Super Gene - Chapter 1419 - The Battle Begins

Chapter 1419 - The Battle Begins

Chapter 1419: The Battle Begins


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Seeing the horde before her, Queen immediately turned tail and fled back toward the shelter she resided at.

“Ah, ’tis a good day. We have only just reached Sky Mountain, and already we have met someone he knows.” No G.o.d Emperor saw Queen make use of The Wheel of s.p.a.ce, and it reminded him of the abilities Han Sen had used. So, he went straight for her.

Normal super creatures and king spirits were unable to catch up with her, but No G.o.d Emperor could. He was as swift as he was wretchedly powerful, and he lunged all the way forward, wanting to cut her in half.

Queen’s body flashed and disappeared. When she re-appeared, she had gone past No G.o.d Emperor’s sword.

Queen’s Ghost Slash was better than Han Sen’s because of her super body. She could teleport through s.p.a.ce, rendering attacks against her undamaging.

No G.o.d Sword was able to cut through the air she would be moving into, but Queen was able to manipulate the fabric of the s.p.a.ce around her and remove herself from wherever the sword would land.

Combined with the power of Heavenly Go, there was nothing No G.o.d Emperor could do to harm Queen. She was too nimble for him.

Most of the spirits and creatures were shocked, seeing this. They found it difficult to believe some random, nameless woman was able to maneuver with such effectiveness.

The spirits didn’t say it out loud, but they all believed humans were a disease. They were compelled to kill them all before the plague spread.

No G.o.d Emperor’s face turned quite ill as he pursued Queen. He repeatedly swung his sword, hoping to cut her down, but it was all to no avail.

When Queen traveled through s.p.a.ce, she realized No G.o.d Sword was near. So, she used her sword to block No G.o.d Sword.


Her sword shattered, and her pursuer’s sword managed to continue on to create a tear in her armor. It nicked her skin and caused her to bleed.

Queen did not dwell on the stumble, though. She summoned more strength and power into her legs, and time-hopped away.

She knew she might die out there on the slopes of that mountain, and she could make her peace with that. But she didn’t want to die before she had the chance to warn the others to retreat into the teleporters or flee the region.

Queen had not yet maxed out her super geno points, though, and No G.o.d Emperor was able to catch up once he learned how to respond to her blinking. He dealt her another cut, leading to a flowerfall of blood in the air. This happened a few times, and her skin was becoming covered with the constant cuts and lesions.

Queen used all her power and skill to race back to the shelter before the enemy horde caught up. But after a while of running, there was not a single part of her that was devoid of a bloodstain.

She remained quiet and concentrated, despite the pain that gnawed at her mind. She put all she could into her b.l.o.o.d.y legs, to run back to where she could call for everyone to depart.

Another strike came cleaving the air in two, directly behind Queen.

Queen had just finished a new teleportation, and she knew she couldn’t dodge it. She started to believe she would not be able to make it back to the shelter, and that this attack would be the one to kill her.

She did not look back. Instead, she shouted out to the human shelter. “The spirits have come!”

She was still a distance away from the shelter, but she hoped there were other humans out and about who would hear her call and relay it back.

“No one can save you; no matter how loudly you shout,” No G.o.d Emperor coldly said, lifting his sword towards her back, hoping to cut Queen in half.


Suddenly, a silver light exploded against No G.o.d Sword.

It stopped the sword, giving Queen enough time to teleport a few thousand meters away.

No G.o.d Emperor’s eyes lost track of Queen, and so he looked forward.

A ripped, muscly body had appeared in front of No G.o.d Emperor.

He was wearing a blinding, garish tropical s.h.i.+rt and shorts. He wore flip-flops, and he stood tall and proud before the callous emperor. He wore, too, and he had long silver hair.

“Xie Qing King, we are the same kind. Are you really going to stand there, helping those cheap and filthy humans?!” No G.o.d Emperor looked at Xie Qing King coldly.

Xie Qing King looked at him with disdain, and said, “Who said we are the same kind? Cut the sh*t, fool.”

No G.o.d Emperor was so angry, and so he said, “I’ll kill you, you traitorous human-humper!”

After that, No G.o.d Emperor began swinging his sword towards Xie Qing King.

Xie Qing King’s arms were bulging with muscles, and his hair and s.h.i.+rt was waving. He punched towards No G.o.d Emperor’s No G.o.d Sword.

“Yes, if you wanted a fight, we should fight. What’s the use in wasting time?” Xie Qing King shouted.


The skin on Xie Qing King’s knuckles split a little, and blood welled up from the cut.

No G.o.d Emperor stumbled backwards after the strike, however.

The spirits were shocked to see this. They were all surprised No G.o.d Emperor was unable to bring down Xie Qing King.

Xie Qing King’s silver light began to stream outwards, nearly blinding the battlefield. It was like a silver sun, wreaking havoc across the plain.


No G.o.d Emperor’s face was cold and emotionless as he concentrated on swinging his sword with precision and power.

The fight sent out shockwaves across the land, bringing it into ruin. One would suspect there to be an earthquake. The mountainside began to split, sending many creatures and spirits spiraling down to their doom. Falling rocks and boulders crushed many others.