Super Gene - Chapter 1116 - The Theory of Energy Flow

Chapter 1116 - The Theory of Energy Flow

Chapter 1116: The Theory of Energy Flow


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The way Han Sen asked made him seem very self-confident. It also gave w.a.n.g Lin more material to attack with.

Li Singhua was famous in the Saint Hall, so if he suggested a subject to embarra.s.s Han Sen, and Han Sen lost, it wouldn’t reflect well on him. Therefore, someone like Li Singhua wouldn’t give an advantage to his students. He’d have to select a subject that was fair and square.

If Li Singhua suggested a subject and Han Sen won, it would mean w.a.n.g Lin and his colleagues were dumb. It wouldn’t reflect poorly on Li Singhua himself.

There was no personal grudge between Professor Li and Han Sen, and Professor Li was most certainly not going to make himself an enemy on w.a.n.g Lin’s account.

Han Sen had thought of all this, so that was why he so happily made the suggestion to Li Singhua. w.a.n.g Lin, with a spectrum of view and thought that was not as broad, believed Han Sen was merely being naive.

“Teacher, give us a subject! We won’t embarra.s.s you,” the angry man said.

w.a.n.g Lin quickly retorted, saying no. He said, “Teacher, if he loses, he will say that it was because it was a subject you have taught us before.”

w.a.n.g Lin was still oblivious to what was actually going on.

Li Singhua simply smiled and said, “If you want me to suggest a subject, I will.”

Li Singhua pulled out his communicator and sent information to Han Sen and w.a.n.g Lin. “This is what I have been researching in my own free time. Come find me when you have the results I wish to see.”

After that, Li Singhua left. w.a.n.g Lin and his friends followed.

Han Sen read the information he had been given while eating. It seemed like a fairly easy subject.

It was very simple, as a matter of fact. The topic was on research on the energy flow cycle.

Han Sen thought it was simple due to his experience with energy flows. When he uses Dongxuan Sutra, he could simulate three or four different energy flows simultaneously.

But the information he had been given concerned itself with something a little different.

Lin Singhua’s research was about making two different energy flows run inside the body at the same time, but without either of them affecting the other.

That meant practicing two hyper geno arts without either touching.

Han Sen didn’t think such a thing was possible, due to the blood pulses being connected. Every Qi Gong had to flow through the pulses, and they couldn’t overlap.

Li Singhua had performed many tests with this subject. He had used many different hyper geno arts in trying this out, but the results were always the same. They always overlapped.

Han Sen knew it’d be impossible. When he practiced the Dongxuan Sutra, he could only practice the Dongxuan Sutra. He couldn’t practice the Dongxuan Sutra at the same time he practiced the Blood-Pulse Sutra. If he ran two energy flows inside him, at the same time, he’d be lucky if he didn’t blow up.

It was then that Han Sen realized the truth of why this subject had been selected. It was an impossible question, and it’d get him and w.a.n.g Lin to stop fighting.

After returning to the lab, Bai Yishan called him.

“Did you have an argument with Professor Li? I heard you had one,” Bai Yishan inquired.

“It was nothing.” Han Sen then went on to tell Bai Yishan what had transpired.

“Can I see?” Bai Yishan asked.

Han Sen thought he might as well show Bai Yishan, since an answer wouldn’t be possible.

Bai Yishan looked very excited upon being shown what Han Sen had been given. He exclaimed, “Li Singhua is good! That is why he is my number one opponent. This is a very interesting theory.”

Han Sen looked confused, and so he asked, “But there is no solution to this, is there?”

“It is impossible to solve, yes. And it is not just him who has been researching this; many scholars have tried.”

Bai Yishan continued talking as he perused the information. He said, “Li Singhua’s thoughts and suggestions make people think. He has inspired me a great deal.”

“But you can’t solve it,” Han Sen said.

“Research does not require answers. Not everything on this plane of existence can be answered, and that is the beauty of research. There may be incidental results, but they are often viewed as being worth more than the subject itself. This research is comprised of many astounding theories, thoughts, and insights. For him to allow you to see this is brilliant.”

Bai Yishan went on to tell Han Sen, “Read this information. If you understand all that is written here, you’d fare well in the prospect of graduating.”

Han Sen was shocked. He didn’t know why one minor, unsolvable subject such as this would fascinate Bai Yishan so much. Han Sen only now noticed the value of what he had been given.

Han Sen went to read it further, and there was much in there that he did not understand. He had to ask Bai Yishan for clarification.

Han Sen knew Li Singhua didn’t just want to resolve the tensions, he wanted them both to learn more and become better than two squabbling kids in the canteen.

“Professor Li, you are very kind.” Han Sen often consulted Bai Yishan for clarifications, but there was much even his teacher did not understand.

Surprisingly, Bai Yishan let Han Sen ask Li Singhua himself.

“Is this appropriate?” Han Sen asked. Everyone knew Bai Yishan and Li Singhua were enemies, so this was indeed a surprise.

“We have disagreements pertaining to the work we both share and love. There is no personal animosity between us. Feel free to ask him whatever you want,” Bai Yishan said.