Sen gritted his teeth.

Han Sen allowed the spirits to hear what Luo Lan said because he wished for them

all to understand why he was going to annihilate them. He wanted them to know that

what was coming was deserved.

Although Luo Lan had not yet been hurt, it didn’t take much intellect to envision what

might have happened to her if Han Sen hadn’t been able to come back.

Han Sen walked in front of No G.o.d Emperor, and as he did, everyone’s eyesight was

returned. But they could not move and they could not speak.

Han Sen coldly told the emperor, “No G.o.d, d.a.m.n you. For your latest transgression

against humans, I’m going to kill you. Forever.”

No G.o.d Emperor was given the ability to speak, but he balked in Han Sen’s face by

saying, “So what if you kill me? I can resp.a.w.n. I don’t think you can stay in the Third

G.o.d’s Sanctuary for long. One of these days, I’ll kill them all.”

No G.o.d Emperor rebuking Han Sen actually inspired the other spirits with more

courage. It was true that Han Sen could not keep returning on a whim, and dead

spirits didn’t stay dead as long as their spirit stones were fine. They had more

chances in the future, that was for sure.

“You’re telling me you’ll try this again? Is that right?” Han Sen coldly said. “Zero; do

your thing.”

Zero swung her Bone Dagger without being inhibited. She was targeting No G.o.d

Emperor, whose movement had been restricted.

The dagger punched neatly into the temple of his forehead, and after that occurred,

No G.o.d Emperor’s face looked distraught.


No G.o.d Emperor’s body shattered like gla.s.s, and so did his spirit stone, wherever it


That newfound courage in the spirits dissipated, after that. They knew what had

happened to No G.o.d Emperor, and they feared the same happening to them. They

tried to suicide in an attempt to escape, but Han Sen had stolen their ability to do so.

Han Sen walked before Ruin Emperor next, and then, he gestured for Zero to cut his

entire head off. He wasn’t even given the opportunity to speak.

One by one, Han Sen and Zero walked to each emperor spirit and had each of them

beheaded. The terror of those in-line was tangible.

Han Sen was planning to see to it that each spirit was killed, but the army was large,

and he had little time left there. He could feel the tug of the portal beckoning his

return to the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Demi-G.o.ds were not supposed to reside in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary, and it was

actually dangerous for them to stay there long. He would have to take his leave very


And he now understood why Night Empress had to leave so swiftly. The pressure of

keeping his stay in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary was slowly becoming unbearable, and

it was highly likely that his body could be ruined by remaining there for long.

“I’ll give the rest of you one last chance to make this work. If I need to come knocking

again, I won’t be showing any mercy; and neither will there be any theatrics.” Han

Sen gestured with his hand and made all the spirits explode. Those he did this to

returned to their spirit stones to lick their wounds.

Han Sen did not kill any of the creatures there. His beef was with the spirits, more

than anything, and he knew the rest of his companions could deal with the creatures

just fine.

He let loose his grip on them, and as soon as they regained control of their limbs, the

creatures tried taking off. They scrambled as best they could to get away.

They were so frightened after what had happened. Creatures couldn’t resp.a.w.n like

spirits could, after all. They sure wished they could run faster, though.

The only person Han Sen had left alive was Sky King. He was planning on

interrogating that sickly emperor, as there was much he wanted to learn before he


Qing Jun was his daughter, too; as much as Han Sen despised Sky King, he didn’t

think it was very nice to have her father brutally murdered in front of her, deserving or


“Demi-G.o.ds are so strong! Whoa, it looks like I should strive for a promotion.” Xie

Qing King laughed.

“Haha! If you’re interested, I can take you back with me. But… not ascending through

the fires could inhibit you further down the line, and you may struggle. Becoming a

G.o.d will later become extremely difficult,” Han Sen said.

“Understood! From this point on, I will strive to become a demi-G.o.d the proper way.

Where’s the fun in taking a shortcut,” Xie Qing King said.

Han Sen asked Dry Bone King and Water Fairy, “I have explained the situation, but if

you still want to come, you may. Does anyone want to become a demi-G.o.d, any of

you can come with me?”

Han Sen expected some of them to return with him, but surprisingly, none chose to

come. They all looked at each other, and despite wanting to become demi-G.o.ds, they

all agreed that if they were to ascend, they should do it the proper way.

Even s...o...b..ll, who was a bona fide wimp, did not fancy cutting any corners.

Han Sen was an example to them all, too, he later realized. They had seen what Han

Sen was capable of, and they wanted to replicate his success and strength. They

wanted to follow in his footsteps and do things right.

Han Sen rubbed his nose and shook his head and said, “I understand.”

Luo Lan then walked up to Han Sen and provided him with a few items.

She gave him the Cruel Bottle, and even Meowth. He hadn’t taken them with him

when he ascended the Ten Steps of the Holy Door due to the added strain it would

have posed. He was afraid the fire would have incinerated them.

“Thank you. And now, Mom, I should go.” Han Sen’s body was having trouble

remaining in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary. He placed Sky King inside the Cruel Bottle

and began walking back.

Han Sen could at least chat with his mother back in the Alliance whenever he wished

to. There was no need to do it there.

Han Sen waved goodbye to everyone and then stepped back into the vortex-like

portal that would take him back to the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Inside the Cruel Bottle, Yaksha, Sky King, and even Meowth were all fine and safe

during their transport.

Han Sen was just going to treat Meowth like a pet, sort of like he always had. He

wasn’t bringing it through to do any fighting.

Many emperors had been slain in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary, and with the prospect

of Han Sen possibly returning, none dared to attack the humans again. They could

keep Sky Mountain.

Han Sen returned to the Alliance to be with Ji Yanran shortly after this escapade, as

her due date was incredibly soon. He was very excited to have a son.

There was nothing for him to do in the sanctuary right now, anyway. He could not

take on super creatures, so the best thing he could do was train and practice, which

he oftentimes did in the Alliance.

Ji Ruozhen and his wife had been taking good care of Ji Yanran during the time she

had been pregnant and Han Sen had been absent. And while Luo Lan was

overjoyed she’d soon have a grandson, Han Sen did not fully trust her with the ability

of raising a kid.

The next day, Ji Yanran was taken to the delivery room. Han Sen, Luo Lan, Ji

Ruozhen, and his wife were all waiting outside, eagerly awaiting news.