Super Gene - Chapter 1117 - Upstream Fish

Chapter 1117 - Upstream Fish

Chapter 1117: Upstream Fish


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen ended up not looking for Li Singhua in his lab, as he could have been rather busy. So, he sent him a message instead. That way, he could ask all the questions he wished to pose to the man.

He didn’t really even expect a reply. But that very night, Li Singhua gave his response, answering each of Han Sen’s questions with keen insight. He even provided Han Sen with links to further reading material on the subjects.

Han Sen saw his reply, and while he had received many answers, many of those answers merely led to him having even more questions.

Every now and again, Han Sen would continue to send Li Singhua a message with more questions. Each and every time, Li Singhua would reply within a day or two.

Now, Han Sen understood why Bai Yishan and Li Singhua did not get along. He could see now that it was due to their different methodologies of research.

Li Singhua saw things at a broader perspective, encompa.s.sing a lot more. Bai Yishan was of a narrower vision, one that was fixed to the most minute of details. Their methods of research were polar opposites.

Han Sen learned a lot from Li Singhua.

A month later, Han Sen finished the second stage of his testing of Hidden Blood. His spleen had become much stronger, the blood was twice as thick, and his heart was full of vigor.

This wouldn’t have worked on anyone else because the ordinary, natural human heart wasn’t strong enough. It was the crux of the problem, and what Bai Yishan was most concerned with fixing.

When Han Sen was done and dusted, he decided to return home.

His trip to Saint Hall had earned him a lot; Hidden Blood was a marvelous thing to have been given. And with his time spent in the labs and the theories he had discussed and researched, he had walked away with a greater fascination than ever.

“If I can finish the research topic—which I’ll just dub Double Cycle—from Li Singhua, that potentially indicates that I can practice two hyper geno arts at the same time.” Han Sen knew there’d be no answers, though. It was an enticing thought, but not one that could be resolved anytime soon.

In regards to the Double Cycle research, it did give Han Sen inspiration for Double Fly.

It was a dual-wielding skill that used the same energy flow for both hands. He now wondered if he could use two different skills, one for each hand.

It wasn’t exactly what the subject of Double Cycle concerned itself with, but it was a start. The energy flow was still connected, much like Yin Yang Blast. Han Sen wasn’t going to give up on this seemingly impossible research topic, and he hoped that one day, he could find an answer.

And from those days onwards, whenever Han Sen had a problem, he’d ask Li Singhua for guidance. This correspondence of theirs went on for a long time.

Now, Li Singhua was busy at work. He took a timeout to answer him, and after he was done, he sighed.

That day in the canteen, he had given this research topic to two people. And yet, despite that, only one had come to ask him questions.

His students were smart, and they knew there was no answer to the subject to be found. But upon encountering an immediate dead-end, they too came to a stop. They didn’t carry on and invest in the research like Han Sen, despite it seeming like a futile endeavor.

Two people had come to ask Li Singhua once, but there was too much information to process, and they gave up. Only Han Sen persevered and tried to process all the information and make heads or tails of it all.

Li Singhua knew Han Sen was serious about this subject due to the nature of the questions he posed.

To start off with, the questions seemed fairly basic and almost stupid. But they improved over time, which showed that Han Sen was a keen learner and he had put true dedication towards the subject.

When someone didn’t understand something, it was only natural for them to make a mistake. Fixing a mistake was valiant, only if it led to an improvement of understanding with the crux of the problem. If someone understood everything, then research would not be necessary.

Li Singhua was impressed with the speed Han Sen came to understand things, and genuinely admired his dedication.

“Bai Yishan has a good student there.” Li Singhua was a little jealous. Smartypants were everywhere, but many were just born that way. Pa.s.sion was what Li Singhua valued above all, and Han Sen had it in spades. Not to mention perseverance and patience.

Back in the sanctuaries, Han Sen prepared himself for the coming journey. Queen had become a lot stronger over the month Han Sen had been gone, and she had incurred many wounds, too.

Han Sen wondered what her super body might have been and was of the mind to ask. But everyone’s super body was a secret, so he thought it’d be intrusive and rude to ask outright.

Only Ji Qing and a few others had announced what their super bodies were, but they were merely names. No one actually knew what their super bodies actually did.

Han Sen picked up Bao’er and selected a trail that seemed most likely to lead to Thorn Forest.

If they ended up getting lost, though, it did not concern Han Sen too much. His primary goal, as it always had been, was to slay super creatures. And if they did get lost and unknowingly venture into wild, uncharted lands, he’d be able to kill more of what he sought to.

Queen slew most of the creatures along the way. With her super weapon and sacred-blood beast souls, she had become a worthy partner to venture with Han. She could most certainly now accompany him in slaying a super creature.

After reaching the outskirts of those barren lands, they came to a land with countless rivers running through it. The water of those rivers was extremely quick.

And in those waters, many fish were leaping in and out. They opened their fins eventually and used them to fly upstream, above the current of the water.

The fish were red, and their fins were shaped like wings. They were a meter long, on average.

In this shoal of fish, one of the fish was ten meters long. Its red scales shone brightly beneath the sunlight.

The fish leaped up and down, below and above the water, as the rest of its fishy friends followed in a glide.

“Super creature?” Han Sen felt a chill upon seeing this. He grabbed Queen and did not allow her to take one step closer.

This super creature was different, which was why it made Han Sen act so cautiously. If this was any average super creature, he would never have been so careful.