Super Gene - Chapter 1239 - Little Silver Has Come to Save His Master

Chapter 1239 - Little Silver Has Come to Save His Master

Chapter 1239: Little Silver Has Come to Save His Master


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

The howling sounded from afar, but its carrier was quickly closing the distance.

When the howling came to an abrupt end, a creature emerged from the brush of the nearby forest.

“Little Silver!” Han Sen was delighted to see his past companion leap into the fray.

Its elegant fur was just like Han Sen remembered, and it brought him immense joy just to see the scruffy animal come with lightning flickering across its body.

Truth be told, though, the t.i.tle “Little Silver” was no longer suitable. In his time away from Han Sen, the silver fox had grown to become a giant, almost wolf-like fox. It had ten electrified fox tails that crackled and sparked with an intensity that looked as if it could tear the dimension apart.

Saint Fan was visibly disturbed when he saw it.

But Han Sen was exuberantly happy, and rightly so. His companion hadn’t just returned, he had come back with a grand amount of power. The significance of its tails told them it had either opened nine gene locks, or quite possibly, ten.

The silver fox swung its tail after appearing, as a bolt of lightning was fired towards Saint Fan.

Saint Fan did not want the lightning to touch him, so he swung Han Sen and Xie Qing King together as a meats.h.i.+eld.


The silver lightning hit Han Sen and Xie Qing King, and the looks on their faces were the distorted and wild expectation of a sudden death that was about to strike them.

They were unable to avoid the lightning, but when they got hit, they noticed it wasn’t a bolt meant to harm them. It healed them. Their relief was immense, and the healing power they received equaled the power of the Holy Rhino at the very least.

When the lightning came into contact with Saint Fan’s body, though, the emperor let out a shrill shriek of pure agony. The lightning seared the skin off his entire body and made him smoke.

At that precise moment, Han Sen and Xie Qing King noticed they had been separated from Saint Fan.

The lightning attack had left Saint Fan’s body charred and burned, and the wounds looked irreparable. He tried to heal himself, but try as he might, he was unable to.

Little Silver wasn’t letting up on his master’s aggressor, though. He pumped up the charge and continued frying Saint Fan. In response, the scorched spirit tried to use a white light in defense.

The powers of the two looked to be equal, and it wasn’t immediately clear who would win.

The silver fox did not stop casting, and the holy light of Saint Fan’s s.h.i.+eld had grown in volume and intensity to equal a small silver sun.

There was no explosion, but the existence of the greenery around them flickered violently, as if there was a switch that operated time periods. One moment, the greenery would be in full, verdant bloom. The next, a scorched, charred h.e.l.lscape. It switched between the two rapidly and made for an awe-inducing sight.

Han Sen’s energy felt disturbed as he witnessed this. He wanted nothing more than to leave, feeling dwarfed by the gargantuan forces that battled before him.

“Everyone, focus on felling the remaining spirits and super creatures!” Han Sen called, running into battle against Saint Fan’s army.

Now, Saint Fan had been left to deal with a being that was his equal. He was left to fight with the silver fox, and he couldn’t be distracted. Under the pressure put on him by the electric fox, he wouldn’t have the time to resurrect anything that died.

Han Sen and Xie Qing King laid waste to the remaining forces with ease, all except for the Holy Rhino. But Han Sen thought it odd. Despite what he killed, Han Sen did not receive a single announcement.

This made him frown. Even if the foes he had routed could be resurrected, death—no matter how temporary—should yield him an announcement of some kind. This must have meant Saint Fan did not resurrect them on the field of battle, and that he must have done something before he came to fight.

“Well, that’s a new trick. I wonder what he did, exactly.” Han Sen weighed the mystery in his mind.

But Han Sen also felt a streak of relief. If Saint Fan truly had the power of resurrecting spirits and creatures, it was almost too frightening a thing to comprehend.

Saint Fan was not invincible in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary, despite his immense amount of power. Even he had a limit.

Then, Han Sen suddenly heard the boisterous spirit scream aloud once more. It looked like he had failed to withstand the power of Little Silver’s lightning.

“What did Little Silver do to become so strong? He must have eaten more than the nine-tailed fox’s geno essence I let him have. He must have unearthed some fairly nifty treasure,” Han Sen thought.

But the silver fox and all the super creatures on Ghost Mountain had all disappeared without a trace, so he thought something fairly more substantial had taken place, as well.

Saint Fan shouted, and turning to look, Han Sen saw a lot of strange light beam right into him.

From out of Saint Fan, a snake head, lion body, and spider claws were all beginning to grow.

Han Sen said, “All these creatures were a part of him already? They didn’t resurrect, they were just birthed by him!”

Now, all the super creatures and king spirits of the field became one with Saint Fan. His body became stronger, and it made Little Silver’s glow look fainter.

The silver fox looked like he was having a hard time keeping up the constant discharge of electricity.

Saint Fan was becoming more powerful than they thought could be possible, as he grew to encompa.s.s a mish-mash of all those different creatures. The silver lightning was no longer enough to keep him at bay.

Water can extinguish fire, but if the fire is too strong, not even water can help.