Super Gene - Chapter 1383 - Geno Core Test

Chapter 1383 - Geno Core Test

Chapter 1383: Geno Core Test


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

It wasn’t just the one in third place, either. Han Sen looked at the top one hundred and noticed many of the geno cores there were from Sacred Shelter, too. It proved it was a strong place, indeed.

There were still a lot of geno cores without the additional text, so Han Sen wondered if they belonged to Sacred Shelter, as well.

As Han Sen surveyed the ranking list, a man made of stone began to move. He spoke to Han Sen, saying, “Welcome to the Geno Core Storage. Your rank is one hundred million behind. Would you like to conduct a test?”

“Who are you?” Han Sen looked at Rockman.

“I am Geno Core Storage. Geno Core Storage is me. You may treat me like a geno core,” Rockman explained.

“Are you saying the Geno Core Storage is a special geno core?” Han Sen frowned.

“Yes,” Rockman answered.

“Then who owns this geno core?” Han Sen asked.

Rockman spoke with a monotone voice and said, “The Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary.”

Han Sen proceeded to ask a few more questions, and he ended up learning quite a bit about the Geno Core Storage. After that, he agreed to start the test.

In the Geno Core Storage, you did not have to fight for every rank. The test would give you a rank depending on the geno core’s own performance, and the rank would move up and down in accordance to its power.

A hundred million, ten million, one million, one hundred thousand, ten thousand, one thousand, one hundred, top ten, and number one. Every bracket – or rank – you reached, your geno core would be reinforced. It made your geno core stronger, but it did not s.h.i.+ft its level to a higher tier like from bronze to silver.

Han Sen wanted to earn the number one spot so he could earn nine reinforcements for his geno core and then move up to the silver Geno Core Storage. If he did this every time, he would always find himself stronger than those who did not reinforce their geno cores.

But being number one, out of the hundreds of millions vying for the same t.i.tle, was no small feat.

Fortunately, the Geno Core Storage battles were not entirely dependent on the geno cores. It also depended on the master and their proficiency in combat. Even if the Crystal Egg wasn’t the best, he could use his own powers to reach the first place.

Han Sen gave the Crystal Egg to Rockman. Then, Rockman opened his third eye and s.h.i.+ned a light on the egg.

As it shone, Rockman’s eyes displayed numbers. It looked like a slot machine.

Han Sen watched the numbers go from a very high amount to a much shorter amount.

The Crystal Egg’s powers was good, but its shortcomings were not difficult to discern. He believed it could reach the ten thousand bracket, though.

The Crystal Egg could not deal damage, so its ranking could be low. Regardless, it wouldn’t bother him too much if that turned out to be the case.

As the numbers shown by Rockman reduced, Han Sen was quickly given a shock. “Wow, it reached the four digit range. It’s less than ten thousand now, and it keeps going smaller. Is the Crystal Egg really that strong?”

Han Sen could not believe his eyes then, when he saw it breach the three digit range later on.

The Crystal Egg did not deal damage. Sometimes it was useful, but Han Sen did not think it was worthy of being deemed that strong.

When the numbers reached two digits, Han Sen started to think there may have been a problem with the test. The Crystal Egg had major flaws, and he found it rather difficult to believe it had reached the top one hundred.

The numbers in Rockman’s eyes continued to descend. Every time they moved, Han Sen’s heart jumped. This was crazy.

It was as if he was dreaming. And eventually, Rockman’s eyes displayed the number one and the number zero. His heart was going to leap out of his chest.

The Crystal Egg had reached the top ten. That meant it had already earned eight reinforcements, right off the bat. He thought he’d have to fight a for a long time to reach this point, and he never thought the sky would drop a big biscuit that would allow him to skip all that battling.

What was even crazier was that, after reaching one and zero, Rockman’s eyes closed. The numbers disappeared.

The third eye that shot out the illuminating light displayed the number nine. And it didn’t stay still.

“No way it’s still going on. This must be fake. The Crystal Egg cannot be this strong.” Han Sen’s eyeb.a.l.l.s almost fell from their sockets.

The numbers shown by the third eye was like a joke, continuing to go down.

“Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… No… My Heart…” Han Sen clutched his chest. The test had far exceeded his wildest expectations. He stared at the numbers intently.

When the eye reached the figure of one, time stood still. Han Sen was delighted the Crystal Egg had reached the first place out of all the bronze geno cores that existed.

“Is it really that strong?” Han Sen wondered, but he thought to himself, “Was it because of the liquid the black crystal released when the egg was created? But the Crystal Egg just doesn’t feel like the sort of geno core that could be considered the best. Regardless, I like it!”

As Han Sen thought of this, Rockman said, “The test has finished. The Crystal Core in Bronze Geno Core Storage has reached the first rank. It will show up on the Bronze Geno Core Storage Leaderboard. Would you like to display the name of the shelter?”

“No!” Han Sen exclaimed.

If anyone discovered the number one spot had been taken by a nameless gold shelter, the super creatures and emperors would be paying him an unfriendly visit in no time.

Geno cores could be leveled up, and reaching such a high rank in the Bronze Geno Core Storage would draw a lot of attention his way.

Especially for the Crystal Egg. It hadn’t fought at all, and it reached the first place through a simple test. It was far too shocking, and it’d undoubtedly rock the entirety of the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary.