Super Gene - Chapter 1392 - Becoming a Dad

Chapter 1392 - Becoming a Dad

Chapter 1392: Becoming a Dad


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen agreed to provide Su Mianhua some materials so he could continue his research. But aside from the man sharing the results of his efforts, Han Sen wanted lessons on genes, as well.

Those lessons started right away, and Han Sen was able to grasp the basics fairly quickly. But anything beyond that threw his mind for a loop.

Fortunately, a good memory was one of Han Sen’s strongest a.s.sets. Most of the information he learned was in text, and that helped a good deal.

Han Sen wasn’t planning on being a scientist or anything, he just thought such knowledge might benefit him in the future. And as such, he didn’t have to study the really complex stuff. He just wanted a rundown of the basics.

So, while Han Sen occasionally went out to hunt, most of his time was divided between that and these studies. Su Mianhua was very helpful and understanding, too, so much so that he provided Han Sen many notes and informative studies to read and remember. His teachings were invaluable.

But it was a broad subject, and Han Sen understood that getting to grips with this stuff would be a long-term affair. And right now, he was invested in learning about the methods of research.

After a while, while Han Sen was observing the shura geno fluid, he noticed something.

The purple juice that was called shura geno fluid could be combined with human geno fluid. And this mixture would provide users with elements of shura genes.

“Isn’t that the same as Angel Gene Fluid?” Han Sen frowned.

There was a difference, though. Angel Gene Fluid was created with the blood of shura, but Han Sen was actually observing the base shura juice. It didn’t list the effects, however.

“Might Zero be a human who has used it?” Han Sen wondered.

Finding out would not help Han Sen in any way, but knowing this information was still quite important. Her nature had always perplexed him.

Angel Gene had researched this stuff for years, but they had not yet found this out. The information was precious. Han Sen could use this information to learn a lot of money, too. Not wanting to do that, though, he hid it and kept it to himself for the time being.

Zhao Seven created Angel Gene, but it was a big gig. It took all his time, and as such, he had yet to become a demi-G.o.d. Whether he wanted to was another question entirely.

Becoming a demi-G.o.d was a serious thing. It was a greater commitment than it was for any other sanctuary. Most people who became demi-G.o.ds perished, and for those that didn’t, it could take them a long time to return to the Alliance.

If Zhao Seven was absent for a long time, by becoming a demi-G.o.d, the entire company could stumble and fall.

It was like that all across the Alliance, however. The CEOs of pretty much every top company were weak, and even the president Ji Ruozhen was.

Han Sen didn’t want to be in the sanctuaries forever. He wanted to max out and accomplish everything that could be accomplished, so he could move on and do something different with his life.

Right now, he was taking some time off. He was at home, and he was planning on making supper for Ji Yanran and his mother.

Han Yan was still in the military school, so he could only see her on Skynet.

Now that she was the leader of the Hand of G.o.d tourneys, and she was the prettiest woman in the Blackhark Military Academy, Han Sen was becoming even more worried over the number of men that might try and court her.

Fortunately, Han Yan had the Falsified-Sky powers. If someone did try and hurt her, perhaps from rejection, she’d be able to take care of herself.

As Han Sen made food in the kitchen, he heard Ji Yanran return home.

“Ah, you’re home early! I’m making dinner, but I’ve only just started,” Han Sen said, while wearing an ap.r.o.n.

“I was only going to the hospital,” Ji Yanran said.

“Hospital? Why? Is something wrong?” Han Sen looked at her with much worry. He feared something might have happened to her during his time away, and he hadn’t yet been informed.

“The doctors said I’m pregnant,” Ji Yanran said, followed by a heavy blush.

“I’m sorry… what? Um, what?” Han Sen paused and stared at Ji Yanran for the longest time. When he snapped from his daze, he did so with joy. He asked her, “Are you saying I’m going to become a Dad?”

Han Sen was delighted with this news. He was so happy hearing he was about to become a parent and have kids of his own.

“Let me see if he has any movement,” Han Sen said with giddy excitement, placing his ear to her belly.

Ji Yanran pushed him away and said, “It’s a peanut right now, don’t be silly! You won’t hear or feel anything. In fact, I’ve only been pregnant for two months. And besides, what do you mean by ‘he’? How do you know it’s a son?”

“Well, we already have Bao’er for a daughter. I’d quite like a son I could spoil rotten.” Han Sen smiled from ear-to-ear and went on to say, “Sit down. I’m going to make you the greatest meal I have ever cooked.”

“You are? What are you making?” Ji Yanran asked.

“Grilled pork; it’s something I learned from Dragon Lady,” Han Sen said.

Han Sen eventually returned to the sanctuary. There, he saw a spirit sitting on a chair in the spirit hall.

Han Sen had never seen this person before, and upon seeing him, he could immediately tell how powerful he was. There was one thing he knew for sure, and it was that this spirit was not an occupant of the shelter.

Metal Demon, Six-Ear, Cheap Sheep, and Green Cow were all sitting beside the spirit.

“I leave for two days. In that time, somebody has already come and claimed this place?” Han Sen thought to himself.

“You are Han Sen, yes?” The grey-eyed spirit stood up and slowly approached Han Sen.

“Yes, what’s your name?” Han Sen was on alert, but he wasn’t quite ready to flip and sound the sirens.

“My name is Qing Le, and I hail from Outer Sky Shelter. There is something I must discuss with you,” the grey-eyed spirit said, with a look of serious concern.