Super Gene - Chapter 1137 - Underground Space

Chapter 1137 - Underground Space

Chapter 1137: Underground s.p.a.ce


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Queen and Bao’er came to the shelter before departure. Han Sen didn’t extend an offer to the people of Nest Shelter to come along, as they were living a pleasant life where they were, already.

With everything prepared, Han Sen commanded Moment Queen to begin taking the shelter towards where the creature had been spotted.

Along the way, though, they stopped by two spots which possessed different types of sacred-blood scorpions. Han Sen was going to kill them along the way to see if he could get a beast soul he could combine with the gem.

The shelter could be moved only once a day, and after the third move, they arrived before a valley. There, they found many sacred-blood scorpions.

Han Sen bid they remain there, and asked Old Huang to go and hunt them. Queen would accompany him.

The scorpions were green in color, and their size was comparable to that of a hound. They were called Sinister Scorpions. Their ranks were mostly comprised of primitive creatures, with a few mutant creatures among them. Moment Queen presumed the king of that enclave of creatures would be sacred-blood cla.s.s.

Old Huang killed a lot of primitive and mutant scorpions, as they could be eaten. That many scorpions would stock the shelter’s pantries well.

Unfortunately, they were unable to find the sacred-blood variant. So, Han Sen and Queen decided to look around. Doing so, they ventured towards a cave they thought the king might be residing in.

Queen had been working hard ever since she had come to the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary and met Han Sen. All she needed now were sacred-blood and super geno points.

Needless to say, the beast souls Han Sen had given her had propelled incredibly quick growth.

The cave they ventured into was huge, and it was full of scorpions. But soon after, they noticed most of them were dead.

Han Sen and Queen looked at each other. Old Huang was still fighting outside, so they were unsure why there were mounds of dead ones inside that cave they had not yet taken notice of.

They inspected the corpses of the scorpions and noticed they had been killed by weapons. If humans hadn’t been out there, then it meant spirits had.

They followed the trail of bodies deeper into the cave. They ventured down a weaving, subterranean path for four kilometers, up until they came across a light glowing in the dark distance ahead of them.

There they saw four people having a barbecue. They were grilling the carca.s.s of a scorpion that was around the same size as a car. Han Sen presumed it to be the slain sacred-blood scorpion he had been after.

Needless to say, he didn’t expect to find humans there. When Han Sen approached them, they quickly drew their weapons, prompting him to say, “We are humans, too. We came here to slay the scorpions, but it seems you beat us to the punch. Who are you people?”

“Are you Han Sen?” One of them recognized him, which prompted them all to put away their weapons.

“Yes, I am Han Sen. What is your name?” Han Sen asked.

It was difficult to tell the age of the barbecuing quartet, but if he had to guess, Han Sen would say they looked to be around thirty or forty years of age. The man that recognized Han Sen was a mountain of a man, and a spear was slung over his shoulders.

“My name is Liu Yunhui; I work for Starry Group,” the man introduced himself and the others in his company.

They were all keen to put their weapons away, as they had each heard a great deal about the person called Han Sen. A man called Wu Tian spoke, “I thought you were disabled, and that your body had been badly injured.”

Many people knew about Han Sen’s condition, but to this, Han Sen smiled and said, “I am recovering. With my partner here to protect me, I do okay. Are there any human shelters around?”

Wu Tian said, “There aren’t. We live in a spirit shelter, the owner of which is surprisingly fair. He allows us to return to the Alliance whenever we wish.”

Han Sen asked them a few more questions, and he learned that the cave they were inside actually led to the spirit shelter they spoke of. There, they had encountered the scorpion king and killed it.

They told Han Sen he was at the precipice of an underground realm, and that it was ma.s.sive; their shelter was only a small section of it. The realm could be a hostile place, as it was home to an abundance of wildlife.

The infamous super creature of the area was a rock rat king. It led an enclave of rats of varying ranks, and their numbers were in the millions.

Individually, they weren’t a threat, but inciting the ire of its legion would lead to a terrifying counterattack.

Aside from the rock rat king and its army, green-scaled snakes were a common bother.

The underground world there had one large water source, with many rivers flowing into and out of it. All creatures would visit there, someday or another.

All the rivers connected to an underground lake.

The green-snakes inhabited that lake, mostly. A green-snake wouldn’t attack someone who wanted water, unless it was mad.

They said they always saw the snakes there whenever they went to fetch water.

According to what the spirit told them, there were a few other creatures that resided within that subterranean domain. And while they believed the spirit, they had yet to confirm the validity of the claim and encounter the creatures themselves.

Wu Tian also said there was a giant geno tree far below. It supported the entire structure of the underground kingdom. The spirit told them it was super geno plant. If it ever matured, it’d provide geno treasure.

Not too long ago, the tree exuded a pleasant smell to attract creatures there. It was a sign of the tree soon maturing.

The presence of all the creatures that were starting to visit the tree was what had compelled them to venture so far in a hunt.