Super Gene - Chapter 1187 - Sky King is Born

Chapter 1187 - Sky King is Born

Chapter 1187: Sky King is Born


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen was made up, and he thought to himself, “Hmm, perhaps this is not all bad. Give me a few more, and I’ll have myself a personal army.”

In the sky, the h.e.l.lbird raged with great curtains of fire that smoked the skies and turned them black. Try as it might, it was unable to incinerate the vines that sought to ravage its fiery body.

The green vines had put a strain on it and quelled the ferocity of its flames. The wretched, lecherous vines did not fear anything.

The vines lashed the bird whose flesh they were born from, and they swayed like manic green fire-licks of their own. Eventually, they proved too much, and they tore the bird apart.

The bird had hoped to reach Han Sen and his bottle, and it had been rapidly descending as all this unfolded. Unfortunately, it was too late. The only thing to reach the ground was a rain of fleshy chunks and blood-stained feathers. It was another meal for the Sky Tree.

Han Sen saw a giant flower get torn apart at the entrance to the Sky Tree.

The other super creatures had all been too late for Han Sen to save, and they all ended up as food for the Sky Tree.

“Where is Baby Ghost?” Han Sen asked as he searched amidst the ruin, thinking of all the questions he still wanted to ask.

The walnut forest was a vile h.e.l.lscape now, painted dark with the blood of spirits and creatures.

Han Sen asked Qing Jun, who was in the Cruel Bottle, “Where is Baby Ghost? Why did he not exit alongside you?”

“We got separated. He was supposed to be here,” Qing Jun said.

Han Sen asked the Water Fairy if she had seen him, but she said she had not seen him, either.

Han Sen thought this was boding poorly for Baby Ghost. His failure to escape didn’t make sense, though. Han Sen had informed him about the true nature of the conspiracy surrounding the operations of Immortal Shelter, so he should have been among the first to get out.

Han Sen could no longer find the entrance to the Sky Tree, as the original tree hole was now filled up. There was no other way inside.

But then, a scream sounded in the sky. Looking up, Han Sen saw a gold peac.o.c.k descending from atop the tree. A person was on top of the peac.o.c.k; a figure with gold-colored hair adorned with a crown. The man’s simple aura was one of immense power, and Han Sen felt it was comparable to Xiang Yin.

“Is that Sky King?” The man was incredibly handsome. His beauty and strength transcended that which seemed achievable by humans, and one could have easily mistaken him for a G.o.d of sorts.

“That’s him,” Dragon King said.

The gold peac.o.c.k landed near Han Sen. The man’s eyes gleamed with the color of gold, but they seemed empty and devoid of emotion.

“Leave them, and I’ll grant you a swift and merciful death,” Sky King said.

His eyes were callous pits of false holiness, and they saw through Han Sen as if it was a strain to even acknowledge his existence.

Of course, a greedy person such as Han Sen was not willing to hand over his goodies, even if it meant he’d get away scot free. Now was the perfect time to run, he believed.

But still, not knowing the fate of Baby Ghost pained him. Ultimately, he ended up thinking the spirit might have just remained inside the Sky Tree to die.

Han Sen thought about fighting Sky King, but now that the Sky Tree had been revived and his power might have been restored, it wasn’t worth trying. He couldn’t be sure he had what it took to deal with a foe such as that.

Plus, if Han Sen was truly able to defeat Sky King, he’d just resp.a.w.n back in the Sky Tree. Han Sen would have to destroy the tree itself to ensure he had dealt with Sky King for good.

Han Sen’s Phoenix Sword had only been able to deal a minor scratch on the tree’s bark. And that was before, when it was supposedly dead. He wagered he’d probably be unable to do anything to it now, in its current state.

Earlier, when the bark of the tree fell off, it was replaced with new layers of bark. This bark was like burning, red-hot steel. It looked like a frightening monument, fresh from the forges of h.e.l.l. It was an unsettling sight, for sure.

Sky King wasn’t going to let Han Sen run off with so much of the tree’s food, though. The gold peac.o.c.k inflated itself like a balloon, and it became so bloated it blocked half of the sky.

The gold peac.o.c.k inhaled air in front of Han Sen, whipping up a frenzied suction. It sought to consume Han Sen and the bottle.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and summoned Disloyal Knight. Then he activated super king spirit mode.

He summoned a coin in his hand and then fired a mult.i.tude of them at the peac.o.c.k.

Although they were only coins, super creatures never seemed to have what was necessary to overcome super king spirit mode. Han Sen always prevailed in that form.

The peac.o.c.k, seeing the coins coming towards it, stopped sucking. With its mouth, it chomped a number of the coins to break them and their power.

Disloyal Knight used its halo to dye the peac.o.c.k, and Sky King, a delightfully unholy, tarnished bronze color. Then, as it very much liked to do, it moved toward the creature and let loose a flurry of punches.

The peac.o.c.k’s beak struck one of its fists, knocking Disloyal Knight back with a mark across its gauntlet. But this was good, as Han Sen took advantage of this opportunity to leap onto the peac.o.c.k’s back and dash before Sky King.

Han Sen’s mighty fist, draped in a shroud of purified power, was thrown towards Sky King.

Sky King watched Han Sen approach, and the exact moment the fist was set to collide with his face, he moved.

Han Sen saw Sky King’s arm, which was clad in gold armor, move. Then, he felt a sickly power meet with his chest.

It felt as if he had gotten hit by a train. When Han Sen hit the ground, he formed a fifty-meter-deep hole.


Han Sen coughed blood from his mouth, and he thought to himself, “Dragon King, I thought you said Sky King needs the Sky Tree to achieve the power of an emperor. Why is he this strong already?! He must already be an emperor, one who has opened ten gene locks. He must be as powerful as Xiang Yin.”