Super Gene - Chapter 1099 - Joining the Fight

Chapter 1099 - Joining the Fight

Chapter 1099: Joining the Fight


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Don’t be so melodramatic. Those things are useless to me, just use them and be happy.” Han Sen was starting to sweat, as he wasn’t really a cripple.

Queen then looked around her and said, “So, are you familiar with this area? If you are, draw me a map. Tell me all about the creature hotspots.”

Han Sen had already been on a cartographic trip, so he had several maps ready to provide her. As soon as Queen accepted the maps, her time of rest was over. She marched right out of the shelter.

“What a waste of a fine body. Still, she’s got bigger b.a.l.l.s than most men.” Han Sen licked his lips.

Queen returned a few days later, having suffered a number of wounds and lesions. She brought with her a mutant deer.

Queen knew Han Sen must have been very powerful to possess so many beast souls, so she didn’t bother bringing back the of any ordinary or primitive creatures.

Han Sen knew Queen’s fitness wasn’t too high, though, so he was impressed at her bringing-down of a mutant creature.

Han Sen had maxed out his mutant geno points already, but he still accepted it to show appreciation.

Queen returned to the Alliance to heal, after that. When she was fit as a fiddle, she came back to the sanctuary and went off on another hunt. Each hunting trip would end up longer than the last, and each return would have her in a worse condition.

Sometimes, when Queen returned to the shelter, Han Sen wouldn’t be there. So, she’d leave the creatures in the shelter waiting for him. She would then send Han Sen a blank message. If he replied, though, she wouldn’t do the same.

Han Sen returned to the sanctuary after a time away. When he arrived, Queen was gone. “Why is she working so hard on my behalf?” Han Sen really admired her.

A month pa.s.sed, and because Queen hadn’t signed up at the shelter, Han Sen won first place. His entry into Divinity’s Bout was confirmed.

Queen had been gone two days at this point, so he had no clue when she’d return.

When Divinity’s Bout started, Han Sen donned a suit of armor and went straight to the Martial Hall. Then he proceeded to the battle area.

Spirits were everywhere. It was to be expected, though. Spirits were the dominant species of the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary. No other human would show up.

Han Sen hid his energy flow, so no one could tell whether he was a human or a spirit.

Han Sen checked out the match list to see what was in store. He hadn’t fully recovered yet, but if he was able to go up against a weak spirit, he wagered he’d be fine.

What he saw disappointed him, though. He was first going to go up against Fei Yu King. It must have been a powerful spirit.

Using super king spirit mode would be pointless here, as it’d render him weak. He’d most likely win the fight, but he’d be spent, and he’d be unable to take part in the next. To hit the top ten of the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary’s Divinity’s Bout, he could not use it.

Han Sen decided to not partic.i.p.ate and planned to just sit and spectate the fights instead.

“Fei Yu, your opponent is called Dollar. Weird, huh? That can’t be a human, can it?” Han Sen heard this while he looked for a seat.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” Fei Yu King responded. “It’s probably some trolling spirit who couldn’t even be bothered to spell out his t.i.tle in full.”

“You’re probably right. If it was a human, it’d be a human with a death wish,” the other spirit said.

“I wish it was a human, though. They are sad and pathetic creatures. Last weekend was wonderful; I spent some time torturing a few humans to death. Their screams were a delight!” Fei Yu King spoke with no certain tone or display of emotion. He spoke as if it was just an ordinary chat, and something common to say.

“Haha, you are a king spirit. Of course you would think they are weak. They have no principles, though, I’ll give you that. They’re comparable to dogs, and mangy as they can be, too. Put out your hand without striking them, and they’ll think you’re giving them a treat.”

Many nearby spirits joined in with their talk, all saying horrible things to put-down humans.

Han Sen’s face turned green with their wretched speech. Learning how they treated humans, and for what pitiful reasons they’d happily kill them, Han Sen was fuming.

Spirits were able to resp.a.w.n, so they had no idea of the fear humans felt when it came to the possibility of death.

Han Sen looked at Fei Yu King. He didn’t know which humans he had gleefully tortured and murdered, but he was angry nonetheless. He felt his chest want to explode with the sudden hatred he felt for the spirit.

“Fei Yu King, huh?” Han Sen could use super king spirit mode to partic.i.p.ate in one fight. If he was to use it on the murderous spirit, that would make him happy enough.

In human shelters, the fights were streamed through the Martial Hall. No one expected another human to fight, let alone become a Son of G.o.d. Those who watched merely wanted to spectate how spirits battled each other. Their fights were usually quite the spectacle.

Su Xiaoqiao was currently in Trench Shelter. He paced around the Martial Monument, looking to see if he could find the name he most wanted to.

“What are you doing?” Someone’s vision had been blocked by his scurrying.

“I am looking for Dollar,” Su Xiaoqiao responded, as he looked.

“I don’t think he’d join a fight like this. There are far too many king spirits there…” the person said.

“I found it!” Su Xiaoqiao exclaimed with feverish excitement.