Super Gene - Chapter 1393 - A Shelter That Is Exclusive To Humans

Chapter 1393 - A Shelter That Is Exclusive To Humans

Chapter 1393: A Shelter That Is Exclusive To Humans


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen had heard about Outer Sky Shelter from Metal Demon. It was a super shelter, one that had greater notoriety and fame than even Sacred Shelter.

The King Bell geno core, which was in second place on the bronze geno core leaderboard, came from Outer Sky Shelter, as a matter of fact.

Qing Le did not want to take over this shelter, and he hadn’t come here with any hostile intentions. Shadow Shelter was already a part of their territory, and there wasn’t anything particularly special about it.

Qing Le had come here in search of Nan Litian, and he was dismayed to learn he had died.

While this news came as a disappointment, he also heard the latest leader was a human, too. As such, Han Sen was now the person he wanted to meet with.

“It is no wonder why Metal Demon and Six-Ear look so uncomfortable,” Han Sen thought to himself. Then, thinking it was best to respond, Han Sen cleared his throat and said, “Do you need something?”

“We have found a shelter that is, as of yet, unclaimed. It is a strange place. Many creatures have tried to venture inside, only to be brutally hurt upon entry and forced to retreat. It is as if the place was warded against spirits and creatures. What is most peculiar about this shelter is the fact that only humans can enter without harm. Now that Nan Litian has pa.s.sed away, the possible task of claiming this place falls to you. You can come along to check the place out, if you so wish,” Qing Le explained the weird dilemma.

“Outer Sky Shelter cannot be completely devoid of humans. Why are you looking for the a.s.sistance of another human you don’t even know?” Han Sen asked.

Qing Le said, “The shelter is controlled by a geno core, so we want to succeed in one swift venture. There are twenty-four candidates, all of which will go. The more humans that go there, the more chance of success we have. If you join, we can provide you with free geno fruits.”

“The fruits that increase super geno points?” Han Sen asked.

Qing Le smiled and admitted, “We have those, yes. And while we are generous, there are certain limits. Your reward will depend on your strength and the valor you demonstrate. If you go above and beyond what is expected, however, we can offer you something extra that is sure to satisfy you, and make this a venture well-worth… venturing.”

“That’s nice to hear, but really, if I join… What kind of geno fruit can I expect?” Han Sen was not too interested in any extra goodies. He wanted fruit, first and foremost.

Outer Sky Shelter was packed to the gills with elites of the strongest variety. If they truly only needed humans for this task, the place they were going was more than creepy.

Han Sen was planning to reject whatever was offered by the spirit, thinking the endeavor was too risky. He didn’t know what he was being told was the truth, either.

It was good to have geno fruits, but dying before he could taste them was just pointless. Han Sen was willing to go if he had maxed out his geno points, but alas, that was not the case.

“We were planning to offer Nan Litian twenty sacred-blood geno fruit. They were even set aside for him. If you come along, you can have those. As a matter of fact, you can enjoy them now before you accompany the task force. Think of it as a sign of good faith, and a gesture for future prosperity between our shelters,” Qing Le said. He spoke with grace.

Han Sen knew it was difficult to kill sacred-blood creatures, and he had only just recovered from his ordeal with the mantis. To receive a free twenty sacred-blood geno fruits was rather incredible.

But still, he didn’t think it was worth risking his life for. So, Han Sen told Qing Le, “Thank you, but no thank you. This price is far too low.”

“Well, how many would you accept? Like I said, we are generous… but there are limits. Don’t give me a ridiculous sum, that is all I ask,” Qing Le said.

“I only have a bronze geno core; are you sure you need me along?” Han Sen really did not want to go, but rejecting the spirit outright was rude. This was one of the many excuses he had prepared.

“I know a thing or two about negotiations and diplomacy. You speak as if you really were weak, but you and I both know a simple hick with a measly bronze geno core is not the sort of fellow who could claim a shelter such as this. And these followers; well, from their diversity and strength, they don’t seem like the sort to obey a leader who, again, has only one measly bronze geno core. This is a gold shelter, after all. Now, we aren’t ready to move just yet. We are still in the process of a.s.sembling the group that will go, but if you insist, I can provide you with an additional ten sacred-blood fruits. That brings the sum to thirty.”

Han Sen said, “To be honest with you, sacred-blood fruits aren’t what I’m after. If I could have but one super geno fruit, I’ll do it.”

Han Sen believed only a madman would agree to such a bargain. The spirit before him would probably balk and claim the request to be preposterous. Super fruits were extremely rare, after all.

But Qing Le smiled and said, “We won’t force you to come along, but Sacred Shelter knows this place exists. And if they try to claim that shelter first, they will come here just as we have done. Except they won’t be as nice as I am, and they most certainly won’t offer you fruit and provide you the choice.”

Then, Qing Le tossed something to Han Sen. “If you change your mind, take this to Qiluo Shelter. I’m going around to ask other humans, in the meantime. If you wish to find me, once I am done, I’ll be there.”

Han Sen accepted it, and before he knew it, Qing Le was already gone.

Han Sen opened the parchment, and it was a scroll. On it, there was a drawing of the shelter they were supposed to go to. There were a few other drawings on it, too, each showcasing the shelter from a different perspective.

They weren’t the only ones who had found the shelter, so it most certainly wasn’t a secret if they were handing maps like this out.

However, when Han Sen’s eyes glanced across one drawing in particular, his pupils beaded.