Super Gene - Chapter 1146 - Using the Fifth Dongxuan

Chapter 1146 - Using the Fifth Dongxuan

Chapter 1146: Using the Fifth Dongxuan


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

A shadow of blood emerged from the floor as Han Sen barred Yaksha’s way once more.

“Do you really want to die that much? That’s fine by me!” Yaksha was now getting infuriated with Han Sen. He and Disloyal Knight had wasted too much time already, and Yaksha knew now that he had to take them out.

Yaksha’s wings were strong, but he could not remain at that speed the whole time.

He flapped the wings and appeared in front of Han Sen with a whoos.h.i.+ng sound.

Yaksha tried to grab Han Sen but he failed—Han Sen had dodged it.

Yaksha’s face curdled like sour milk and he barked, “That must have been a coincidence! How could you evade my Yaksha speed?!”

Han Sen was delighted at what he had just managed to do. Han Sen was indeed much slower than Yaksha. But he had opened his fifth tier of the Dongxuan Sutra. His ability to read the minds of others was really coming into its own.

Yaksha wanted to eliminate Han Sen with a burning desire. It was a simplistic notion, and it was reflected in the workings of his mind. Han Sen knew exactly what he was thinking in this endeavor.

“I am going to dig his heart out.” Han Sen heard his mind speak these words and reacted before Yaksha even made a move.

Although Han Sen could not entirely dodge the next attack, he managed to get away with only a slight scratch.

“Is that all you’ve got, Yaksha?!” Han Sen yelled and started laughing at his humiliation.

Yaksha was as shocked as he was angry. The fact that Han Sen’s evasion had worked twice made it seem unlikely that he was just getting lucky.

“He can’t catch up with my Yaksha speed.” Yaksha used the same move to attack again.

And like before, Han Sen heard exactly what he proposed to do and when he proposed to do it. With effective judgment, he managed to dodge it.

With the magic of the Dongxuan Sutra and phoenix techniques, plus the Blood-Pulse Sutra and Disloyal Knight’s power, Han Sen did not even have to cast super king spirit right now.

Queen was in shock, watching them fight like so. She said out loud, “Wow, he’s that strong already?! I have my work cut out for me if I hope to keep up!”

After watching for a while, she began to feel depressed.

Han Sen’s skill was on a whole different level than hers, and it made her feel useless. She almost felt as if she didn’t deserve to be at his side.

“How did he do that?” Queen watched Han Sen with a complicated expression.

But Queen was still Queen, and her will to improve and go on did not falter. In fact, after witnessing all this, it only grew. The fire of her heart was stoked with an even bolder flame.

Queen continued to watch and observe Han Sen’s movements. She recalled how she used to teach Han Sen Heavenly Go, but now, it was almost the other way around. She viewed him intently, learning how to perform phoenix techniques as he did.

Queen was a very talented person, and when Han Sen used phoenix techniques, they inspired her greatly.

What Queen considered to be the most valuable of Han Sen’s abilities were his skills of prediction. She had no clue how Han Sen managed to dodge half the attacks he always did, particularly so now, with the frightening foe that was Yaksha.

Because Han Sen was much slower, which was plain to see, she thought it’d be impossible for him to dodge and evade in the manner he was doing. The only way he could stay ahead was if he knew what the attacker was going to perform beforehand. How Han Sen might have done so enthralled her.

And every time, in succession, Han Sen did indeed dodge with success. It was an excellent show.

Queen did not know Han Sen had learned the Dongxuan Sutra, though. She just thought he was a brilliant guesser. Queen was a very talented person, as well. Even Huangfu Xiongcheng told her she was perfect for the learning of Heavenly Go.

But now, as she watched Han Sen, she believed herself to not be half as good. She thought she was lame, in comparison.

“If my talents are as rare as others say, then what does he have that I or others don’t? What magic propels him?” Queen was in shock and awe over his display.

Queen was not one to concede or throw in the towel, though. The better Han Sen was, the better she wanted to be. And that was an admirable trait.

Han Sen did not know this was the way Queen felt. The Dongxuan Sutra was the reason he could fight as he was.

Han Sen was currently fighting like a dragon, and with Disloyal Knight by his side, he was only getting better and better against his nemesis.

He was used to predicting the moves of his enemies, and his talent with this was only getting better. Yaksha was moving extremely fast, and although he delivered the occasional, it was happening less and less often. Han Sen was being dealt less and less damage.

While Han Sen fought, a power came from someplace to the side. He blocked it with his arm.


A grey spear pierced through his arm and cut through his bone.

Han Sen looked to where the spear might have come from, and he noticed it was the rat king that was stood atop the pillar. It was laughing, and then it turned into another spear and flew towards Han Sen.

With the rock rats now joining the fight, seeking to stop Han Sen, things were about to go very bad.

It wasn’t just the rat king looking to join the fray, either. The toad king, cricket king, and other creatures all took aim at Han Sen.

Seeing the creatures all wanting to kill him, Han Sen understood what was going on. All the super creatures there wanted Xiang Yin to fail so they could dine on her flesh. Just like Yaksha, none of them wanted her to succeed.