Super Gene - Chapter 1136 - Life Door

Chapter 1136 - Life Door

Chapter 1136: Life Door


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Back in his room, Han Sen started to read the scroll he had been given. He was quite surprised.

He thought he had received another copy of the Blood-Pulse Sutra, and that was what Uncle Bug had found all those years ago. This was actually a different Qi Gong, and it was called Life Door.

Life Door was a supportive Qi Gong; something to strengthen a person’s inner body.

It was not too dissimilar to Heresy Mantra or Hidden Blood, in concept. Life Door, however, did not apply to a single organ. It strengthened a door inside a person’s body; one that was called the Life Door.

The scroll said that to practice Life Door would enhance your entire body.

But to complete Life Door, you would have to reach a certain level.

Han Sen tried practicing Life Door, and after spending a few days with it, his body already felt better. Still, he knew it’d take far longer than that to open the Life Door itself.

Uncle Bug told Han Sen it took him twenty years to open his Life Door. Han Sen was far stronger than he was, and even though he knew it wouldn’t take that long, it wasn’t something he could get done in a few days.

A few days later, Moment Queen had successfully moved the underground shelter nearby. After entering, Han Sen was able to see Zero again.

Although Zero could teleport to Han Sen, he wanted her to remain in the underground shelter to care for the Flying Mushroom. After all that time had elapsed, the Flying Mushroom had matured. With it ready for consumption, Han Sen was eager to return to the underground shelter just for it.

It had the ability to turn ordinary spirits into king spirits, but Han Sen didn’t want the mushroom to be too ripe.

Back in that shelter, he looked at the spirits he had come to possess and summoned Thorn Baron.

“It’s yours,” Han Sen told her, while indicating to the Flying Mushroom.

Thorn Baron looked delightfully surprised, and she gasped. She politely double-checked, asking, “Are you sure you really want me to use it?”

“I believe you are the best available candidate,” Han Sen replied.

Thorn Baron’s bloodline had a king spirit in its ranks, so her success rate would be higher.

After giving Han Sen a weirded-out look, Thorn Baron bit into the Flying Mushroom.

When it was eaten, the Flying Mushroom turned into a delectable nectar. And as she gorged on it, her body began to glow. She said, “Take me back to the Sea of Soul. I’m going to evolve!”

Han Sen placed Thorn Baron back as instructed. She glowed more and more, becoming brighter and brighter. In a short time, she had become so bright, she was nothing more than a blob of pure radiance. Her form could no longer be distinguished.

“I hope she makes it soon, too. If she finishes up sometime soon, I’ll have yet another beautiful fighter by my side.” Han Sen was thinking about Little Angel, and gave her a look. He wondered when she’d finish evolving.

Han Sen had absorbed a lot of wild plants, but he had used all of his waterdrops on the super beast souls.

While effective, it wasn’t as effective as feeding them black crystals. The gold raven had finally started to evolve now, though, becoming a berserk super creature beast soul.

Han Sen hadn’t had his other super creature beast souls for long, so nothing was happening with them just yet.

“Moment, have you found any solo super creatures roaming about?” Han Sen asked her, while sitting on the throne.

“I saw one, yes. But I don’t think we have what it takes to fight it.” While Moment Queen addressed Han Sen’s questions immediately, her mood seemed off.

During Han Sen’s several-year absence, Moment Queen had become the boss of the shelter. The leash had been disconnected, so-to-speak, and she was free to do as she wished.

Now that she had to start taking orders again, she was quite peeved.

“What kind of creature is it?” Han Sen asked.

Moment Queen must have gotten quite strong across those years, and she must have opened several gene locks by now.

She still wasn’t up to par with Han Sen, though. Plus, Han Sen had the faithful and diligent Disloyal Knight and Blue Dinosaur to back him up. Aside from berserk super creatures, he’d have no trouble hunting whatever he wished to.

Moment Queen did not yet know how powerful Han Sen had become, so she was just telling him based on the a.s.sumption a super creature would be too much to handle.

The creature she spoke of resided deep inside Thorn Forest, and it was described as a scaly lizard. It was only two meters long, and she had seen it during her time of moving the shelter.

The creature was dining on an array of different bugs, consuming dozens with each mouthful. If it wasn’t for a bunch of sacred-blood bugs that got munched on all at once, she wouldn’t have guessed it for a super creature, given its rather tame appearance.

Han Sen decided to hunt the super creature. He commanded Moment Queen to move the underground shelter to the valley, and there, he bid for the Blue Dinosaur to enter.

It was the biggest and strongest tank a party could ask for. It was a meats.h.i.+eld that could withstand the grizzly blows of a berserk super creature.

Moment Queen was taken aback when she saw the beast. The other humans in the shelter were even more shocked.

“Have you happened to see any sacred-blood scorpions on your way here?” Han Sen asked, before they departed.

“I have seen some, yes. Which type are you looking for?” Moment Queen asked.

“Well, tell me which you have seen,” Han Sen said, with curiosity.

The Transparent King Scorpion gem was useless just sitting in his inventory. It had to be infused with something.