Super Gene - Chapter 1073 - Disloyal Knight’s Coming

Chapter 1073 - Disloyal Knight’s Coming

Chapter 1073: Disloyal Knight’s Coming


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“A super creature?” Han Sen stood up and set himself ablaze with red fire. He spread his black raven wings and transformed into a gold raven. Then, he immediately flew towards the red Devil Fang.


The raven firebird’s talons collided with the red Devil Fang’s claws to create a sound like clas.h.i.+ng metal. The impact of both forces formed a tear in the dimension they occupied.

Han Sen frowned, unable to believe nothing came of his strike. Their strengths were similar, it seemed.

Then, they both went at each other with manic ferocity. Buildings and structures were toppled and destroyed in the midst of their fight, as Han Sen’s fire incinerated the realm and fought back the heart-chilling terror the ape sought to inflict.

The Devil Fang bled green and Han Sen bled red, but both were painting the environment in an unholy mixture. Who would win was still up for debate.

The Devil Fang here was certainly stronger than the one they had encountered back in Holy-Sword Shelter. Its mere presence was sickening, and its intimidating behavior was corrosive to one’s resoluteness and confidence. Han Sen’s gold raven and Blood-Pulse Sutra worked overtime in a bid to fight it back.

Unfortunately, Han Sen wouldn’t be able to remain in his shapes.h.i.+fted form forever, and with the rate he was losing energy, it was only a matter of time before he lost.

Han Sen readied himself to use his super king spirit and slay the beast before anything worse occurred, but suddenly, he heard a wicked noise coming from within his Sea of Soul.

He looked inside and saw that his Disloyal Knight, which had been in the process of evolving for quite some time now, was ready. It was ready to engage battle mode.

“Huh, that’s some good timing.” Han Sen summoned his Disloyal Knight.

The Disloyal Knight was summoned, and like a stoic hero plated in copper armor, it promptly appeared before Han Sen.

The Devil Fang was not swayed by the presence of another fighter, though. It let out another shrill, baby-like cry and ran forward to engage Disloyal Knight.

Disloyal Knight looked cold as it leaped into the air, its black hair waving. Beneath its feet, a halo appeared. It was expanding.

The halo stretched like an arrow, until its farthest end struck the Devil Fang.

No damage was dealt directly, but that touch had a debilitating effect on the Devil Fang. The devilish, intimidating presence that worked like an actual debuff was lessened, and the creature moved at a slower pace.


Disloyal Knight’s fists collided against the Devil Fang’s claws, and the winner of that clash was clear: the Devil Fang went flying back a dozen meters.

In the next second, Disloyal Knight teleported beside the fallen Devil Fang and punched the beast repeatedly.

Disloyal Knight’s focus on pounding the Devil Fang’s face was unnerving, and it drove punch after punch of wretched force into the writhing beast that struggled to strike back with its claws.

Han Sen was shocked, to say the least. Disloyal Knight was suffering multiple lesions from the claws that cut against it, but it was unaffected. It maintained its position, driving its fist into the pinned Devil Fang’s face over and over again. Eventually, the ape’s flesh had been pulverized and beaten away, exposing bone to the fierce new barrage of punches.

It wasn’t long until the bones were snapped like twigs. Green blood gushed out of the wounds and coursed over the ruined flesh that had been smashed like fruit pulp.

Seeing the powerful Disloyal Knight put on such a cruel display, Han Sen could not help but feel disappointed. He thought to himself, “Why was Disloyal Knight not a shapes.h.i.+fting beast soul? That would be amazing. Particularly so, since I could make use of Taia and Phoenix Sword. I’d kill that thug-monster effortlessly.”

Now, Han Sen realized why Disloyal Knight chose not to avoid the scratches it was given. The halo had sapped the Devil Fang of much of its power, and so the attacks delivered upon Disloyal Knight were fairly minor. And the attacks only got weaker, too, the more injured the Devil Fang became.

The Devil Fang writhed and screamed. It got free and attempted to fly off and return to the depths of the black mists. Not keen to let it go, Han Sen flew after it.

The Devil Fang was much slower now, though.

Han Sen struck with his sword and lopped off a whole region of the fleeing beast’s flesh to expose the skeleton inside.

“Even its hide was weakened. Disloyal Knight is frighteningly strong.” Han Sen was exuberantly happy following Disloyal Knight’s performance. Now, he no longer had to fear super creatures.

Devil Fang then came under the brutal oppression of Han Sen’s and Disloyal Knight’s combined attacks.

The final blow came from Han Sen, who ripped out the monster’s heart. He grabbed, squeezed, and pulled it directly out of the creature’s chest.

“Super Creature Devil Fang King killed. Beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is edible, and you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly.”

Han Sen was delighted. He would have been happy just to receive the flesh and Life Geno Essence, but he had also managed to obtain the beast soul.

“I hope it’s a flying beast soul. With wings, even if I wasn’t a bird, I could still make use of my phoenix techniques and Aero,” Han Sen prayed.

The gold raven beast soul was good, but he wasn’t entirely used to it yet. It was difficult getting the knack of it, and he always preferred maintaining his human appearance, anyway.

Han Sen checked his Sea of Soul. When he saw what was written, he was… surprised.

Super Beast Soul Devil Fang King: Badge Type

“What is a badge type beast soul?” This was the first time Han Sen had received such a thing, so he had no clue what it was.

Han Sen summoned the beast soul, and a red devilish badge appeared in the palm of his hand. It wasn’t remarkable to look at, but it exuded a certain aura of evil.