Super Gene - Chapter 1249 - Pretty Chef’s Request

Chapter 1249 - Pretty Chef’s Request

Chapter 1249: Pretty Chef’s Request


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“What would you like to eat?” The beautiful chef smiled with a warmth that could melt ice.

“We’ll eat whatever you recommend.” Han Sen proceeded to sit down with Bao’er near the kitchen.

It was difficult for Han Sen to believe Xue Feiyan was a chef.

Han Sen couldn’t help but wonder to himself, “Is the food she makes actually edible? I hope it doesn’t arrive cold.”

Han Sen wouldn’t be surprised if she served a heaping bowl of human flesh, quite frankly.

But since he was there, and he had been treated so well by the restaurant, he wasn’t quite willing to run for the door just yet. He was going to stay and witness whatever she decided to prepare.

Xue Feiyan did not talk much. She went straight into preparing food, and as Han Sen watched her operate, he couldn’t help but be impressed by her chopping skills. There was an artistic quality to the way she wielded her knives.

The grill was hot, and as the food sizzled atop it, a delectable aroma wafted out of the kitchen to tantalize the noses of the eager diners. Han Sen and Bao’er actually found themselves rather excited, and they stared at the cooking meat with wide eyes.

Professional chefs really were in a league of their own, and Xue Feiyan’s skills in the kitchen far exceeded Han Sen’s.

After the food was served, Bao’er ate what was on her plate like a ravenous pig. Her chubby face was smeared with grease.

If this was an all-you-could-eat buffet, Han Sen wagered Bao’er would end up emptying the pantry.

“I did not expect you to be able to cook so well. I appreciate your grace, hospitality, and excellent service,” Han Sen praised her, as he prepared to pay.

Xue Feiyan smiled in return and said, “There is no need for you to pay. But might I confess a problem I have? Perhaps you could help me with it.”

“What is it? If it’s a reasonable request, I can certainly be of service,” Han Sen said.

Xue Feiyan placed her hat down on a table and then took off her uniform. Then, she went to sit down near Han Sen.

Xue Feiyan maintained her professional image, for when she removed her uniform, her body was revealed to be fitted with a tight white dress that delicately cradled her every curve.

“If you can’t do this for me, then I deem the deed impossible,” Xue Feiyan said.

“Okay, go on.” Han Sen was delighted she was willing to request his a.s.sistance, and what’s more, it seemed as if she was confiding in him something personal. She seemed to have difficulty mustering the courage to tell him what issue plagued her mind.

Xue Feiyan said, “I have actually been here for several months. Every night, I wait in the hope that I can see you. Two of my family members have found themselves trapped in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary. They are in the Thunder h.e.l.l Faction. If you can rescue them, we will pay you handsomely.”

“Where are they, exactly?” Han Sen asked.

“It is a king-cla.s.s shelter called Blood River Shelter,” Xue Feiyan explained.

Han Sen said, “If news of them being trapped has reached you, I doubt they are in any immediate danger. I’ll check the place out, regardless. Then, after some reconnaissance, I’ll tell you what I can do.”

“Thank you. And believe me, you have our full support. Now and forever!” Xue Feiyan said, in praise.

Before they left the restaurant, Xue Feiyan provided Bao’er with a lot of different desserts for the road.

Han Sen thought about Blood River Shelter for quite a while. He had always wanted to take down a king-cla.s.s shelter, anyway. Han Sen could not take on emperor shelters reliably, but he could most certainly a.s.sault a king-cla.s.s shelter.

After all, he now had the silver fox back. It even had its tenth gene lock open. This could be a great opportunity for him to collect a few more Life Geno Essences.

Xue Feiyan provided Han Sen with the location of where he needed to go, and indeed, he fancied heading out there to see what was what.

When he arrived home from the restaurant, he teleported back to the sanctuary. There, he took Bao’er and went towards the shelter Xue Feiyan had told him about.

With the silver fox and everyone else back protecting Thunder h.e.l.l Shelter, even if Saint Fan decided to show, he could return quickly.

Since Thunder h.e.l.l Shelter wasn’t a mobile shelter, though, it had to remain there and thus, remain guarded.

Without a shelter, the plants would dry, and Han Sen needed waterdrops. The more super beast souls Han Sen collected, the more waterdrops he would need to make them berserk, after all.

Because this place was in the Thunder h.e.l.l Faction, the super creatures and king spirits had all taken flight. After half a day of travel, Han Sen saw a red river running to the east of him. It was wide like a sea.

Han Sen frowned. He had been told Blood River Shelter resided on an island in the middle of that same river.

He didn’t expect the river to be so wide, though, and even from where he was standing, he could sense a wretched presence residing there across the water.

Han Sen didn’t take a straight road to where he was supposed to be going. Instead, he decided to go to where the Xue family members had been spotted. He wondered if he’d be able to confirm their current condition from that same place.

After a while, Han Sen saw three peaks in the distance. Strangely, they looked like steamed buns.

He found a green field to rest in for a while. The two Xue family members were supposed to be on patrol, and they would pa.s.s through there.