Super Gene - Chapter 1413 - The Whole Story

Chapter 1413 - The Whole Story

Chapter 1413: The Whole Story


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Are you insinuating that the entire human race originated in the sanctuaries?” Han Sen screamed and felt his voice crack.

“That is the secret Blood Legion has harbored since our founding.” Mister Li said.

“What’s in the Fifth Sanctuary?” Han Sen asked, as what Mister Li said was too shocking. He wanted answers.

Mister Li shook his head and answered, “That is what we all wish to know. Whether it will eventually become common knowledge is uncertain, but become a G.o.d yourself and you’re sure to find out.”

“Then who is Han Jinzhi? What happened with him?” Han Sen asked.

Mister Li smiled and said, “He’s just… a liar. I thought he possessed the power necessary to help me locate the relic, but he didn’t help me. He wreaked havoc amongst the legion, stole my map, and took the relic for himself. Evidently, he then gave it to you.”

Everything Mister Li was telling Han Sen shocked him.

The Qi Gong Master Han Jinzhi was a liar who had managed to trick the entirety of Blood Legion.

Han Sen tried to collect all the intel he had gathered thus far in his head, and he tried to organize the whole story by laying it all out on a table in his mind.

Humans were beings originating from the sanctuaries, the place where Blood Legion had been created.

Like Asura, the being that created Blood Legion became a G.o.d, then somehow went to the Alliance.

Asura created the shura, whereas humans reproduced more humans. Another chapter of the Blood Legion organization was also formed in the Alliance.

Baby Ghost was a member of Blood Legion in the sanctuaries, whereas Mister Li was a member of the Alliance chapter of Blood Legion.

Humans were unable to return to the sanctuaries for the longest time, leaving behind a grand portion of their history there. When technological advancements reached a certain point, humans were able to teleport in and out of the sanctuaries as they pleased and explore.

When Han Sen met the self-proclaimed leader earlier, the shadow could have been a reflection of the person before he became a G.o.d.

Han Sen thought the vat of knowledge he had learned from Mister Li was quite unbelievable, but not entirely implausible. That meant the people he saw before were ancient humans.

It was no wonder the shadow kept referring to Han Sen as his child.

And Han Sen did not know why Mister Li required the relic. It was entirely possible, after seeing the power he had just exhibited, that the man had wanted the relic to become a G.o.d.

He had hired the Qi Gong Master Han Jinzhi to help him locate the relic, perhaps because he could not do this by himself. But Han Jinzhi tricked the entirety of Blood Legion and even took the map for himself.

Han Sen thought Han Jinzhi had procured the map himself, and he had merely asked Uncle Bug for a.s.sistance in locating the relic and Life Door.

Han Sen thought something had to be wrong with this tale, and he had more to ask Mister Li, so he asked, “Did Han Jinzhi join before or after the discovery of the sanctuaries?”

Mister Li looked at him with disdain and said, “If Han Jinzhi didn’t steal our research, how would the Alliance have created teleporters? The Alliance was merely lucky to have crystallizer technology.”

When Han Jinzhi was in the seventh team, the place they supposedly ventured to was the sanctuary.

The technology had not yet matured, however, and the realm they ended up in might have been the Fifth Sanctuary. They could have ended up there right off the bat, completely unaware.

Han Sen was not sure what happened there exactly, but from what he had gathered, the people in that team had been tricked by a being or a deity that referred to itself as G.o.d.

Han Jinzhi must have known about the sanctuaries he was trying to access, but Han Sen couldn’t help but wonder why the man had made a wish. He didn’t understand.

If he wanted answers for everything, Han Sen knew he’d have one more destination to reach: the Fifth Sanctuary. Once he got there, he knew everything would become clear.

“Was this shelter once occupied by the leader who later went on to become a G.o.d?” Han Sen asked Mister Li.

Mister Li nodded and then spoke with pride in his voice. “This was indeed the leader’s shelter. Only his children can access this place, and not even a G.o.d could enter if he had no affiliation.”

Han Sen, pondering these revelations, then thought of something. He wondered why the heirs of Asura were unable to enter the sanctuaries. He also wanted to know how a G.o.d could be damaged and allow itself to be killed by Asura in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Han Sen could not be 100% percent certain he was being told the truth concerning these matters, but these pieces of the puzzle fit the information he had previously gathered.

“What is the relic?” Han Sen asked, looking up at the Nine-Life Cat that was still perched upon his head.

“That would be a geno core belonging to our ancestor, who’s name I admittedly do not know. It was formed after he became a G.o.d.” Mister Li turned his bloodshot eyes over to the Nine-Life Cat and went on to say, “And that is the guardian creature of the shelter. I am not sure of its a.s.sociation with that ancestor, but I am well aware the geno core looks just like it.”

Han Sen wished to ask even more, but Mister Li gave him a queer smile. He said, “Time’s up.”

Han Sen’s face changed. He knew what was happening, and so he threw a punch towards Mister Li.

Before the hit could land, the coffin began to s.h.i.+ne with a bright light as the lid removed itself. Then, Mister Li hopped inside with the last of his strength.

“When I am reborn, I will rise as a G.o.d!” Mister Li’s voice rang out as the lid of the sarcophagus closed.

Han Sen gripped the lid and tried to pull it away, but no matter how hard he pulled, it would not budge.

“Save your strength; that is a relic belonging to G.o.d. None can open it if it does not want to be opened.”

Han Sen suddenly heard the Nine-Life Cat begin to talk.