Super Gene - Chapter 1098 - I’ll Take Care of You for the Rest of My Life

Chapter 1098 - I’ll Take Care of You for the Rest of My Life

Chapter 1098: I’ll Take Care of You for the Rest of My Life


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

When Han Sen signed up in the Martial Hall, he used the name Dollar.

If you were in a populated shelter, everyone would have to compete against each other to secure a position in the tournament. Only the best of each shelter could join Divinity’s Bout.

The real Divinity’s Bout, therefore, wouldn’t start for another month. Now was just the time for signups, pretty much.

Han Sen got his hands on a good sun-bathing chair, and as he reclined there in bliss to soak up the sun, he studied more about ancient languages.

Bao’er was playing games with the bird. She had fun throwing it up into the sky, at which point it frantically tried to course-correct with its wings and fly away. But before it could, Bao’er would always catch it.

Han Sen felt sorry for subjecting the bird to such a fate, but if he stopped her from tormenting it, she would only end up annoying Han Sen.

Han Sen missed the white bear and the rabbit king he kept in the underground shelter. At least with those, there’d be a wider variety of creatures for Bao’er to torture and treat like toys. The pain would at least be shared.

But Han Sen still had no clue where Thorn Forest was, and thus, he could not reach the underground shelter and bring them to her.

While he sunbathed, Han Sen heard some noise. He stood up and looked around.

He saw a human was running his way, as a group of fiery dogs gave chase. They were nipping at the person’s backside with hungry mouths.

The person kept weaving, ducking, diving, and dodging, managing to stay alive between the explosive snapping of the fire-wreathed maws.

Han Sen was shocked, and he was even more surprised when he realized he knew who that person was.

“Queen is already in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary? Did she max out her super geno points already?” As Han Sen wondered, he stood up and shouted, “Over here!”

Queen heard the call, and she too was in disbelief. Out of everyone, Han Sen was the last person she expected to find there.

Using Heavenly Go as wonderfully as ever, she ran towards the shelter for refuge.

Han Sen did not help her, as he knew she could survive a dance with mere primitive creatures.

Queen reached the outside of the shelter, looked at Han Sen—who was clothed only in boxers—and asked, “You’re really here?”

“It must be fate.” Han Sen welcomed her into the shelter and patched up her wounds.

The flaming dogs did not dare enter the shelter, so all they did was bark for a while. Once they were bored, they left.

No matter how strong anyone was in the Second G.o.d’s Shelter, it was typical to end up being bullied in the Third G.o.d’s Shelter. There, you’d have great difficulty dealing with only primitive creatures.

“You didn’t max out your super genes before becoming a surpa.s.ser?” Han Sen asked, as he fixed up her wounds.

“I did,” Queen answered.

“That quickly?” Han Sen was quite surprised. The super creatures in the Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary were no joke, and you’d have to find super creatures of the same element if you wished to make use of the Life Geno Essence.

Queen rolled her eyes and said, “You were even faster.”

Cough. Han Sen had no proper response to this.

Queen then said, “Do you remember when I told you I had something very important to do?”

“Yeah. Have you done it yet?” Han Sen recalled the time they were supposed to team up and slay super creatures together, but all of a sudden, she had to call it quits and attend to some other duties for a time.

“I found a nest of super creatures, and there were countless eggs. I tried my hardest to get them, and I managed to obtain over thirty super geno points from those alone. That was how I maxed out so quickly,” Queen explained.

“Over thirty super geno points in one haul? Good grief! How many eggs were there?” Han Sen was a little jealous over her jackpot.

Queen did not answer, and she merely asked, “What is this place, anyway? And why is it in such… disarray?”

Han Sen smiled and said, “Let me just say you were lucky to sp.a.w.n near here, free from the trappings of a spirit.”

Han Sen then went on to explain the nearby area and told her to stay clear of the frightfully dangerous Devil’s Realm.

“Are you getting better?” Queen asked.

“No.” Han Sen would still need a while to recover.

“Give me your beast souls and I will take care of you,” Queen demanded.

Han Sen almost spat out his tea. He knew what she meant, but it still came as quite a surprise.

“What? You can’t eat meat, either?” Queen asked.

“Of course I can. I have many beast souls, so which type would you like?” Han Sen asked.

“Give me your most useless ones. We’ll share the loot I can grab for us,” Queen said.

Han Sen smiled. He looked into the Sea of Soul and transferred to her a number of beast souls.

Han Sen hadn’t been in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary for very long before suffering his ailment. So, it surprised her to see how many beast souls he was giving her. He must have been busy, she thought.

The armor and weapons he gave her were of the sacred-blood variety. And there was even a mutant pet beast soul with six gene locks open, not to mention a mutant mount.

Queen looked at Han Sen and felt her lips fumble. She wasn’t quite sure what to say. She did not expect to receive that many, all at once. If those items were sold, she’d ama.s.s a giant fortune.

With those beast souls, Queen could get strong quickly. They were immeasurably helpful.

“I’ll take care of you for the rest of my life.” Queen was an honest woman. She accepted the beast souls without a flicker of emotion distorting the seriousness of her words. She most certainly wasn’t joking.