Super Gene - Chapter 1418 - The Spirits Return

Chapter 1418 - The Spirits Return

Chapter 1418: The Spirits Return


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Real Blood Geno Core reached first place and created a big fuss across the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

“What’s going on recently? Another geno core has jumped to first place? Who could create a geno core that scary?”

“It feels like the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary is in for a big, frightening change. When these powers grow, we could see this sanctuary turned upside down.”

“I wonder… is Crystal Core stronger? Or is Real Blood really the new champ?”

“I’d say it has got to be Real Blood. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have overtaken Crystal Core.”

“Crystal Core lost to Ghost Eye on purpose, that is why it’s now behind. You are aware he one-hit killed Heart Wheel, yes?”

“Gee, this is so scary. Everyone is so strong, how am I supposed to live?”

“Sacred and Outer Sky Shelter should be worried the most. When these two forces grow and mature over time, those two big shelters are the ones likely to be in the line of fire.”

“I wonder if it’s possible for one being to govern the entirety of the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, all at once.”

“Is that possible? It has never happened before.”

“Have you ever heard of a geno core achieving first place through the test before? Now there’s two at the same time, so it is hard to say.”

“This is all so very scary to think about. I wonder who might possess them. Are they spirits? Or creatures, I wonder?”

All the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary were talking about Real Blood Geno Core. The bossess of super shelters were trying to find out who owned it, but they had no clue.

After Real Blood achieved first place, however, no one dared to challenge the elusive geno core.

After what happened to Black Mountain G.o.d, no one was reckless enough to challenge a core that could leapfrog the rest and achieve first place in such a manner.

But with no challengers to face, Han Sen became rather bored. So, he decided to visit Ji Yanran.

Occasionally, he went off to hunt a few mutant creatures for mutant geno points while using super king spirit mode. But most of the time, he stayed with Ji Yanran.

Her belly had developed quite the, and the baby she was having was going to be a boy. Han Sen wanted to be with her during this time and not do anything else.

The super king spirit geno core had yet to be formulated, and none of his bronze geno cores had yet become silver, either.

Han Sen had leveled up too quickly, and he hadn’t spent enough time practicing. Within a few months, though, Han Sen was able to max out his mutant geno points. That left the procurement of super geno points being the last thing to do.

Killing super creatures was not easy. Unless he found a baby one, it’d be a difficult task. Han Sen needed to level up his geno cores to match his powers before he tried killing super creatures.

But he didn’t spend much time out in their search. He was with Ji Yanran in the Alliance, living well.

In the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary, many emperors a.s.sembled in one shelter for a discussion. No G.o.d Emperor and Ruin Emperor were there amongst the collective.

Super Spank was able to destroy everything, and for a long time, people believed the spirits that were slain by it would have their spirit stones broken, as well. But it wasn’t like the Falsified-Sky Powers.

When they lost their battles, they merely disappeared for a long time. Many foolishly believed they had gone to the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

The creatures and spirits that had gathered there were almost as strong as No G.o.d Emperor and Ruin Emperor, who were the mightiest in the sanctuary.

“We can confirm that human has reached the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary. Nothing can stop us from reclaiming Sky Mountain, so it is time we take that place back. We will show them who is boss.” Ruin Emperor coldly said.

A dinosaur-looking berserk super creature amongst them said, “The humans still have faithful servants among them, such as Xie Qing King and the super creatures, but they will be crushed beneath our sheer force of numbers.”

“It is a shame we are unable to find The King to aid us in this endeavor,” one spirit said.

“With only the weak humans remaining, we have no need for The King,” a berserk super creature said.

“We must establish a time, and then we go to Sky Mountain together and show all the humans who is boss,” No G.o.d Emperor coldly said.

All the creatures and spirits roared and hollered at once, with a sound that almost brought down the roof.

When Han Sen was in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary, it was a bad time for the emperors. When they learned Han Sen was now in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, they were all going to co-operate and retake Sky Mountain.

Sky Mountain.

Queen was engaged in battle against a super creature. Han Sen had left behind so many Life Geno Essences for his family and friends, and Queen had received more of them than anyone else.

After she absorbed them, she was able to take on super creatures alone, despite it still being difficult for her.

Queen’s skill in taking on super creatures was also partially due to the fact that she had learned Ghost Slash. It went well with Queen’s super body The Wheel of s.p.a.ce, which she depended on when fighting such fearsome beasts.

This particular super creature, however, was wretchedly strong. If she did not have The Wheel of s.p.a.ce, she’d have been killed already. She was holding her own against it, but it was clear she was at a disadvantage.

But suddenly, the creature stopped attacking and began running away.

Queen was confused by this, and when she went to take a look, she noticed a vast army of creatures and spirits approaching.

Queen saw No G.o.d Emperor and Ruin Emperor were amongst them. It was one big co-operative effort, evidenced by the many spirits that came forward, riding atop creatures.

“The spirits are breaking their part of the bargain, it would appear.” Queen’s face changed.