Super Gene - Chapter 1058 - The Strongest Genius in History

Chapter 1058 - The Strongest Genius in History

Chapter 1058: The Strongest Genius in History


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Turn off the stream,” Lou Lan quickly said.

Lian Chan agreed. She hastily turned it off, with her face drained of all color.

She had planned to allow everyone to watch a shura prince destroy a petty human to raise morale, but clearly, her plan had backfired.

With the stream turned off, the people who had tuned in to watch now wondered whether or not what they had seen was real.

They couldn’t believe a shura prince could have been bullied so cruelly by a young human like that.

Zhou Ping and his people could hardly contain their excitement, though, as it had been a long time since they felt such pride in their human brethren.

“I’ll beat you next time,” Yu Tuoshan wheezed, as he was carried out of the arena by paramedics. He was looking poorly, drenched in green blood.

“Power is not everything. You should work on the finesse of your skills. Just so you know, you lost to Yin Yang Blast,” Han Sen said.

“Yin Yang Blast? I’ll remember that.” Yu Tuoshan coughed. He was determined to remember the name of that skill, in case the shura were ever able to learn it.

When Bai Yishan heard Han Sen say this, he was happier than ever.

“Teacher Zhao, take care of Han Sen,” Ji Hailan ordered.

“Hmph.” Zhao Yongo scoffed.

Ji Hailan was utterly delighted, following what they had just witnessed. He quickly brought Han Sen over, for personal introductions with the other members of the expedition.

Ji Hailan introduced Bai Yishan, who was the strongest of the team and a professor.

Bai Yishan said, “There is no need for an introduction with me. I’m closer with Han Sen than any of you lot are.”

Everyone looked at Han Sen and Bai Yishan, and Ji Hailan was prompted to ask, “Really?”

Han Sen nodded and explained, “The skill I used was devised by Professor Bai. He just never took me as a formal student.”

Professor Bai had tricked Han Sen into learning Yin Yang Blast, but he still took his time with Han Sen seriously. He taught him many things, and although it wasn’t an official teacher-student relations.h.i.+p, it felt like one.

Bai Yishan, with a wry smile, said, “I can’t accept you as a student. Whenever we meet, something bad tends to follow. Many of my Saint Hall licenses were taken by you, after all.”

Ji Yanran was the official team leader, but Bai Yishan was the authoritative figure amongst them.

Ji Hailan was more than glad their relations.h.i.+p was this good.

When the introductions were over, someone came over to ask about Yin Yang Blast.

They were shocked, learning Han Sen was able to defeat the shura prince by using it.

If Han Sen had created it, they wouldn’t have asked him to learn it, out of respect.

But they had now learned that Professor Bai had invented it, and as such, they were keen to ask about it. They all believed it should have been on sale in the Saint Hall.

Who wouldn’t want a hyper geno art that powerful, right? But Bai Yishan explained that it had been banned. Han Sen was just fortunate enough to learn the skill before it was forbidden.

This disappointed everyone. While it was good to learn more about Han Sen’s technique in beating the shura prince, it was pointless if there was no chance of them ever being able to do the same.

Someone then started to wonder what it might take for the skill to get unbanned.

Bai Yishan had helped out Han Sen a good deal, so if there was anything Han Sen could do to return the favor, he would have jumped at the chance. And if there was indeed a way to get Yin Yang Blast unbanned, Han Sen would have relished the chance of making this happen.

With Bai Yishan there, though, there was no need for him to explain to the crowd why the skill was as powerful as it was.

If anyone asked, Han Sen could just tell them, “You want to know why? Unban the skill and you can find out.”

With Bai Yishan there to explain the skill’s intricacies, everyone’s desire to learn this skill only continued to increase.

Still, Han Sen was being misleading. The reason Yin Yang Blast had been so useful in defeating the shura prince was due to Han Sen’s simulation of Bao’er’s energy flow. Without that, even Yin Yang Blast wouldn’t have stood against the might of Yu Tuoshan.

The close-quarter combat skills of the shura were incredible. Using Yin Yang Blast the way Han Sen had would fail for all the others.

After Yu Tuoshan was healed, they all went off to the crystallizer ruins as planned.

But the word of their battle spread quickly throughout the Alliance.

Zhou Ping had made sure to record the stream, and he distributed the highlights of the fight to his close friends in the Alliance.

He hadn’t wished for it to be widely distributed, but the fight was so amazing, his friends couldn’t help but share it as much as they could. It didn’t take long at all for it to go viral. And what made it even more sensational was the fact that it had originally been recorded by a shura and had leaked from a stream in shura territory.

Because of confidentiality agreements, humans weren’t supposed to leak this.

But someone had the b.a.l.l.s to, and once it was uploaded to Skynet, there was no chance of recovering it. Needless to say, everyone in the Alliance was shocked.

The two fighters in the video were recognizable, too; the human, in particular. That was Han Sen, and most people were familiar with him.

What made the video so shocking was Han Sen’s age, not just his already-prestigious ident.i.ty.

A young human had beaten a third-rank shura. It was all so very glorious.

Han Sen’s reputation was now even higher than a number of demi-G.o.ds. He was given a new nickname: The Strongest Genius in the Alliance.