Super Gene - Chapter 1212 - Ghost-Toxic Chi Egg

Chapter 1212 - Ghost-Toxic Chi Egg

Chapter 1212: Ghost-Toxic Chi Egg


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Super Creature Ghost-Toxic Chi killed. No beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly.”

When the Little Angel delivered one last strike to the snake’s head, the announcement rang inside Han Sen’s head. The snake’s body decomposed, leaving a black Life Geno Essence behind. Han Sen took it and placed it in his pocket. Then he walked forward.

The crystal ball had incinerated all the hair across the s...o...b..ll’s body, but it stopped torturing the creature when Little Angel finished off the snake. If it hadn’t, the s...o...b..ll would have surely have been killed.

Seeing Han Sen approach victorious, the s...o...b..ll summoned another white ball for protection and tried to leg it out of there.

The ball moved slowly, though, and Han Sen was quick to step on it.

Han Sen slashed the ball, but it did not break. It looked like the ball was just as strong, despite the fact that the creature that summoned it had been hurt. But given the reduced movement speed, at least that was dependent on the host.

Han Sen picked up the crystal ball that now lay on the ground, motionless. It must have been the treasure Ghost-Toxic Chi had created.

It looked like a fine, pure crystal, but it continued to produce a black smoke. Han Sen put his energy into the orb, and when he did, a strange connection was established. He was now able to control it.

Han Sen commanded it to move over to the white ball. It did, and when it landed on top of the white ball, it produced a neat puncture.

The s...o...b..ll tried to flee again, but Bao’er stopped it this time.

Han Sen picked up a number of dry branches that were scattered about the cave, put them together and started a fire. Then, he boiled a pot of hot water. The s...o...b..ll was tied up next to it. Han Sen was going to wash it and then spitroast it later.

Bao’er watched the s...o...b..ll as Han Sen took the time to investigate the curious snake eggs.

There were so many eggs there, and there was no doubt in Han Sen’s mind that Ghost-Toxic Chi would have been the undisputed king of the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary if even half of those eggs could have resulted in the birth of a super creature. But those eggs, no matter how many were destroyed, did not provide Han Sen an announcement.

Han Sen picked up another one and crushed it, to a dismal silence. He did, however, detect a weak lifeforce within. Han Sen had no clues what they were, so he summoned Dragon King and asked him. Perhaps he could elucidate a few things.

It had been a while since Han Sen consulted him, so the first thing Dragon King said was, “It was a mistake! I will never be so presumptuous ever again.”

“Look at this. What is it?” Han Sen did not care too much for what he had just been told.

Dragon King examined the eggs that were all around. He moved up to them and examined them closely. He looked happy, and he said, “These are super creature eggs!”

“Super creature eggs? But killing them provided me with no announcement,” Han Sen said.

Dragon King explained, “Well, most of them are just dummy eggs.”

“What is a dummy egg?” Han Sen asked.

“Super creatures don’t just spit out babies all in the same way. Many creatures birth them in different ways, and their nesting protocols and habits differ, too. Super creatures can produce a lot of eggs, but not all of them bear life. Usually, just one egg can absorb an essence and become a proper super creature. The rest of the produced eggs are pretty much just food, all for the super creature when it is born. In their abundance, they can also hide the proper super creature egg before it is born. Hence, the term ‘dummy.'” Dragon King paused for a moment, and then went on to say, “One, somewhere in here, is a super creature egg. I can’t believe you have gone to such great lengths, all for little old me. What is this creature, may I ask?”

Han Sen did not respond to that, but he asked, “How do I tell which is the proper super creature egg?”

“Well, that can be difficult. It can look exactly the same as the dummy eggs, but super creatures who don’t appreciate the concept of hiding in plain sight tend to keep them in a special place.” Dragon King then started to fly around in search of it.

But Dragon King, after a lengthy search, was unable to find it. The cave was a mess.

“Did the proper egg find itself scrambled in the midst of the fight earlier?” Dragon King asked.

“If it was, it shouldn’t be difficult to find.” Han Sen smiled.

“How?” Dragon King asked.

Han Sen raised a coin and broke one egg, saying, “We’ll find out when I get the announcement.”

Han Sen then raised his hand, ready to produce more coins and destroy more eggs.

Dragon King started flying around trying to cover the eggs like a concerned mother, pleading, “No! No! No! I’ll find a way. Such needless destruction is so… needless!”

Woof! Woof! Woof! The fluffy s...o...b..ll started to bark.

Han Sen looked at it, and it seemed as if the creature had something to add to their discussion. Bao’er had a whip, and she lashed it. But the furry pleader still requested Han Sen’s attention and woofed again.

Han Sen used his dongxuan aura to read the creature’s mind and heard, “I know where the Ghost-Toxic Chi’s egg is!”

Han Sen frowned. That creature was most certainly something special, and if it wasn’t for the poisonous property the snake possessed, he doubted a berserk super creature would have the strength to penetrate the white b.a.l.l.s it produced on a whim.

If he killed it for the beast soul, Han Sen couldn’t be certain he’d receive what he wanted. If he added the creature to his roster of pets, though, it could be useful.

However, it had proven itself to be evil. Han Sen couldn’t be so quick to trust it.