Super Gene - Chapter 117: Jadeshell Beast Soul

Chapter 117: Jadeshell Beast Soul

Chapter 117: Jadesh.e.l.l Beast Soul

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After completing all the admission procedures, Han Sen did not go directly to school. He must return to Steel Armor Shelter before school was in session. Otherwise he would never have such a long period of free time. He needed to partic.i.p.ate in various training programs and could not spend half a month or even longer in G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Han Sen got in touch with Lin Beifeng and asked him about the route he took when coming to Steel Armor Shelter from Glory Shelter. Then Han Sen also did some research on the Skynet.

Because Glory Shelter was closest to Steel Armor Shelter, there were quite a few people that had traveled between the two.

With all the information and his own experience, Han Sen soon figured out a way to go back to Steel Armor Shelter.

This route was very dangerous for others, but for Han Sen it was fine. According to his judgment, the hardest part in this route was to travel through Dark Swamp, which he was familiar with and could fly across.

"Sen, you are still in Glory Shelter, right? Can you do me a favor? I will transfer some money to you and can you acquire some beast souls of Jadesh.e.l.l in Glory Shelter?" Lin Beifeng asked.

"What is that?" Han Sen was puzzled.

"It’s a primitive beast soul armor, very common in Glory Shelter. Although there is the word ‘armor’ in Steel Armor Shelter, there were very limited beast soul armors nearby. I estimate that you could buy a Jadesh.e.l.l beast soul with less than a hundred thousand, which could sell at least two hundred thousand." Lin Beifeng said excitedly, "Sen, I will offer the capital and you put in the effort. How about we split the profit fifty fifty?"

"OK, let’s do this. Remember to transfer me the money first. I am so poor now that I don’t even have ten thousand in my account." Han Sen was telling the truth as he had less than ten thousand after paying his own tuition and fees.

"Ha-ha, I'll do that right away. In fact, there are a lot of good things in Glory Shelter. If you have time, I will do some research," Lin Beifeng said eagerly.

"Next time. I am on a tight schedule and have to make it back to Steel Armor Shelter as soon as possible. Otherwise when the military school is in session, I could not afford to be absent," Han Sen said.

"Sen, I made so much effort to look for you, while you are going away to some military school. I have to follow you there," cried Lin Beifeng.

"Why would you put yourself through such hards.h.i.+p? With your family's financial resources and connections, you would not need to go to the front even if you serve." Han Sen paused and said, "Moreover, now enrollment has almost ended."

"Well, forget about it then. I will go send you the money." Lin Beifeng was depressed.

Han Sen soon received the money from Lin Beifeng. It was as much as twenty million. Even if one beast soul cost a hundred thousand, he could buy two hundred beast souls.

Although it was a very common kind of primitive beast soul, it was hard to acquire as many as two hundred. As Han Sen did not want to waste any time, he had to finish acquiring them in one day. So he felt it would be good enough to get just one hundred.

The process was much smoother than he had thought. There were indeed plenty of jadesh.e.l.l beast souls in Glory Shelter. In the beginning, he could buy one at fifty or sixty thousand. Later, the highest price he ever gave was just eighty thousand.

In one day, Han Sen bought 187 jadesh.e.l.l beast souls and it was an incredible number.

If he had more time, he would love to spend more time in Glory Shelter. If he could go back successfully this time, he would come here again for sure.

After preparing for the trip, Han Sen finally embarked on the road between the two shelters.

The journey was surprisingly uneventful. And as he had expected, both shelters were on the verge of Dark Swamp and the paths from each shelter to the swamp were rather safe.

The most dangerous part was inside Dark Swamp, but Han Sen was no stranger to the swamp. He had not really been to the part near Glory Shelter and could only try to fly in the right direction. A few days later, he saw the familiar black stinger forest.

It was much easier after that. When Han Sen returned to Steel Armor Shelter safely in only a little more than sixteen days, he let out a long sigh of relief.

It was just a couple of days until school started and he did not want to be kicked out for being absent. He could come back so fast mainly because of the mutant beast soul mount Fist Guy gave him. The mutant three-eyed beast mount was as strong as a bull and carried him at full speed all the time except for when he was flying over the swamp. It was much faster than him walking.

Otherwise he might not be able to return to Steel Armor Shelter even in a month.

Lin Beifeng widened his eyes when seeing Han Sen. "Sen, well done. You are back safe and sound from Glory Shelter in just half a month."

"Here are the beast souls. You sell them however you like." Out of breath, Han Sen transferred all the beast souls to Lin Beifeng.

Although he only spent half a month on the road, he barely had any shuteye. He was almost practicing Jadeskin to keep himself awake all the time and was about to collapse at this point. A deep sense of fatigue made him unwilling to speak and want to go to bed right away.

Han Sen fell directly on the bed in his room in the shelter and slept for two days straight. When he woke up, he felt like his whole body was falling apart.

He did make some progress with Jadeskin though. When he was practicing it, the coolness that flowed in his body got stronger.

Han Sen sat up, his eyes falling on the shreeky beast he was feeding. Its fur was dark and s.h.i.+ny like black jade. And it was twice the size it used to be.

"The shreeky beast has finally evolved into a sacred-blood creature!" Han Sen was filled with ecstasy. Carrying a dagger to kill it, he felt his mouth watering. He was so hungry after the long sleep and his body was so tired. This shreeky beast would do well to provide him with some nutrition.