Super Gene - Chapter 1074 - Golden Growler’s Evolution

Chapter 1074 - Golden Growler’s Evolution

Chapter 1074: Golden Growler’s Evolution


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen cradled the Devil Fang badge in the palm of his hand, wondering what use it could serve. It did seem powerful, but there was no apparent utility. It could not be used as a weapon, and it was certainly too small to be used as a s.h.i.+eld.

He wanted to spend some time researching it, but the red bird was hungry again. It had already flown over to the corpse of the Devil Fang King and begun pecking away at it. Within seconds, it had managed to gobble up an entire arm—bone included.

Quickly, Han Sen ran up to the bird and pulled it away. He was afraid it would eat the Life Geno Essence.

With his Phoenix Sword, Han Sen dug up the black orb from its inside. He was quite excited about this, as it had been a long time since he had last received one.

He cooked some of the flesh, but found it impossible to eat. Humans were unable to consume the flesh of super creatures, but Han Sen always thought it was worth a shot.

Affirming his inability to eat it, Han Sen offered it to Bao’er and the red bird. Bao’er’s reaction was similar to Han Sen’s; upon having a taste, she threw it up.

The red bird was strangely ravenous. Within moments of being given a leg, it had munched it all and swallowed it.

He didn’t want the bird to eat it all, though. Han Sen summoned Golden Growler and Meowth, and bid that they have some to eat, as well.

They really seemed to enjoy it. Meowth paced the bites and ate slowly, whereas Golden Growler stuck his nose in the food and ate like a wild, hungry animal.

It wasn’t long before no sc.r.a.p or morsel of the Devil Fang remained. The red bird ate the most, Golden Growler had a fair share, and Meowth ate the least.

Han Sen wanted to put Golden Growler and Meowth back inside the Sea of Soul after that, but all of a sudden, Golden Growler began to s.h.i.+ne like a torch of light. Before Han Sen could do anything, it returned itself to the Sea of Soul.

“Is Golden Growler evolving?” Han Sen was more than surprised.

Han Sen believed Golden Growler was quite a special creature. After Little Angel ate Golden Growler, she grew and evolved quickly. The beast soul Han Sen received was a mountable one.

Mount beast souls could not eat like pet beast souls could, but Golden Growler strangely could. Mount beast souls weren’t ones to attack, either; yet Golden Growler did.

Han Sen had been feeding it some good stuff, like the waterdrops, and had witnessed a few changes to its body over time. But they weren’t extravagant or immediately noticeable transformations.

After eating Devil Fang King, though, it was as if something had been unlocked. And with this lock having been broken, it was like the creature could now evolve.

Han Sen did not know what to expect from its evolution, or what it would become, but regardless, it was a good thing. He was eager to see the results.

It did not really matter, though. As with Meowth, Han Sen treated Golden Growler like little more than a mascot.

For now, Han Sen chose to leave Golden Growler alone. He simulated the Devil Fang King’s energy flow and absorbed the Life Geno Essence.

Han Sen’s mood had been repeatedly caught on a snag lately. His Dongxuan Sutra’s open gene lock amount was too low, he believed, and this was truer than ever right now, as he was unable to simulate Devil Fang King’s energy flow well. This was because Devil Fang King had nine open gene locks, and as a result, the refinement process was very slow.

After an hour pa.s.sed, Han Sen had only managed to absorb the outermost layer of the orb. He hadn’t even been able to receive a single geno point yet.

He guessed it would take an entire month to refine the Life Geno Essence, and that was only if he focused on absorbing it 24/7.

“Well, it’s better than nothing.” Han Sen was still moderately satisfied.

After packing, Han Sen picked up Bao’er and allowed Disloyal Knight to lead the way. It was high time they got out of there, Han Sen thought, so that was their aim right now.

With Disloyal Knight, Han Sen was no longer afraid of super creatures. If one thought to try its luck against them, he believed they could wipe it out without any trouble.

The black mist was as thick as ever, and it hung in the air like mucus. It stifled Han Sen’s Dongxuan Aura, and only allowed him to see ten meters ahead. Every now and again, a Devil Fang would show itself.

Sacred-blood Devil Fangs were supremely easy to defeat, and that was down to the power and precision of his Phoenix Sword.

After eliminating one, Han Sen felt the Devil Fang King go crazy inside the Sea of Soul.

Han Sen summoned it, and immediately, it flew over to the body of the slain Devil Fang.

A black mist then drifted out of the Devil Fang’s body and into the badge. Then, it was gone.

Han Sen retrieved the badge and noticed something different about it this time. Inscribed upon it was the number “one.”

He checked its information out again and saw there were some changes.

Super Beast Soul Devil Fang King: Badge Type. Devil Presence +1. Collect ten thousand to trade with Devil King.

“What is Devil King? And trade? Trade what?” Han Sen had no idea what he was reading.

Regardless of what it meant, Han Sen now knew the badge had to be useful. He had killed one Devil Fang to obtain one Devil Presence. If the ratio was truly 1:1, then that meant Han Sen had to kill ten thousand of the blighters.

“That’s a crazy grind, but if I keep killing what I see along the way, perhaps I’ll have slain enough.” Han Sen only said this to comfort himself, though. Killing ten thousand of anything was too difficult, not to mention boring.

The Devil Fangs were sacred-blood creatures at the very least, and if they were keen to remain hidden inside the black mist, there was nothing Han Sen could do, anyway.

Han Sen now decided to pin the badge to his chest. Whenever the chance to kill one arose, he would do it. And just like before, the Devil Presence would appear as some sort of dark mist and drift towards the badge to be absorbed.

Han Sen decided to fly around, and after eight hours of doing that, he was able to kill another twenty Devil Fangs. Unfortunately, he had not been able to obtain a single other beast soul.

This got Han Sen thinking: if the Devil Fang King badge absorbed the Devil Presence, perhaps there’d be no beast soul for him to get.

While this was rather lame, he was glad he was still able to eat the corpses. While he couldn’t eat much at a time, he stuffed his face with what he could and moved on from each kill. The bird made sure to grab a mouthful every time one was killed, too.

All of a sudden, though, Han Sen’s face changed. He saw the copper devil-woman statue ahead of him again, and he wondered whether or not he had ended up walking in a circle. But this time, a black shadow stood atop the statue’s head. The presence’s lifeforce looked like a raging bonfire of power, and its magnitude was not too far off of Xie Qing King’s.