Super Gene - Chapter 1145 - Battling Yaksha Again

Chapter 1145 - Battling Yaksha Again

Chapter 1145: Battling Yaksha Again


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Little b*stard! How dare you show your face to me.” Yaksha looked incredibly angry, seeing Han Sen approach in an attempt to stop him.

Han Sen summoned Disloyal Knight. The gold raven was still evolving, so he knew he couldn’t personally put up much of a fight without it. The last time he fought Yaksha, he had only just woken up. Now, he could be much stronger.

Disloyal Knight cast his halo and threw a punch towards Yaksha.

Yaksha did not evade, though. He fearlessly went forward to meet with Disloyal Knight and threw a punch of his own. When the two fists collided with each other, they generated a ma.s.sive shockwave.

But even though the halo had worked its magic, Yaksha was still stronger than Disloyal Knight. He was the victor in that first strike, hurling Disloyal Knight backwards.

Yaksha’s face changed, and he said, “A halo super beast soul?”

Han Sen was dismayed, seeing the effects not weakening Yaksha as much as he had hoped. It had worked on him, but not to the point that he could not fight back. This meant Yaksha had to be close to opening his tenth gene lock.

“Yaksha, I knew I should have come looking for you. But today, you have delivered yourself to me, so there’s no foul. Come here, let me kill you.” Han Sen just wanted to infuriate Yaksha, which was a simple enough task.

Yaksha knew this, but he complied anyway and said, “If you want to die that much, I’ll grant you your wish.”

Yaksha leapt forward, but this time, it was towards Xiang Yin. That was his reason for being in this place, after all. Stopping her was his number one priority.

Han Sen commanded Disloyal Knight to charge forth and stop him, but he was very slow compared to Yaksha. Han Sen knew he’d have to chip in, so he drew his Taia and Phoenix Sword. Wearing his mantis armor and dragon wings, he flew forward.

Yaksha had been weakened by the halo, so with the phoenix techniques of flight Han Sen had learned, he was able to catch up. Han Sen would not use his super king spirit body unless it was absolutely necessary.

His fitness was still not up to par with a king spirit. If he wanted to be a match for Yaksha, he’d need another thousand fitness levels. But it was Disloyal Knight’s halo that evened the odds.

Yaksha saw Han Sen fly before him to prevent his pa.s.sage, so he threw a punch and said, “Use your creepy skill. If you don’t, you won’t be able to fight me!”

“You want me to use that to kill a pathetic, little king spirit like you? Pah! You’re only worthy of my bottom-shelf skills.” Han Sen, with his phoenix techniques, dodged the incoming strike and retaliated with his own.

Yaksha believed Han Sen’s movements were strange, so he said, “Against my speed, I’m afraid you’ll be killed before you even know what hits you. It must be sad to know you’ll die without even knowing how.”

Yaksha sped up once more. His weakened body was managing to move even faster now, and when Han Sen next saw him, his lecherous fingers were reaching forth to strike Han Sen’s eyes.

He evaded the fingers by an inch, but not without his helmet being scratched.

Han Sen felt the marks that had been delivered and his face changed. Only Yaksha’s nails had scratched his helmet, but even so, they had almost broken his super armor.

If it wasn’t for his phoenix techniques, the scratches would have gone through and shredded his head like a rotting melon.

Yaksha wasn’t looking to waste time with the distraction that was Han Sen, though. He moved forward with the haste of a near-teleportation level of speed and grabbed Han Sen.

A red mist then began to envelop Han Sen as he opened the ninth gene lock of the Blood-Pulse Sutra. The red mist dyed his armor and weaponry a creepy crimson color.

He cast Heresy Mantra, as well. The refined and purified blood began pumping and coursing through his body.

His kidney produced a large amount of energy to fuel all this and keep Han Sen going in the struggle.

But still, it didn’t prove enough to keep up with Yaksha. His chest was cut up, and the lacerations began to bleed. It was quite terrifying to see himself be delivered such wounds, despite wearing such st.u.r.dy armor.

“It is no wonder he is one of the generals. He must definitely be as strong as Xiang Yin.” Han Sen flapped his wings, slipped Yaksha’s grasp, and flew forward to catch up with him. Then, he cast Dual Blade.

Yaksha’s attack had not severely damaged Han Sen. Killing Han Sen would be a trivial task for him, but he knew he had to stop Xiang Yin’s ascension first.

Disloyal Knight finally caught up and punched Yaksha in the back. This was all Han Sen needed to keep doing, to slow him down. With Disloyal Knight there, keeping him occupied would be far easier.

Yaksha, feeling something else come towards him from behind, turned to look. There, he saw Han Sen racing towards him, prompting him to spread his wings.

And the moment Yaksha spread those wings, his speed became unfathomably quick.


Disloyal Knight’s fist could not catch up, and Han Sen could only see a blurry shadow speed away from him. But then, a Han Sen received a hit to his chest, which sent him flying away.

Han Sen was thrown through a rock, splitting it. On his chest were five b.l.o.o.d.y holes—his heart had almost been ripped out.

“You should be proud of yourself, for that strike not to have killed you. Now, go away!” Yaksha mockingly stated before turning around to resume his flight towards Xiang Yin. He did not want her to take that last step.