Super Gene - Chapter 114: The Prize Is A Date

Chapter 114: The Prize Is A Date

Chapter 114: The Prize Is A Date

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Long interstellar travel was very boring. Many people would choose to go to the gym or go on the Skynet to kill time.

Although Han Sen’s destination Planet Hawk was not too far away, it would still take a few days.

Han Sen felt rather bored sitting alone and was trying to decide if he should go to the gym. Suddenly he saw a girl sitting opposite him using her comlink to play a game that looked like Hand of G.o.d online.

Han Sen thought it was similar to Hand of G.o.d because the game he played in the teleport station was via a holographic device that monitored one’s entire body, while the one the girl was playing was a comlink game that could be played with one hand.

The girl’s fingers were long and pretty, hitting the spots near her hand at a dazzling speed.

What Han Sen did not understand was what seemed to be the difference between this game and the one he had played.

In addition to those light spots, there were also the holographic image of a palm, which was. .h.i.tting the spots nearby as if it was trying to beat the girl to them.

Han Sen watched for a while and roughly understood that it was an online mini version of the game Hand of G.o.d. The one he used to play was the single-player version.

After finis.h.i.+ng her round, the girl saw Han Sen staring at her and gave him a cold glance.

Han Sen then noticed that the girl was actually stunning. She was his age or maybe older. Wearing a suit that looked like a uniform, she had a sweet face like a porcelain doll with small red lips and black hair.

The girl saw Han Sen still staring at her and deliberately turned away, continuing to play her game.

Han Sen stood up, walked next to the girl, and said with a smile, "Are you from Blackhawk?"

The girl turned back and looked at Han Sen, slightly surprised. "You also go to Blackhawk?"

"Not yet, I'm going to apply," Han Sen said.

The girl heard his reply and seemed to have lost interest in him. There were numerous applicants to Blackhawk each year and the admission rate was less than one in a thousand.

She thought it was just Han Sen’s pickup line. She had seen too many people like him and was no longer surprised.

"Sister, what is that game you are playing? It looks like a bit like Hand of G.o.d," Han Sen sat down next to the girl and continued the conversation.

The girl had no choice but to turn back and look at Han Sen. Suddenly her lips turned upward into a sly smile. "Don’t ask and play against me. If you win, I could even go on a date with you."

The girl took for granted that everyone knew the Skynet version of Hand of G.o.d, especially an applicant to a military academy. Han Sen must be using this to get her attention.

"So, if I win, you are willing to be my girlfriend?" Han Sen looked at the girl in surprise, no believing what she said was true.

This girl had a sweet face and a nicer body. Her long legs and plump bosom were accentuated by her small waist. She was a beautiful girl indeed.

She was still a bit young at this time, but in a few years, once she became a woman, she would be as attractive as, if not more alluring than Qin Xuan.

A girl like her would become his date as long as he beat her in Hand of G.o.d. It was a great deal for him either way.

"Of course, Ji Yanran always keeps her words. If you are admitted to Blackhawk, you could ask around and everyone would tell you so." Ji Yanran grinned.

She was a junior at Blackhawk and the president of Hand of G.o.d Society. She was definitely among the top 10 at this game in Blackhawk. Not even too many professional players had the confidence to beat her, let alone Han Sen who had not even made it to the military school yet.

"Great. Let’s begin now." Han Sen felt he could not miss such a great deal—to get himself a pretty date before even going to school. He would not have too many opportunities like this one.

Ji Yanran gave him a sweet smile, "Since it is a showdown and you could potentially have me as your date, what would you offer if you lose?"

"If I lose, I will be your boyfriend. Is that fair?" Han Sen said earnestly.

Ji Yanran gave him a stare and said, "Save it. Your lines don’t work on me. If you lose, you cannot show your face in front of me from now until the moment we arrive at Planet Hawk."

"Deal." Han Sen nodded.

He saw Ji Yanran play and thought she was much slower than himself. He was confident that he could win.

"What is your game ID? I will add you and invite you into my group." Ji Yanran wanted to get rid of him as fast as possible.

"I'm sorry sister, I have never played this version of Hand of G.o.d. Could you show me how to play first?" Han Sen spread out his hands helplessly and said.

He used to play on the device in the teleport station and had never tried using his comlink.

"You really don’t know how to play?" Ji Yanran did not believe him.

"Which name should I search?" Han Sen turned his comlink on.

"Well, I will see how long you could keep this up." Ji Yanran did not trust him at all, but she was not angry either. She wanted to see how long he could keep his pretense, so she told him how to enter the game.

She saw Han Sen using his comlink number to enter the game and was quite shocked, because the pop-up window on his comlink was a tutorial, which would only appear when the game was installed for the first time.

"You really have never played Hand of G.o.d?" Ji Yanran threw a surprised look at Han Sen.

"Not this version. I have only played the single-player version," replied Han Sen.

"The two versions are quite different, and you dared to play against me when you have never played the versus mode?" Ji Yanran felt both shocked and amused, as she thought this guy was driven purely by pa.s.sion indeed.