Super Gene - Chapter 116: Admission

Chapter 116: Admission

Chapter 116: Admission

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"Sister, so I won, right?" Han Sen walked over with a smile. Having such a pretty girlfriend when he just entered the school was something he would be quite proud of.

"You used a cheating device, so it does not count," Ji Yanran said angrily.

"Cheating device?" Han Sen was a bit shocked.

"Stop pretending. You blocked all my points and it simply looked fake. If it was not for a cheating device, how could you have done it?" Ji Yanran pouted and said. Her look seemed to be saying, "I have already seen through how despicable you are."

"I do not know what a cheating device is." Han Sen spread out his hands.

"Keep pretending if you will." Ji Yanran was certain that Han Sen had cheated.

"If you do not believe me, we can have another match," Han Sen said.

"You have a cheating device, so the result would be the same no matter how many times we play." Ji Yanran curled her lips with disdain.

Han Sen was dumbfounded and said, "My comlink is here. You can check yourself and see whether I have a cheating device installed."

"I do not understand how it works or where you hide it." Ji Yanran had determined that Han Sen had cheated and she did have a point. Han Sen’s performance looked like he was cheating indeed.

His ability to predict and his reflexes were so strong that even Yi Dongmu was not his match, let alone Ji Yanran.

Han Sen felt that he was wronged, but Ji Yanran would not believe him.

"Then how can I convince you that I did not cheat?" Han Sen spread out his hands helplessly.

"Easy. When we arrive at Blackhawk, we could have another match using the professional equipment there and if you could still win, I will believe that you did not cheat and will then honor my promise," Ji Yanran said with confidence. She believed Han Sen must have used a cheating device which would not work on professional equipment. His scheme would be exposed then.

"Alright then," Han Sen smiled and said, "but you gotta tell me what your name is?"

"My name is Ji Yanran, and you can ask anyone to find out where I am." Ji Yanran believed Han Sen had cheated and would not be her match at all, so she told him her real name without hesitation.

"Beautiful name." Han Sen smiled.

"Well, if you want to enter the school and play against me, you must be admitted first, and a n.o.body could never enter Blackhawk," Ji Yanran thought to herself.

Han Sen did not bother her anymore, but went back to his own seat and continued to play the versus version of Hand of G.o.d.

He only played against Ji Yanran because it was fun and did not really think that this would win him a pretty girlfriend, so he did not really care.

Although Ji Yanran was beautiful, Qin Xuan and Yang Manli were not bad either. Therefore he was not really smitten, but only thought she looked sweet and was an interesting girl.

Ji Yanran was no longer in the mood to play. She gave Han Sen a stare before going to the lounge and taking some rest.

As he continued to play the game, Han Sen was feeling less bored. He did not see Ji Yanran again until disembarking. She took her luggage and got on a private luxury aircraft, giving him another stare before leaving.

Han Sen paid no attention to that and checked in at the hotel Qin Xuan had booked for him, waiting for the entrance exam to begin.

Military schools were different from how they had been centuries ago. In this era, one could take the entrance exam of whichever military school one wanted to go to. As long whoever qualified would be admitted.

With Han Sen’s condition, he could pa.s.s the exam on his own. But with Qin Xuan’s recommendation, he could benefit from the special enrollment program and meet lower standards. However, in this case, he needed to do much better in archery.

This was nothing difficult for Han Sen. He controlled his strength to reach just the standard of special enrollment, and did not stand out in archery either, simply finis.h.i.+ng the task.

In spite of this, Han Sen's performance in archery was still among top 10. In this era, very few people practiced archery. Although archers were highly valued in G.o.d’s Sanctuary, in the Alliance any sniper could use a modern weapon to kill an archer, despite the fact that it was much harder to learn archery.

In addition to specially cultivated soldiers, very few people would learn archery on their own and even fewer were good at it.

The reason the special enrollment program existed was that Blackhawk’s Department of Archery was one of the weakest among all military schools in the Alliance, which was a disgrace to a famous school like Blackhawk. That was why they were trying to recruit student archers to revitalize the Department of Archery.

Smoothly admitted to Blackhawk as a specially enrolled student, Han Sen went through some procedures and became a military school student.

After reporting the result to his mother, Han Sen did not hear Luo Sulan speak for a long while. He faintly heard her sobbing.

"My son was admitted to a famous school," Luo Sulan said with blissful tears after a while.

Han Sen heard her voice and his eyes became wet. His mother had been through so much these years.

After informing his mother, Han Sen called Qin Xuan and she said casually, "Congratulations. I have taken care of the procedures for you to join the squad. From now on, you are my guy."

"Stationmaster, what does the squad do?" asked Han Sen curiously.

"Babysit," Qin Xuan said in a strange voice.

"Babysit?" Han Sen was shocked and did not understand what a special squad would have to do with nurse or nanny.

"Our task is to take care of some special kids, such as Yuan and Qing whom you already knew. They are also our clients. By taking care of them in G.o.d’s Sanctuary, we can gain handsome rewards. For example, S-Cla.s.s licenses of Saint Hall that can’t be bought would be paid to you if you finish certain tasks." Qin Xuan explained and then told him, "There are some formalities where your signatures are needed and you need to keep some things in mind. But let’s go into details later in the shelter."

"My family..." Han Sen wanted to ask the most important question.

"The report has been submitted. Within a week, your mother and sister will be under the protection of the military. Unless you kill Son of Heaven’s father or marry his wife, he probably will not be so desperate that he risk doing something stupid. Your family will be safe in the Alliance, about which you can absolutely rest a.s.sured," Qin Xuan solemnly committed.

"What if he really is desperate?" Han Sen asked again.

"He does not dare," Qin Xuan said casually, sounding full of confidence.