Super Gene - Chapter 1374 - Super King Spirit Ultimate

Chapter 1374 - Super King Spirit Ultimate

Chapter 1374: Super King Spirit Ultimate


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Why wouldn’t you want your Blood Legion relic back?” Han Sen asked with a frown.

Nan Litian’s face turned dour, and he returned the question with one of his own. “Tell me: are you Han Jinzhi’s heir?”

“My great-grandfather is Han Jinzhi, but not the one from the Blueblood Special Forces,” Han Sen said.

Nan Litian frowned, as if he was thinking of something.

“Is he really not the heir of Han Jinzhi?” Nan Litian murmured to himself. He paused before addressing himself once more, saying, “But if he wasn’t, why would he have the relic? And there’s no way he could carry that on him.”

“You still didn’t tell me why only my family wants it,” Han Sen said, thinking his enemy’s self-narration was a little creepy.

“It doesn’t matter, if you’re not Han Jinzhi’s heir. But you know my ident.i.ty, and that is a transgression that does not allow me the pleasure of letting you live. You must die for this,” Nan Litian said, summoning a dagger he could try to cut Han Sen with, on the adjacent flower.

They were both trapped like mummies, and there was nothing Han Sen could do to dodge. He only had his Demon Heart Ring, his Crystal Egg, and his Bulwark Umbrella. He summoned the umbrella to block the mind-controlled dagger.

The dagger flew against the umbrella, and it could not break the established defense.

Nan Litian summoned his green sword then, and had it propped to take aim at Han Sen’s throat. Han Sen did not have the time to reposition the umbrella to block the green sword that was now coming for him, and he was left exposed to its attack.

With Super Spank, he tried to pull and unfurl the vines that had wrapped him up. Unfortunately, no matter what he tried, the plant did not budge. He then believed it to be a sacred-blood tree, but that didn’t mean much right now, given the circ.u.mstances.

Seeing the sword come for him, only one viable option remained for Han Sen to try. He activated super king spirit, in the hopes it would provide enough of a boost in power to free him.

Han Sen’s body, his eyes, and his hair all turned white, the latter growing extremely long. It floated menacingly all around him, as if he was underwater. But before Han Sen used his strength to tear off the vines and bring ruin to the flower that had trapped him, they decided to let him go free.

At first, Han Sen believed it to be an act of self-defense, not wanting to let itself get hurt when it detected the power he now wielded. But then, the vines that had encased him moved over to the sword that was alarmingly close to decapitating him, and tangled it up. It had done so to protect him.

“What’s going on?” Han Sen thought this was extremely strange. A tree that had gone to lengths to wrap them both up was something he believed to be hostile.

The flower then created a platform for Han Sen to step on.

Nan Litian looked on in shock, unable to believe a powerful geno plant would side with Han Sen, as it was doing now,

“Why do you have the aura of a spirit? And… why do you smell like a creature?! What… are you?” Nan Litian had never seen anything like this before. He was well and truly flabbergasted.

Han Sen looked at his super king spirit body now, and he saw how it propagated the sense of him being both a creature and a spirit. The sense of countless different creatures filled him up, many of which were ones that not even Han Sen himself could recognize.

Han Sen’s thoughts suddenly turned to the name super king spirit. Ordinarily, a level that was higher than a king spirit was dubbed emperor.

The term super was a tier-definition given to creatures. It wasn’t until now that Han Sen realized it could harness the power and aura of a creature, as much as a spirit. The spirit in the t.i.tle of this form was more likely a general term, a synonym for energy, soul, or essence. It didn’t exclusively mean he became an actual spirit, of the sanctuary’s definition.

“Who I am does not matter. Due to your repeated attempts of murder, your life is forfeit unto me.” Han Sen walked back towards Nan Litian, harnessing and manipulating the shock his nemesis had just experienced.

Under Han Sen’s feet, the flower continued to generate platforms for him to walk upon. More and more platforms came as swiftly as Han Sen moved, forming a perfectly safe walkway for him to tread. They guided him to Nan Litian.

Han Sen came before his foe and asked, “Who are you in Blood Legion? What are you regarded as?”

Nan Litian, who was still trapped, said, “I am a successor of Li Hen.”

“Are you one of the thirteen?” Han Sen asked.

Although Nan Litian was strong, Han Sen did not think he was as strong as G.o.d’s Retribution.

“I am not him; I merely carry his torch,” Nan Litian rushed to speak.

“Is there a difference?” Han Sen didn’t know too much about how Blood Legion worked, so it was a legitimate question.

“You need the purest blood to become one of the thirteen, and I don’t have it,” Nan Litian answered.

Han Sen suddenly heard a noise. Turning to look at where it had come from, he saw Bao’er riding Red Pony, coming his way.

Red Pony had delivered Bao’er to Han Sen safely, it seemed.

Not wanting the bulls to hurt them, in case those wild creatures sought to give them the same treatment, Han Sen leaped down to meet with them on the ground of the valley.

“Dad!” Bao’er jumped into Han Sen’s arms as soon as she could. Red Pony had Han Sen’s Gold Dragon Lock clipped to its behind. Han Sen wondered why, then realized that it had dragged the black unicorn here on Han Sen’s behalf.

Han Sen was delighted, not expecting Red Pony to be so kind as to do that for him.

Red Pony dropped the Gold Dragon Lock to the ground so Han Sen could take it back. When Han Sen examined the state of the black unicorn, he wagered it must have tried to wrestle its way free. The binding ropes of the lock had dug deeply into the creature’s flesh. It was a ghastly sight.