Super Gene - Chapter 125: Who Is Your Boyfriend?

Chapter 125: Who Is Your Boyfriend?

Chapter 125: Who Is Your Boyfriend?

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Later they noticed the game itself, and then found that My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran had the upper hand. He also seemed to be very fast and had an overwhelming advantage.

A simple look would not reveal much, but with Liu as the reference, they could tell how fast he was.

"S*#t! His opponent was Liu Ke. Ji Yanran’s boyfriend is so strong that he is killing Liu who was number 11 last year." The man felt that Han Sen’s ID was too hard to read, and changed it to something easier.

"Yeah, he is so much better than Liu. Who is Ji Yanran’s boyfriend? This must be an alt account of a master?"

"Of course. It must be one of the masters, or else no one could do this to Liu."

While they were talking, Liu Ke had lost, and the score was fixed at 100:80.

Seeing this score, others did not think much but w.a.n.g was dumbfounded as this score was exactly what he got, no more and no less.

Liu lost and was shocked for a moment, not expecting to see such score. He immediately sent another invite and seemed quite unconvinced.

Han Sen agreed.

Another game started, and everyone was discussing who this mysterious guy was. When the game ended, all of them widened their eyes to see the exact same score.

The score was still 100 to 80, no more, no less.

Liu Ke could not believe it himself. He asked w.a.n.g Long, "Long, when you said you lost by 20 in all three rounds, was it like this?"

w.a.n.g Long nodded yes bitterly. He did not expect this to happen with Liu again.

"I have to try." Li Ze looked serious, and sent an invite to My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran.

"Liu, who is the guy? He must be a master player using an alt account?"

"I do not know." Liu Ke had a wry smile on his face and shook his head. He really could not think of anyone who would do this to him. He knew less than five could, but none of them would.

"How do you not know?" His friends refused to believe him.

But soon, their eyes fell on Li Ze’s game.

Li Ze, the seventh best player last year, a celebrity at Hand of G.o.d was falling behind in this game by a lot. It looked the same as when Liu was playing. If they had not seen Li’s ID and hand, they would think it was still Liu’s game.

Complete wipeout. Li Ze had even no way to fight back.

"Ji Yanran’s boyfriend is so impressive!"

"Is this real? Li could lose like this? Is there anyone on campus who could do this?"

"Ouyang Xiaosan and Li Yufeng should be able to do this?"

"Ji Yanran’s boyfriend is Ouyang Xiaosan or Li Yufeng?"

As the crowd was gossiping, their chin almost fell to the ground when seeing the score. w.a.n.g Long was the only one to feel relieved.

"One hundred to eighty, again. But if even Li Ze has the same score, then my loss did not matter at all," w.a.n.g Long thought.

Li saw the score and his face twitched. Once again he sent an invite calmly. He knew he was no match to his opponent, but wanted to make sure whether this score was not a coincidence.

His opponent accepted the invite and the game started again.

At this time silence fell in the game room and no one was typing. Watching the game in silence, all wanted to know if the 20 points was deliberate.

If someone deliberately controlled the difference to be 20, it was maddening just to think about it. They could not imagine what kind of people could do this to Li Ze.

When the score was again at 100:80, all thought themselves must be insane. Li Ze was beaten, or insulted completely.

His opponent was not even making every effort, but was simply playing with Li. They could not imagine the gap in strength.

Now everyone suspected that it was either Obyang Xiaosan or Li Yufeng behind that ID. In the entire school, they were the only two that might have such capability.


Li sent a message to My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran, "Who are you?"

After a while, Han Sen replied without answering Li Ze’s question, "Anyone wants to game?"

Everyone was silent. Seeing even Li Ze lost like that, who would dare to go? Whoever going would lose miserably.

Liu Ke could not help but ask, "Who are you?"

"Ji Yanran's boyfriend," replied Han Sen and logged off.

After Han Sen quit the game, s.h.i.+ went offline as well and laughed, "Ha-ha, Sen you are great. You were smoking out there. It was so cool. Do not worry, I will not tell anyone your ID, or you will be murdered by Ji Yanran."

"They are too weak. I was just warming up," said Han Sen casually. Such difficulty was not comparable to evolved-4 and he was currently trying to pa.s.s evolved-5. This was indeed like a warm-up for him.

s.h.i.+ despised Han Sen, "Sen, you are just like me."

"What do you mean?" Han Sen looked puzzled.

"Fake it until we make it," s.h.i.+ said solemnly, and then could not help but laugh.

Han Sen and s.h.i.+ had no idea whom they had beaten or what kind of storm was triggered in Blackhawk.

Soon everyone on campus knew that Ji Yanran’s boyfriend had beaten Liu Ke and Li Ze by 20 points in every game.

People were all guessing who Ji Yan's boyfriend was and if he was actually her boyfriend.

None had a.s.sumed that in the beginning, but now that people knew what a master player he was and thought someone like that should cherish his reputation and would never make such a joke.

When going out the gym, Ji Yanran felt the world was crazy when people started to ask her who her boyfriend was.