Super Gene - Chapter 1412 - Blood Legion’s Secret

Chapter 1412 - Blood Legion’s Secret

Chapter 1412: Blood Legion’s Secret


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“So, if that is a good thing, why are we fighting? Bleeding is no good,” Han Sen said with caution, stepping backwards as he kept up the lie.

“Blood is all. We are proud of blood, and we use blood to celebrate. If you are an heir of the Qin family, then your sacrifice is even more welcome. When I become sovereign to the legion, I will handsomely reward your family.” Mister Li, as he spoke, came nearer to Han Sen.

Not wanting to get too close, Han Sen leaped up towards where the Nine-Life Cat was crouching. Han Sen’s pendant had been acting up again, and it burned with great intensity when he neared the creature. It was directly reacting to the Nine-Life Cat, not the coffin.

The Nine-Life Cat pendant was able to suppress blue blood, and the creature itself suppressed the coffin. So, if Han Sen was in need of a deus ex machina to wholly alter the situation, that one would be as appropriate as any.

Mister Li looked at Han Sen and started to follow, but when he saw the Nine-Life Cat, he frowned, quit the chase, and looked at it. Han Sen was delighted by this reaction, so he made sure to stay as close to the cat as he possibly could.

Mister Li’s eyes were fixed on the cat that hadn’t moved, and he said, “The coffin is open. Why aren’t you leaving? Do you really think I won’t kill you?”

The cat heard this and squinted its eyes and moved its lips, as if the man’s words had elicited a smile. It jumped atop Han Sen’s head, which came as a surprise to Han Sen, but then looked down on Mister Li as if it were mocking him.

Han Sen, acknowledging the cat had no intention of hurting him, thought to himself, “Wow, does the cat really hate the leader? What’s going on here?”

Mister Li looked at the cat and jumped towards them both.

Mister Li’s attention was unnaturally affixed to the cat now, but unfortunately for Han Sen, the cat was on his head. If he wanted his head to remain upon his shoulders, he had to evade each incoming blow as best he could.

The pendant on his chest was burning hotter and hotter, though. It shone red, as it seared the skin it hung across, and soon after, his entire body glowed red. And all of a sudden, Han Sen felt as if he possessed the power to destroy the universe.

Han Sen punched Mister Li and sent him flying.

Mister Li was sent barreling through the air, arcing down towards the ground. When he crash-landed, he skidded through the tiled ground for ten meters, spilling blue blood from his mouth.

“You do have the relic! Who are you?” Mister Li looked at Han Sen and asked.

“I told you; I am the heir of Han Jinzhi.” Han Sen’s pendant augmented his power, fueling him with a strength he had never felt before.

“If you truly are, then you should die.” As Mister Li looked dim and swung his fist towards Han Sen.

Feeling overwhelmingly confident in his newfound power, Han Sen did not even try to dodge this time. He threw a punch to meet with the incoming fist.


Mister Li had no hope of matching with that strength, and again, he was lifted off the ground and sent spinning through the foggy atmosphere of the shelter. Han Sen leaped into the air and landed on a rooftop directly before Mister Li, for whom the tables had turned.

Han Sen unleashed a barrage of punches on Mister Li, with the speed and ferocity of a tornado. Each hit was the lash of a spiraling wind, and the power he delivered in each strike was unlike anything he had ever felt before.

Mister Li was able to dodge a few strikes, but when the next ones landed, they were devastating. His defense was broken, and his body was next in line.

Like a boxing bag propped up for training, Han Sen unleashed all the power he could on Mister Li. His body was twisted and disfigured.

“Alu-Alu-Alu!” The excitement of this ability to punch with manic speed and wretched power was a thrill like no other, and Han Sen imagined himself as Xie Qing King, pummeling an unfortunate foe into oblivion. To destroy with nothing but one’s fist instigated a primal ecstasy.


Mister Li was sent flying once more, and he crashed against the coffin.

Han Sen wished to fly over there and finish him off.

But Mister Li, with his body being little more than a sack of bruised organs and broken bones, stuttered to say, “Han Jinzhi broke my legion, and now his heir breaks my mission? Curse your foul lineage! I am on the precipice of becoming a G.o.d, and you dare do this to me? The right is mine!”

“A G.o.d? You seek to become a G.o.d?” Han Sen was shocked hearing this.

“You are Han Jinzhi’s heir. Have you not learned a thing from your predecessors? Blood Legion’s entire purpose is to a.s.semble a faction of G.o.dhood,” Mister Li coughed up more blood.

“What kind of G.o.d could you hope to become?” Han Sen asked with a frown.

“You must break through the vacuum and reach the Fifth Sanctuary. Then you become a G.o.d. As much as I would have liked this, it seems you have the highest chance of success.” Mister Li said.

“And why could Han Jinzhi not do this?” Han Sen asked.

“It was nothing more than a fantasy for him. Like me, he was too weak to achieve such greatness,” Mister Li mocked.

Han Sen wanted to kill Mister Li, but there were a number of questions he wished to ask first. So, he asked, “Why does Blood Legion feature spirit members? Who created the organization, initially?”

Mister Li wiped away the blood oozing from the corner of his lips and said, “Are you really his heir? It seems to me that no one has told you a thing.”

“Does it matter?” Han Sen responded.

“Ultimately, I suppose it does not.” Mister Li paused to regather some of his composure, then went on to explain, “Blood Legion was formed through a union between humans and spirits. There is no contradiction.”

“What does that mean?” Han Sen frowned.

Mister Li smiled and said, “Where do you think we come from?”

Han Sen’s heart jumped against his ribs, and he blurted out, “Was Blood Legion’s creator from the sanctuary? Did he then go to the Alliance, like Asura?”

Mister Li shook his head and explained, “You’re half right, but Asura? He was nothing. He was a petty but fortunate individual that was able to slay a damaged G.o.d. Our creator was the one who did manage to break through the vacuum and reach the Fifth Sanctuary.”