Super Gene - Chapter 1370 - A Sudden Desire to Kill

Chapter 1370 - A Sudden Desire to Kill

Chapter 1370: A Sudden Desire to Kill


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen was curious to see who Nan Litian really was. Thus far, the man had been a complete enigma. After walking outside the gate, Han Sen looked ahead to see a human riding atop a black unicorn.

Han Sen could clearly see it was a human, and if he had to venture a guess, he would say he was around thirty years old. Of course, looks could be deceptive.

The unicorn trotted up the way at a slow, almost meandering pace. It gave Han Sen a chance to observe the man and his steed, but also vice versa. When the man caught sight of Han Sen, he brought his unicorn to a complete standstill. There, they both locked gazes.

Han Sen could at least tell this man was totally new to him, which came as a relief. He wasn’t someone from long ago he’d have trouble remembering—something which was an all too common occurrence.

The man’s eyes were stern, though. And their lock on Han Sen would be defined as fiery, if they weren’t also so sullen. It looked as if he viewed Han Sen as a thief, slinking out of his home, and he wished to do him harm.

Han Sen picked up Bao’er and casually readied himself to leave, as if the tension manifested was just a figment of the man’s imagination. There was trouble brewing, and even though Han Sen could not tell why, he knew it was best if he made himself scarce.

This was clearly Nan Litian’s territory, and if Han Sen remained and made himself an enemy to the human, he’d be greatly outnumbered.

The s.p.a.ce in Han Sen’s paces began to widen, until he found himself sprinting away as fast as he could. Before he realized it, he had run a mile. The red pony was following after him, too. It looked to be struggling to keep up with Han Sen, and if one did not look closely, it almost looked as if the pony was chasing him.

But it managed to stay with him, at least.

Nan Litian did not say a word, but he obviously seemed to have a bone to pick with Han Sen. He turned his steed around and took off after Han Sen.

The unicorn had to be a mutant creature, and its speed was greater than Han Sen’s, so it had little trouble catching up. And noticing this, Han Sen knew he was in trouble. He knew fleeing wasn’t going to be the solution to this sudden stand-off.

Unfortunately, he could not think of anything else to do. If Nan Litian had taken over a gold shelter, then he must have had a gold geno core, too.

This was different than what he had experienced with Jia s.h.i.+dao, and Han Sen could immediately tell that this opponent was far stronger. He had taken over a shelter, after all.

Han Sen figured he could use his Gold Dragon Lock to trap and halt Jia s.h.i.+dao’s approach. He seemed to come for Han Sen blindly, so there should have been no trouble there.

But he wouldn’t change his course or do anything else until he knew he absolutely had to. The unicorn was fast approaching, and it was almost on Han Sen’s heels. The infuriated rider atop it clutched a spear in his hands, primed to skewer Han Sen.

It didn’t take long for Nan Litian to let it fly, and as it brushed Han Sen’s clothing, he dove out of the way like a bat.

Its speed was nothing short of frightening, though, and even with his Jadeskin activated, the spear managed to graze him in his evasion. And even that was enough to draw blood.

Han Sen realized the gulf in fitness between the two was far too great. This called for diplomacy.

“Why are you attacking me? What did I do?!” Han Sen cried aloud.

Han Sen wished to receive a response and at least delay a potential follow-up attack that might have been primed to finish him off.

“You know why! Why else do you run?” Nan Litian said, as he reached for another spear and swung it around like a loon.

Han Sen summoned his Gold Dragon Lock, and then said, “I wasn’t running away from you; I’m just going for my daily sprint. I’m intense.”

The rope weaved itself around the spear, then continued forward to ensnare the rider. Nan Litian was quick to react, though. He let go of his spear and dodged before he found himself tied up.

The Gold Dragon Lock had been unable to trap him, but it had managed to pin down his spear and horse.

The unicorn fell on its shadow and rolled across the ground for a dozen meters.

Nan Litian was visibly surprised by what Han Sen had managed to do, but that only fanned the flames of his hatred for Han Sen. The glint of murder that was previously residing in his eyes had now turned to one of full-on genocide.

He summoned the spear back, and it reappeared in his hands. In an instant, he brought it directly before Han Sen, almost not providing him a moment to react.

With his phoenix techniques, Han Sen was just able to muster the necessary speed to dodge the first few strikes. But the attack was relentless, and the swipes kept on coming. It was a horrifying scene, and Han Sen had rarely felt himself thrust into so much danger.

There was no compet.i.tion here. Han Sen’s latest nemesis was by far his superior, and try as he might to dodge, Han Sen couldn’t help but gather a collection of lesions and wounds from the hounding madman on his heels.

And no matter what Han Sen pleaded, nothing would slow Nan Litian down. He had no clue why the man was las.h.i.+ng out at him like this, but things were taking a very disturbing turn.

Disheartened by what was going on, Han Sen felt his hope begin to sap. He silently cursed Cheap Sheep, too. Ever since he had met the wretched cotton ball, he believed, he had suffered nothing but bad luck.

Seeing the attacker not relent, Han Sen only had one choice left. So, he brought out both of his horns and tried to block the man’s attack.


The horns immediately broke, and then Han Sen was sent flying a few hundred meters.

But this was what he had hoped for. The speed at which he barreled away was what he wanted, and with this speed, he could leap an even greater distance away.

Nan Litian did not expect Han Sen to do this, and he was mildly impressed. He wasn’t going to let that stop him, though. He looked at his still-trapped unicorn, and then turned back to look at Han Sen. Spear in hand, he continued his pursuit.

And the speed at which Nan Litian came was frightening. He was too fast, and nothing Han Sen did allowed him to outrun the spear-wielding maniac.

Dodging the next attack successfully, Han Sen quickly switched on his Dongxuan Aura. He hoped he could find a way in which he might leave the danger of that place for good.

“Wait a minute; I’m on the path that leads to Hidden Valley,” Han Sen suddenly realized.