Super Gene - Chapter 1369 - You’re Different

Chapter 1369 - You’re Different

Chapter 1369: You’re Different


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

When Han Sen saw the person sitting there, he was in shock. It was the woman from the Demi-G.o.d a.s.sociation: the mystic woman. It was the woman who did not say a word.

“Why are you here?” After Han Sen said this, a thought sprang into his mind. He wondered if she might have simply been a mute, and if so, asking her a question was a little inconsiderate.

“I was looking for you.” The woman spoke with a tone that was almost like that of a little girl. It was a sweet and soothing voice, a little high in pitch but incredibly friendly.

“You can talk?” Han Sen asked with surprise.

“It’s not difficult,” the woman responded.

“I never heard you speak before, and I thought maybe you were a mute or something… It was a misunderstanding on my part, I apologize!” Han Sen said, feeling a little awkward.

The woman now looked at Han Sen directly, and she said, “You are different than him. You’re different than Han Jinzhi.”

Han Sen was shocked. The formalities were over, clearly, and she was diving straight into the deep end. As for the differences she was referring to, he wasn’t quite so sure what she was getting at.

Perhaps she was merely referring to his appearance, but that wasn’t exactly significant, since he was three generations down.

Han Sen did not know which Han Jinzhi she was referring to, though. Was it his great-grandfather, or Teacher Han of the Blueblood Special Forces?

“Are you talking about Teacher Han of the Blueblood Special Forces?” Han Sen asked.

The woman replied, “You are different.”

“Of course we are different,” Han Sen said, acknowledging she must have known a great deal about Han Jinzhi. To him, this was practically a confirmation she was the woman in the seventh team; the one who did not make a wish.

The woman’s att.i.tude suddenly turned to one of disdain, and she said to him, “I cannot believe you describe your great-grandfather as if he was a stranger. You members of the Han family have always been so obscene.”

Han Sen frowned and said, “What do you mean? My great-grandfather is Han Jinzhi, but he has nothing to do with the Blueblood Special Forces.”

The woman, again with a frown of disdain, said, “Pah! You can try to trick others, but you can’t fool me. You are his heir, and there is something coming that you’ll never escape. Think about what might happen if they found out about your relations.h.i.+p to Han Jinzhi.”

“Who? What? What are you talking about? Is this a warning? Is there someone out there looking to kill me?” Han Sen asked, bewildered by this strange conversation.

“You know what I mean. You know just as much as I do, if not more.” The woman briefly paused, and then went on to say, “If you’re going to talk to me with this att.i.tude, I think we should call it quits and stop. I didn’t come here to talk to you, behaving like this.”

Han Sen said, “Lady, you’re confusing me. I’m being honest when I tell you that I am not related to Teacher Han. My grandfather was a member of staff there, but you seem to be getting offended for no reason at all.”

The woman looked at Han Sen with a different expression now.

“You… really don’t know?” the woman said.

“If there’s something you think I should know, then don’t hold back,” Han Sen said to her.

With a strange expression, the woman then said, “It doesn’t matter. You are already a demi-G.o.d, and they are sure to find out sooner rather than later.”

After a long and unsettling pause unfolded between them, she spoke again. “Fortunately, you are different. Different enough that you might even live.”

She had said something along the lines of that a few times now, and Han Sen still had no clue what she was getting at. Her mystic arrival in his room was no longer the pleasant and revelatory encounter he was expecting.

What concerned Han Sen the most was who she was referring to, and so he asked, “Who are they? Do you mean Blood Legion?”

The woman looked as if she had been worn out by an ignorance Han Sen was unaware he was conveying. She said, “Improve yourself. Just do it. Improve and you might live when you meet them.”

After that, the woman turned to leave.

Han Sen quickly asked her, “Can you at least tell me who they are? Who are you talking about?”

The woman left the room without responding. When Han Sen decided to chase her out into the corridor, she had disappeared.

“What in the Alliance was she talking about? What did she mean? Does she think I am Teacher Han’s heir? Or was this some sick game she likes playing, trying to confuse others?” Han Sen’s mind was a wallow of questions.

People said Han Jinzhi could not have possibly had an heir, and many people believed Han Sen wasn’t his heir. It had caused friction with quite a few individuals.

This time it was different, though. This woman was so sure he was an heir, it had caused her to storm off.

If Han Jinzhi was a member of Blood Legion, Han Sen’s family should have still possessed some blue blood.

“These people are too arrogant. Can’t they speak with some modic.u.m of clarity for once?” Han Sen thought he might have gotten used to the mystique and ambivalence of these older people by now, but that clearly wasn’t the case.

If that generation hadn’t been dropping like flies, he would have learned everything he wanted to by now, for sure.

There was only one takeaway from his brief talk with the woman, and he understood and agreed with it. And that was the need for him to improve.

When he arrived home, he visited the Demi-G.o.d a.s.sociation’s virtual community. There he found an abundance of information regarding various geno cores and vast swathes of maps to peruse.

The content available for him, in terms of learning material, far exceeded the expectations set by Old Man Ji. Unfortunately, none of the maps available showcased Han Sen’s region of the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

That was normal, though. The Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary was gargantuan, and there were only one hundred humans currently living there. Han Sen had been the king of the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary, but even he had not come close to exploring that entire place.

Back in the sanctuary, Han Sen learned Dragon Lady and Cheap Sheep had gone off hunting. The red pony he had recently healed had remained behind. Han Sen brought the pony and Bao’er to the gate, seeking to go out so they could hunt, as well.

“Nan Litian is back!” As Han Sen approached the gate, someone called out, and people began to gossip amongst themselves.