Super Gene - Chapter 1240 - Three-Life Tree

Chapter 1240 - Three-Life Tree

Chapter 1240: Three-Life Tree


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Saint Fan’s holy light continued to expand, and the light that had previously suppressed him was dwarfed and had to pull away.

“Thunder of life! Very good! If you become a part of me, I will obtain your powers, too.” Saint Fan was talking like a madman.

Saint Fan was able to heal himself, but not anyone else. That was why he valued the rhino so much. They were both of a holy element, but if Saint Fan combined with the rhino, he could not use it to heal others.

The silver fox’s ability of healing was of a different element, and if Saint Fan consumed Little Silver, he could overcome this hurdle.

Saint Fan had a wide array of wretched powers bubbling within him, and he used it all to fight back the silver lightning. But with his strength starting to prove itself supreme, Little Silver began to struggle, and Saint Fan was inching closer and closer to the furry fighter.

The silver fox did all he could to strengthen his thunder, but nothing he did could prohibit the lurching approach of Saint Fan.

“We have to do something! We can’t just let him bully that fox!” Xie Qing King exclaimed.

Unfortunately, there was nothing they could realistically do. Nothing they could do worked on Saint Fan, and the last thing they wanted was to become glued to him.

Han Sen saw something weird about Saint Fan, but he wasn’t sure what it was.

Seeing Saint Fan get closer to the silver fox, though, Han Sen still did not activate his super king spirit mode to help.

Boom! Boom!

Saint Fan’s hideous body, if it could even be called that, was sickening to see. It resembled little more than a hulking bioma.s.s, whose footsteps rocked the earth with each step.

Half an hour later, Saint Fan had managed to come directly before the silver fox. With one of the snakes that protruded from his body, he tried to s.n.a.t.c.h the silver fox.

“Little Silver, come back!” Han Sen shouted.

The silver fox heard Han Sen’s command, and then suddenly its size shrank. It leaped onto Han Sen’s shoulder, taking back its rightful spot where his master had severely missed him.

Saint Fan turned around to look at Han Sen and his companions. Many of the mouths across his body opened to say, “Good; you’ve all lined up to offer yourselves up for my consumption. You must earnestly wish me to become a demi-G.o.d, but be good and queue up single-file, would you?”

After that, Saint Fan began his approach towards them all. It was a terrifying thing to behold.

s...o...b..ll turned into a ball and ran off, but he wasn’t the only one. They all fell back together, acknowledging their foe was now far too strong.

“Saint Fan Emperor, before you try and consume us all, can I ask you two questions?” Han Sen did not wait for a response, and he immediately asked, “How did you return to the Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary for the rhino?”

All the mouths on Saint Fan opened to answer, “That is the ability of an emperor shelter. They all have different abilities, and mine provided this one. When triggered, you can open a gate that leads you to the Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary. I did not break through s.p.a.ce, and it was the rhino who opened the gate. That gate led to an emperor shelter, which just so happened to be mine.”

Han Sen was disappointed with this answer. He thought he could move his mother and Yanran to the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary with safety.

“Second question; why do you attack us? I fail to believe all this is purely in the desire for revenge,” Han Sen said.

“I do not need to explain anything to you,” Saint Fan said, preparing to absorb him.

“It is because of that tree, isn’t it?” Han Sen said.

Saint Fan asked, “You saw it?”

“Yes, I did. I saw three fruits upon its branches. One of the fruits contained a Twin Knight,” Han Sen explained.

Saint Fan looked surprised, and he asked, “Has it matured yet?”

Now Han Sen understood Saint Fan’s rush to do battle was not for revenge, but for the tree that resided in Thunder h.e.l.l Shelter. Han Sen also knew now that it was a Three-Life Tree. He did not know what the other fruits were, though.

“Do you know what the other two fruits are that grow on the Three-Life Tree?” Han Sen asked, but he was ignored. Saint Fan simply moved forward and tried to attack.

The silver fox used lightning to break the power it had expelled towards Han Sen.

But Saint Fan had grown incredibly strong, and although the attack had been stayed, the malformed spirit himself could not be stopped. His approach continued.

For some reason, his powers felt unlimited. But also, weaker.

Han Sen flapped his wings and dodged another attack. He stood in front of the hideous body and said, “Look at yourself, before trying to kill us!”

“Ugh, what game are you trying to play now?” Saint Fan said. He knew the extent of his powers and knew how wretched he actually appeared, but he just continued trying to attack.

“Look at yourself! Look at your body! Are you afraid I will a.s.sault you?” Han Sen asked, evading the strike.

Saint Fan was not afraid of any possible a.s.sault Han Sen could muster, and he had more than one pair of eyes now. He took control of the snake and led it out to get a better view of himself, but what he saw shocked him. He said, “Impossible!”