Super Gene - Chapter 113: My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars

Chapter 113: My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars

Chapter 113: My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars

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Han Sen could not immediately go back now, so he first teleported out of G.o.d’s Sanctuary and as soon as he was in the Alliance, he saw on his comlink many unanswered calls from Fang Jingqi. He called back and heard Fang’s relieved voice, "You are not dead yet?"

"Good people are not so easy to die. Tell Fist Guy that I cannot go see him right now and will give him the mutant mount back." Their contract stipulated that if the sacred-blood creature was hunted, Han Sen could have a mutant beast soul mount, but since the scaled armadillo was taken by the silver bird, Fist Guy’s gang must have gone back with nothing. There was no reason for Han Sen to keep the mount.

"No need. After you led the silver bird away, the gang managed to bring back the body of the scaled armadillo. They lost a little bit to the bird but it does not matter much. They have been really worried that you might have been killed by the bird." Fang Jingqi laughed.

"Unfortunately, I had no sacred-blood beast soul bow or arrow, or I would have shot the silver bird down as well. It got lucky," joked Han Sen.

"If you need sacred-blood beast soul bow and arrow, here is a chance." Fang Jingqi grinned.

"What chance? You are not asking me to risk my life again, right? I have no interest to do it a second time," said Han Sen, actually feeling quite interested inwardly.

Doomsday was good, but not quite enough to kill a sacred-blood creature.

"In two months, Fist Guy will enter Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary and will sell some of his beast souls, including a sacred-blood bow. If you are interested, you could take a look, "said Fang Jingqi.

"Will do." Han Sen hung up and went outside. Yang Manli was standing at the gate of the teleport station, gazing at him.

"Where have you been? Aren’t you aware that the entrance examination to Blackhawk is about to start? If you do not get admitted, do not say that I have trained you, because I cannot afford to lose face like that," exclaimed Yang Manli in anger.

"I was hunting a creature with friends and something went wrong. I just got back to the shelter. I am really sorry." Han Sen knew that he had been gone longer than he asked for, so no wonder that Yang Manli was mad.

"Whatever, your admission had nothing to do with me. I actually wish that you won’t pa.s.s the exam so that I will not have to see you every day." Yang Manli was very dissatisfied with his indifferent att.i.tude.

Han Sen shrugged. He knew Yang Manli was not a bad person, but she always sounded mean. She must want him to go back into training.

But Han Sen had to go home now that he had been gone for many days. He could only let Yang Manli down for the moment.

Seeing Han Sen still left the teleport station instead of going back to train, she thought bitterly, "It would make no sense if this b.a.s.t.a.r.d were admitted to Blackhawk."

Han Sen returned home and checked in with his mother before going to bed.

He was not in a hurry to claim his sacred-blood beast soul. He could claim it any time at Steel Armor Shelter before the next contest started.

Entrance exam to Blackhawk was in just a few days and he planned to take the exam before finding his way from Glory Shelter to Steel Armor Shelter. But he had to make it back to Steel Armor Shelter before Fist Guy auction his beast souls. He was very interested in that sacred-blood beast soul bow. In addition, the shreeky beast should finish evolving into a sacred-blood beast by that time and he could not waste that.

Thinking of beast souls, Han Sen summoned the beast soul of the scaled armadillo, which was a huge black round s.h.i.+eld about four feet wide. the s.h.i.+eld was covered in scales and spikes and looked quite fearsome. It was more for offense than defense, as whoever knocked over or cut by the s.h.i.+eld would suffer severe injury.

"Really great stuff, if it’s paired with the speed of the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer, even Qin Xuan would not dare to take a hit from it." Han Sen thought of the scene and laughed out loud.

The next morning, Han Sen went to the teleport station for training, and Yang Manli gave him another fitness test.

Han Sen used Jadeskin to keep all his score between 10 to 11, making Yang Manli fairly satisfied.

Han Sen did not know how much his actual fitness index was as he had not used his full strength in the tests recently. Also, he had gained another five mutant geno points from eating the mutant black-tailed monkey and now had a total of 52 mutant geno points.

Yang Manli used the few days left to put Han Sen on a detailed comprehensive training program, so that he could not slack at all.

As a soldier, although she was no fan of Han Sen's, she still made every effort as it was an order from Qin Xuan to train him. Whether he could eventually be admitted was none of her business. She actually did not want Han Sen to be admitted as she thought Dollar was the best candidate for the archer in the squad.

But Dollar's whereabouts were never predictable and she could not even locate him, let alone persuade him to join the squad, which made her rather upset.

When the entrance exam was about to begin, Qin Xuan as the stationmaster could not leave the teleport station to accompany Han Sen to Plant Hawk where Blackhawk Military Academy was. Instead, she gave Han Sen an interstellar s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p ticket, and asked him to go take the exam.

Han Sen had already talked to Luo Sulan about going to a military academy. She was very supportive of his decision. If he could go to a famous military school and graduate, he could serve as a low-level officer instead of a soldier, even if his grades were just average. This way he did not have to suffer too much and his chance of survival on the battlefield would also be higher.

If his grades were excellent, then it would be even better. In that case, maybe he would be a.s.signed to a relatively safe position, which was what Luo Sulan wanted. Her only worry was that Han Sen might not be able to pa.s.s the entrance exam to such a good school as Blackhawk.

After all, Han Sen only graduated from the integrated compulsory education system and his chance of entering a military academy which was challenging for even many private school graduates was indeed worrisome.

On the interstellar s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, Han Sen looked at the infinite s.p.a.ce outside the window and his heart started to race. It was the first time ever for him to leave Planet Roca.

At this moment, Han Sen suddenly remembered a line from a book he once read, "My conquest is the sea of stars."