Super Gene - Chapter 1211 - Killing Big Snake

Chapter 1211 - Killing Big Snake

Chapter 1211: Killing Big Snake


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen and Bao’er saw the s...o...b..ll approach them, but before they could react, the snake was right there along with it.

It had a giant mouth with wretched fangs. Its mere breath was pungent enough to slay unsuspecting victims, Han Sen reckoned. And as it loomed over them, it looked ready to swallow them all in one mouthful.

Han Sen’s reactions were quick, though. So, grabbing Bao’er, he jumped away with a mighty spring from his muscular legs.


Han Sen and Bao’er’s jump landed them in a patch of eggs. Needless to say, many more of them were crushed.

It didn’t seem as if the snake could get any angrier, but it did. As the snake wildly thrashed and lunged, Han Sen used his phoenix techniques to dodge. And whenever the opportunity arose, he threw a slash or two back at it with his Phoenix Sword.

Its scales were hardy, though, and each of Han Sen’s strikes was no greater than a that produced a number of sparks.

Fortunately, it wasn’t as tough as the white ball Han Sen had just been trapped inside, and the sword left behind visible scratches. The attacks made the snake rage even more, though. Now, it was unleas.h.i.+ng a strange beam of light.

Han Sen did not know what the beam of light was, but he wasn’t keen on finding out. Instead of attempting a block, he avoided it. Then, he sped up time.

Han Sen still hadn’t been able to formulate a way in which he could combine s.p.a.ce and time, but he could make use of them individually. Given the circ.u.mstances, speeding up time was the best choice for the situation.

Han Sen dodged the light successfully, but the weirdest thing happened. The light itself looked alive, and it followed Han Sen in his evasion.

And as it came for him, the snake slithered up behind Han Sen to attack his back. As Han Sen peered into that light, he thought he could see something inside it. There was a figure, but it was carried and cloaked by a black smoke that swirled as the light moved.

As the snake came for Han Sen, the s...o...b..ll ran to the cave’s exit and laughed at the two it had left to a grizzly fate. But when the s...o...b..ll turned around to leave, the snake’s tail whipped it back inside the cave.

The s...o...b..ll’s body was not half as strong as the ball. After it was whacked into a wall, its mouth spilled blood.

Han Sen knew the snake would kill them all in that cave if things didn’t get any better. And a strange thought nagged at the back of his mind. If the eggs all belonged to the snake, why would it attack in the first place?

They had destroyed a lot of the eggs, but as the snake madly thrashed and struck at them, it was definitely destroying many more. Even if it was cruel enough to attack its babies, Han Sen had crushed a lot of them and not received any announcements.

Han Sen thought there was more to the situation, and the eggs, than met the eye.

The snake continued to go after him, but the light had changed target and gone towards the s...o...b..ll. The s...o...b..ll turned into a white ball to protect itself again. Inside the white ball, the s...o...b..ll’s speed was much faster, in addition to the grand amount of protection it was granted.

The snake knew it was hiding, though. So, it left Han Sen for a moment so it could bite the ball. The poison broke it, resulting in the s...o...b..ll limply falling out again.

Han Sen was shocked, seeing this. His sixteen coin power was not as strong as the snake’s bite, it seemed. But when he looked closer, Han Sen acknowledged it was not the sharpness of the teeth and power of the bite that ruined the white ball, but the venom.

After the s...o...b..ll’s white ball was bitten and the furry fiend rolled out, it was then hit by the light that was still chasing after it. It approached slow and eerily, but the attack it actually delivered was like a missile.

Something inside the black smoke hit the s...o...b..ll, and when the black smoke dissipated for a moment, he saw that the smoke had hidden a transparent orb. It was roughly the size of a fist, and transparent like the most perfect of untarnished crystals.

It was difficult to imagine such a dirty mouth could produce something so clean. The crystal looked pure, but when it hit the s...o...b..ll, it was like the creature’s fur was instantly melted.

The s...o...b..ll formed another white ball in a bid to block the freakish orb, but it didn’t help. The orb struck the white ball and produced a hole inside it.

“The crystal orb can’t be the snake’s weapon, can it? Is that its gear? Is that the treasure?” Han Sen gasped in shock.

The snake clearly did not want him to watch this, so when the snake’s beady eyes met with Han Sen’s greedy gaze, it lashed its tail towards him.

Han Sen knew the power of the snake was something supreme, so he dodged the tail and summoned Disloyal Knight and his Little Angel. And then, Han Sen summoned a bunch of coins to suppress the snake. It was covered in them, resulting in it having to move at a much slower pace.

The venom was very bad for the white, ball-creating cretin, but it wasn’t as much as a threat for Han Sen. The snake was just another, run-of-the-mill super creature to Han Sen.

The Disloyal Knight used its halo to reduce the snake’s speed even more. The Little Angel flapped her wings after this and delivered a grand slash across the snake’s head as she flew past it. The reptile gushed blood in response.

Han Sen then used his Phoenix Sword to add more damage to the wound the Little Angel had created.

Roar! The snake started to thrash and rage all around, with violent shakes that sent Han Sen flying away. The Phoenix Sword was pulled out, resulting in an even greater cascade of blood.

The snake lost its composure and bashed the cavern wall, shaking the entire mountain.