Super Gene - Chapter 1248 - Rich

Chapter 1248 - Rich

Chapter 1248: Rich


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen tried it, too. If he stood inside the halo, he would receive buffs. The blue lightning enveloped him, increasing his power and speed. Whenever he struck an enemy, they’d become paralyzed.

“That’s pretty good!” Han Sen was delighted with the results. Although it wasn’t a berserk beast soul, and it hadn’t opened its tenth gene lock, Disloyal Knight was far stronger than it used to be. If it consumed more lifedrops and became a berserk beast soul, it’d become as strong as Xie Qing King, Han Sen wagered.

Han Sen summoned Golden Growler and put the lobster on its back. Then, they all returned to the shelter to have themselves a barbecue.

Han Sen washed the lobster out and put the meat on the grill, as Bao’er drooled uncontrollably. When they both sunk their teeth into the tantalizing-looking lobster meat, their faces turned sour as if they had taken a swig of curdled milk. It tasted awful.

But despite the fact that they couldn’t enjoy it, all the others considered it a treat. Each and every other super creature had a bite, and they were loving it.

Ghost Eye and s...o...b..ll made sure to sit down in front of Han Sen and Bao’er, stuffing their face with the lobster meat. They made squelching noises and let their lips hang to show how much they were enjoying the food, while those two could not.

Han Sen then decided to pick up Bao’er and return to the Alliance.

“Let’s go eat some real food. We’ll let them enjoy their dog food,” Han Sen sternly said.

“We need to eat something much better!” Bao’er affirmed.

“Of course! And for tonight, we’re going to dine on the best food money can buy. Order whatever you want, Bao’er, I’m made of money!” Han Sen kindly, albeit boastfully, proclaimed.

“MONEY!” Bao’er shouted in response, raising her fists in the air.

Han Sen drove an aircraft to Roca Planet and went to the most expensive restaurant there. It was called Doria.

“Sir, what would you like to eat, this fine evening?” the waitress asked, while presenting a menu. Even Bao’er was given one.

In this era, where proper labor practically did not exist, having real human staff just went to show how high-cla.s.s the restaurant was.

“Give me your finest, madam. The best this place can provide, I’ll take it!” Han Sen proudly said.

Bao’er, with a more serious tone of voice this time, just shouted, “MONEY!”

The waitress wasn’t sure what to respond, as she had never encountered such a peculiar duo before.

But then, someone from behind mocked them out loud by saying, “Has someone just won the lottery, and wants to flaunt his new-found, but bound to be short-lived wealth? Everyone here became rich before you did. Pah! The gall.”

Han Sen saw a middle-aged man sitting with a pretty woman. He was well-dressed, but his face left much to be desired. He looked at Han Sen with incredible disdain.

Han Sen frowned. He didn’t think they were speaking too loud, and the man obviously had a chip on his shoulder, to pick on total strangers. But Han Sen was the president’s son-in-law, and he didn’t want to make this a point and embarra.s.s the president by beating him up.

So, Han Sen just picked up the menu and ordered a few portions of the most expensive food that was available.

The man heard what Han Sen ordered and said, “Stop pretending you are rich, dear boy! If you were that n.o.ble, go upstairs and eat amongst the n.o.bles, dining on n.o.ble food.”

Han Sen frowned, hearing that voice again. He came here to spend a night relaxing in the comfort of fine dining. He hadn’t expected that someone so wretchedly annoying would choose to pester him all evening.

Bao’er didn’t want to hold back her hatred of the man, though. The fire of murder blazed in her eyes, and she was now clutching her gourd. It was evident she did not like people bullying or complaining to Han Sen, and so she wanted to absorb the man.

Han Sen noticed what she was going to do. With a racing heart, he had made sure to stop her. If something like that occurred, the Alliance would be thrown into shock and turmoil; particularly so, given Bao’er’s origin.

When the waitress was about to confirm the order, an old man approached Han Sen.

“Manager?” The waitress thought she had done something wrong, and that was why he had stepped forward.

The wages for Doria employees were incredibly high, and she was given complimentary flesh in the First G.o.d’s Sanctuary. The last thing she wanted was the loss of her job.

The old man smiled at the waitress and signaled for her to step back for a bit. Then, the manager turned to Han Sen and bowed. He said, “Dear Mister Han, we have prepared the top-floor garden exclusively for you. Chef s.h.i.+rley will prepare the food for you, and only you. You will be given her undivided attention.”

A profound silence fell over the restaurant as everyone turned to look at them in shock.

No one could buy their way into the garden, but it provided unparalleled views of the city. Not even Sacred-Blood Aristocrats could get a seat there. And the last person who was able to get Chef s.h.i.+rley to prepare their food was Jiang b.i.+.c.hen.

Everyone looked at Han Sen in awe. They were in disbelief, seeing Doria provide such a worthy offering.

When a few people recognized Han Sen for he was, one of them proclaimed, “It’s Han Sen! That’s our first Super Aristocrat.”

Han Sen picked up Bao’er and followed after the manager. He did not want to revel in the limelight and remain the focus of everyone’s attention.

The man who had mocked Han Sen was glum, and a dire look had fallen upon his face. He rushed out of the restaurant without even finis.h.i.+ng his meal.

Han Sen took Bao’er to the top floor, and there, he saw a beautiful woman in the kitchen.

“It’s you!” Han Sen was shocked when he saw the woman.