Super Gene - Chapter 1384 - Overpowered Geno Core

Chapter 1384 - Overpowered Geno Core

Chapter 1384: Overpowered Geno Core


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Black Mountain G.o.d, why do you insist on bothering me? Would it not be better to challenge Real Demon, instead?” Inside Geno Core Storage, an elegant spirit was speaking to a creature with black wings.

“My Heart Wheel will destroy your King Bell and claim its rightful place atop the leaderboard,” Black Mountain G.o.d said.

“My bell is soon to become a silver geno core, and when it does, Real Demon will be crowned number one. So, why don’t you just stop pestering me for once and go challenge him?” G.o.d King said.

“But I want to beat you before you obtain a silver geno core. You are my nemesis, don’t you see?” Black Mountain G.o.d pleaded.

G.o.d King snorted and said, “But I have already defeated you one hundred times in a row. Aren’t you tired of this yet?”

Black Mountain G.o.d answered, “This time I really won’t lose!”

Black Mountain G.o.d summoned a geno core that looked very much like a wheel. Then, he spun it towards G.o.d King.

“For as long as I am here, you will never claim first place.” G.o.d King summoned a big bell above Black Mountain G.o.d’s head.

The battleground rumbled and roared with the surging of frightening powers.

As this occurred, the leaderboard tablet outside their combat began to s.h.i.+ne brightly. King Bell had descended a rank, and in first place was now written: Crystal Core.

The fight between the two came to a swift end. They both stood absolutely still, staring at the leaderboard in disbelief.

“To whom does that geno core belong?” they both asked at the same time.

They had never heard the name before, and all of a sudden, it had usurped the first position atop the leaderboard. And they knew for a fact that G.o.d King had not lost a single fight to anyone. This meant it had reached first place immediately after entering the Geno Core Storage.

Their shocked faces soon turned sour. They thought the idea that a geno core had reached first place without even fighting was preposterous.

When G.o.d King conducted the test on his arrival, he managed to gain a place in the top one hundred. That was a remarkable achievement, at the time, and even he had to fight tooth-and-nail against a number of opponents to climb upwards to the top. Each fight was a ghastly trial-and-a-half.

This was the case for everyone, though, pretty much. No one had ever heard of a geno core that allowed its wielder to skip directly to first place.

“What kind of geno core could that be, anyway?” Black Mountain G.o.d’s tone was starting to seethe with bitter contempt. He could hardly face looking at the leaderboard now.

He had toiled hard with the dream of getting to first place, putting in an incredible amount of effort every day. Yet, despite all his work and hard-fought battles, he had yet to beat G.o.d King. It hurt him to see someone easily achieve first place, without so much as lifting a finger.

G.o.d King’s King Bell had been reinforced nine times. First place did not mean too much to him, but it still made him a little sick to think of what had just happened. And he felt worse for Black Mountain G.o.d, who he knew had tried so hard.

For a geno core to show up and immediately knock him off his throne, he could hardly imagine what power it must possess.

Everyone in the Geno Core Storage was shocked, seeing it appear at the top of the leaderboard.

“Did King Bell become a silver geno core?”

“No, it’s in second place now. Are you blind?”

“Oh, yeah! You’re right. But what kind of power can overcome King Bell?”

“I don’t think it beat King Bell.”

“Then how does that work? How could the new geno core reach first place without beating King Bell?”

“I know every geno core that is featured on that leaderboard, trust me. But that new geno core? I’ve never seen it before. That is brand, spanking new.”

“If that is the case, how did it reach the top of the leaderboard?”

“Are you stupid? Seriously, don’t you know anything? It was crowned first place after sp.a.w.ning, through the whole testing thing they conduct.”

“Is such a thing even possible?”

“I didn’t think so, but that’s the only semi-plausible scenario I can think of.”

“Whoa! So if what you’re saying is the truth, how powerful must that Crystal Core truly be?”

“I bet it belongs to a super creature or the son of some emperor or something.”

“Surely, even if a super creature had generated this geno core, it would not be possible to achieve such power. If this is legit, it’s a little unfair, don’t you think?”

“It is crazy. What manner of lifeform can achieve such a feat?”

The Crystal Core’s appearance on the top of the leaderboard had shaken the entire Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary. Even the creatures with maxed out geno cores were shocked. This was a truly remarkable occurrence.

“Go and find out who owns this geno core and find out what it does.”

The owners of most large shelters began issuing such commands to their subordinates.

Although it was only a bronze geno core, it was the sign of a rising power they would soon need to be wary of. There was an extraordinary talent there, one they would do well to learn about.

Those tasked with discovering Han Sen’s ident.i.ty were usually operating on the basis of either one of two primary objectives. Either their master wanted to exterminate the owner of Crystal Egg before they became too strong, or form an alliance with Han Sen in antic.i.p.ation of his future strength.

Of course, every attempt to find him was just a stab in the dark. The name of the owner was not listed, and neither was the shelter it belonged to.

Still, the term Crystal Core was on the tip of everyone’s tongue throughout the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary. Quite strange, when you take into account the fact that n.o.body even knew what it did.