Super Gene - Chapter 124: On Fire

Chapter 124: On Fire

Chapter 124: On Fire

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w.a.n.g Long felt that this time he was even faster than usual and felt complacent about his performance. When he felt that he must have won, the game suddenly ended and he was stupefied.

A neat figure, 100:80. Eighty was the score of w.a.n.g Long, which meant his opponent got all one hundred spots when he just hit eighty. A huge gap.

"Who are you?" w.a.n.g Long was shocked for a long while, and then texted his opponent. He thought it must be some famous player’s alternate account. There were few on campus that could beat him by 20 points anyway.

No reply from his opponent, but an invite to continue playing.

w.a.n.g Long’s face turned red, but he could not decline. w.a.n.g bit the bullet and agreed.

Once again, w.a.n.g had no chance of winning. Han Sen did not even try to steal w.a.n.g’s spots and was only focusing on his own side. The result was again 100:80.

w.a.n.g Long did not know if it was a coincidence or design. If it was deliberate, he could not believe how strong his opponent actually was.

Another invite, and w.a.n.g Long agreed again.

The result was the same, 100:80. Another difference of 20 points, w.a.n.g Long felt a chill and did not know what to say.

"Boy, not so insolent now? You call yourself top 20?" s.h.i.+ ridiculed and Birdy left the game room quietly in the middle of their third game.

"Do you dare to wait ten minutes? I will find someone to knock you over." w.a.n.g Long sent a message.

"OK, whoever comes will lose anyway. If you call two, we will beat a pair." s.h.i.+ gave him a confident answer and forgot about the displeasure before.

w.a.n.g Long did not reply. He must be calling someone.

s.h.i.+ said excitedly, "Sen, you are so wonderful that you totally beat w.a.n.g Long. You should become a professional player."

"Don’t exaggerate. It was because he was too weak and did not deserve his reputation," Han Sen shrugged and said.

"I like it when you beat such weak," s.h.i.+ said in excitement.

w.a.n.g Long left the game window open and ran to the room next door. Seeing a guy who was talking in that room, he was overjoyed and said, "Brother Li, here you are!"

"What’s the panic about?" Liu Ke cut in impatiently.

"Liu Ke, I lost in Hand of G.o.d, and you must avenge me," w.a.n.g Long quickly said to Liu Ke.

"Go practice and avenge yourself when you get better." Liu Ke laughed.

"Too late. I played with him three rounds and he won by 20 points each round." w.a.n.g Long was not afraid of losing face as Liu Ke was his buddy and also a better player than himself. Last year Liu got the eleventh place on campus.

And Brother Li whose name is Li Ze, was a real master who ranked seventh last year. it would be even better if he could help.

"Twenty points in all three rounds. Few in our school could achieve this. Who is that guy?" Li asked.

But he was wrong about one thing. He thought that 20 points was a rough estimate and did not realize it was the exact figure in all three rounds.

"I do not know. He won’t tell," w.a.n.g said.

"Can’t you tell from his ID?" Liu Ke rolled his eyes at w.a.n.g.

"It is a new ID never seen before, called My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran," w.a.n.g Long quickly said.

"S*#t! Such a loser. No wonder he won’t tell who he is. If Ji Yanran knows, he will be a dead man. Let’s go catch him." Liu Ke was interested.

w.a.n.g Long was overjoyed and took Li and Liu to his dorm room. He checked his comlink and saw the two still there.

"It really is this ID. I will first have a go and see which sneaky guy it is." Liu Ke said to Li Ze with a smile.

And then Liu Ke turned on his own comlink, entered the game room, and sent My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran an invite.

Han Sen did not care who it was and clicked agree, because he knew no one anyway. s.h.i.+ didn’t know much about the players on campus either. He only saw w.a.n.g Long when trying to register and would not even recognize Liu Ke and Li Ze in person, let alone their IDs.

Liu Ke began the game. While waiting for the countdown, he told Li Ze, "Brother Li, I have made some progress in recent training. Let me know what you think."

"Looking forward," Li said with a smile.

w.a.n.g Long was just observing nervously. Although Liu Ke was much better than himself and could also win him by 20 points, yet he was not sure about the result, as that guy had beat him in all three rounds by 20.

The game started. One glance at the opponent’s speed, Liu Ke was immediately focused and did not dare to slack even a little bit. He started to clear up the spots on his side and was not distracted at all.

But Li Ze and w.a.n.g Long who were watching widened their eyes as if they had seen a ghost.

Absolute gap in strength. This guy was so much faster than Liu Ke that Liu’s hand looked as slow as a snail.

w.a.n.g Long was beyond shocked. This guy was so fast. Liu Ke ranked number 11 on campus and was not even on the same level as this guy.

And Li also watched the game with a grim face. This guy stunned him.

During the game, many friends of Li and Liu’s saw they were online and came to watch, especially Li Ze’s friends. Many advanced players on campus flooded into this game room.

"F*#k! My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran? Who is this loser?" Some people saw Han Sen’s ID and yelled.

Soon they all noticed this ID, and felt it was too daring a move on Battlenet. They could not think of a single person with such guts.