Super Gene - Chapter 1188 - Angel’s Kiss

Chapter 1188 - Angel’s Kiss

Chapter 1188: Angel’s Kiss


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“How could this *sshole become an emperor? Ten gene locks open? No way! The Sky Tree hasn’t even fully recovered yet,” Dragon King said.


Sky King leaped down, his stomp creating a deep hole in the ground.

“You’re the *sshole right now. Ugh, why did I ever trust you?” Han Sen used his phoenix techniques to dodge Sky King, who was going to try to stomp on him next. He was going to attempt another escape.

But suddenly, many golden palaces began to fall from the sky. And as they clobbered the area all around, in great ruin and catastrophe, Han Sen felt as if he had stumbled into a post-apocalyptic landscape left to the faint whispers of dust and echoes.

“Whoa, he is an emperor! This is his Sky Palace technique. It’s fueled by a s.p.a.ce element. Unless we kill him, we’re trapped!” Dragon King cried aloud.

Han Sen’s phoenix techniques were incredibly quick, and he bobbed and weaved between the tumbling palaces that fell to break the landscape with great speed. But it seemed as if there was no end to them, and no matter how far he went, it felt as they were being drawn to him.

“Is there any way for us to stop it?” Han Sen knew there was no point in being angry with Dragon King now. They were both in a dire situation, and co-operation would yield the best results.

Han Sen looked behind him and saw Sky King fast approaching. Each of his footsteps was painting the ground gold as he went. Sky King spared no time in throwing a punch towards Han Sen.

Han Sen fell back, trying to dodge the strike, but he felt as if his speed was slower than it ought to have been. He discovered it wasn’t that his speed had slowed down, it was the dimension itself that had been stretched for him.

The distances were stretched to become ten times longer, so Han Sen was not evading any slower, he was just having to travel further.

Sky King’s punch might have looked very slow, but he could transcend the warping of the dimension and make it seem incredibly quick.

With this play on s.p.a.ce, Han Sen was unable to dodge the strike. He had no choice but to try and meet Sky King’s fist with his own.

Han Sen’s fingers cracked in the collision, and it felt as if they were on the precipice of breaking. The power of the fist he went up against hurled him backwards.

Ever since obtaining super king spirit mode, things had never been so dire for Han Sen. Rarely was he placed in a situation so dangerous that he could not escape.


Han Sen went flying back, cras.h.i.+ng into the st.u.r.dy walls of a golden palace. The building began to collapse, and Han Sen shook his head, slinging blood over the remaining walls.

Before he could get up, though, Sky King was already upon him. He was primed, ready to deliver another cruel punch.

“What are you doing?! Run!” Dragon King exclaimed.

But Han Sen’s perception of reality had been warped, as the dimension he inhabited was altered. He was unable to dodge.

But suddenly, a holy beacon of light burst forth from Han Sen’s forehead. A figure appeared, wielding a transparent greatsword. It was a woman, with blonde wavy hair and white wings. Immediately, she went to strike Sky King.


Sky King’s fist had met its match. The power was negated, but the strength still managed to knock Little Angel away. She crashed into Han Sen, sending them both flying backwards even further.

“Run!” Dragon King called out.

“Shut up!” Han Sen silenced the Dragon-Blood Ring, feeling like an idiot for having trusted Dragon King so much.

Little Angel had the strength of a super king spirit, but she was not as strong as an emperor.

Seeing Sky King approach, Han Sen kicked up a coinfall to stop him. Owing to its suppressive abilities, they were both able to escape and recompose themselves. But the coins, as they landed on Sky King, didn’t actually seem to do much. They merely dropped on him like actual raindrops, doing little to slow him down.

Han Sen had figured this might be the case, but he did not have the time to build up a Saving Money hit. Sky King was able to command the very dimension they inhabited and bend it to his will.

If Han Sen’s super king spirit had opened ten gene locks, he might have been able to fight him, but alas, that was not the case.

Han Sen and Little Angel waged war against their foe, each letting out a flurry of punches and swordstrikes.

As valiant as it sounded, the reality of their battle was not half as grand. Sky King was able to use one hand to block each of their attacks, and he was able to do so with no trouble or strain.

Disloyal Knight, in the meantime, was still engaged with the golden peac.o.c.k. His armor had been severely damaged by this point, and he was bleeding continuously.


Han Sen felt as if he ought to have been able to block the next punch to come his way, but again, the dimension was given a shake. The punch effortlessly landed upon his chest again.

Han Sen was sent flying. Not only did he break a number of palaces, but he also broke a few ribs.

Little Angel could not dodge the punch she was delivered, either. That sent her flying backwards, too. Han Sen went to catch Little Angel, and as he did, he thought about escaping by using his Night Cloak.

After moving forward to catch Little Angel, she paused in his arms. Then, she turned around and kissed Han Sen upon the lips.

“I know you love me, but let’s save this for a more appropriate time.” Han Sen tried to mask his surprise.

But the moment they kissed, Little Angel became a figure that was formed entirely of white light. Then, she entered Han Sen’s body and became one with him.

Han Sen felt rejuvenated, as if he had been gifted a vast amount of power, the likes of which he never thought he’d be able to wield. His head was dressed with a gold halo ring, while his back sprouted wide angel wings. Then, a new weapon sp.a.w.ned in his hand—the transparent greatsword.

Roar! Han Sen roared to the skies, as a new power surged through his being. It combined with his cells to make changes to his body.