Super Gene - Chapter 1375 - Messy Situation

Chapter 1375 - Messy Situation

Chapter 1375: Messy Situation


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The black unicorn choked on its attempted screams and squeals as the lethal cords of the Gold Dragon Lock dug into its body. Its throat was being crushed, robbing it of air. Its eyes began to twitch and flicker, slowly rolling back into its skull.

Han Sen pulled out his only horn and thrust it into the creature’s neck, to hurry along its death and stop its suffering. With the power of the super king spirit body, it was a trivial task; the horn slid through the creature’s jugular like a hot knife through b.u.t.ter.

“Mutant Creature Wind Unicorn killed. Beast soul gained. Geno Core destroyed. Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten mutant geno points randomly.”

Han Sen retrieved his Gold Dragon Lock and turned back to Nan Litian. He asked him again, “Why do you people not want the relic?”

Nan Litian answered, “Only the president should have it; otherwise, it’d weaken your blood.”

“Do you mean the Blueblood powers?” Han Sen asked for clarification.

Nan Litian, fearing for his life, was keen to answer whatever was asked of him. He answered, “It weakens our blood, if it is in our presence. While it is indeed precious, only the president can possess it.”

“Does that mean Han Jinzhi was the president?” Han Sen was shocked at this revelation.

If only the president could have it and make use of it without any negative repercussions, then the only logical conclusion that could be formed was that Han Jinzhi was the president of Blood Legion.

But if he was the president, then why would Nan Litian call Han Sen and Han Jinzhi traitors?

“He’s just a traitor,” Nan Litian said.

“Then what relevance does he have to Blood Legion? How was he recognized? He’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, it would seem.” Han Sen was getting frustrated.

“He’s just a follower,” Nan Litian said.

“Didn’t he have blue blood?” Han Sen asked.

“He was captured; why would he have blue blood?” Nan Litian seemed surprised.

Han Sen retreated into thought for a moment, telling himself, “Baby Ghost was right. He wasn’t a part of the organization, but why do the older people seem to think he has blue blood? This makes no sense.”

“Why did you capture him?” Han Sen asked.

“That is a secret.” Nan Litian began to cough and froth blood from the corners of his lips. He seemed to be dying.

Han Sen was taken aback. He leaned forward to open the man’s mouth and prevent him from drowning on his own fluids, but Nan Litian kept his jaw shut and merely smiled.

Then, he exploded. It was too late for Han Sen to realize what was going to happen, and so he summoned his Bulwark Umbrella to avoid getting soaked in the soggy, gooey mess that had previously composed the person known as Nan Litian.

Han Sen, umbrella firmly in-hand, s.h.i.+elded himself from the spray. The power of the self-destruction knocked Han Sen back, but he was caught by the plush composite of the flowers.

“Did he talk that much to distract me? Did he self-destruct in one final bid to bring me down with him?” Han Sen viewed the horrendous scene with disgust; seeing bits of his flesh, the remains of his entrails, and his blue blood painting the surroundings.

Han Sen had seen G.o.d’s Retribution’s blood before, though, and he could immediately tell that Nan Litian had not been lying. His blood was much lighter.

The pendant then suddenly burned brightly. When Han Sen checked it out, he noticed it was starting to s.h.i.+ne. The blue blood began to lose its unnatural color, reverting to an ordinary red color again.

“He wasn’t kidding. The pendant really does weaken the blue blood.” Han Sen was surprised.

When the process of reverting the blue blood into red blood had finished, the pendant returned to its daily, dormant state.

Although Nan Litian had killed himself, Han Sen had at least learned a little bit. Baby Ghost had told him Han Jinzhi was captured by Blood Legion, and what Nan Litian said backed that up. It seemed to be the truth.

Then why did some people believe he had blue blood and couldn’t have an heir?

Han Sen was calm and composed after this, though. A surprise, considering what he had just had to endure. He knew there were many questions left to be answered, but it seemed he was being drip-fed revelations on the regular, and it would only be a matter of time before he had all the answers he needed.

And he had a tingling sensation that told him it wouldn’t be long now. He was getting very close to the truth.

With super king spirit mode still activated, Han Sen dragged the Wind Unicorn out of Hidden Valley. Kindly, the plants also swayed, bent, or moved out of the way on his approach, too. It was like the entire plant-clogged valley was forming a path for him.

“This means I can enter this place safely, doesn’t it? If Green Cow wasn’t lying, then maybe I can really find the Sta.r.s.ea Beast.” Han Sen planned to go back, but he had to deal with the corpse of the Wind Unicorn first.

Han Sen skinned the Wind Unicorn, then peeled and chopped it up into a variety of different cuts. He didn’t want others to recognize the creature when he returned.

If the creatures in the shelter were still semi-hostile towards him, they might not appreciate learning what had happened to their glorious master and his steed. It could prompt another attack.

When Han Sen returned, the shelter was in a right state. Nan Litian’s creatures and spirits had all died, following his self-destruction.

“Well, it’s now or never. I can’t think of a better opportunity to claim this place.” Han Sen went towards the spirit hall as soon as he could.

There, Han Sen saw one spirit and two creatures vying to be the next ruler of the shelter. Han Sen could tell the spirit was royal cla.s.s and the creatures were mutant cla.s.s.

They saw Han Sen approach, and when they did, they turned to look at him.